Brighton's first Christmas!

Probably my new favorite picture of B. Like are you kidding me? Cutest little babe.

This is pretty good, I still got the Christmas post up before Valentines day!! haha for real my goal is to get back into blogging again because I love getting all of these memories into my online journal to look back on. Anyways, here is the story of our Christmas Pajamas (in case you were wondering)

Eh hem, so I bought matching PJ's from China. Mistake #1. When they got here, they were all literally the size of doll clothes. Well, I guess not literally, but they were sooooooooooooo small! The only ones that actually fit were Brighton's. So basically I had this grand idea that we would start the PJ tradition and all match and yada yada and then I wasted $30 on piece of crap China clothes. The China store was all difficult and basically made returns impossible and I didn't want to waste more $ on PJs so we all ended up wearing normal pajamas and guess what? Christmas still happened and all was well! :) I had meant to at least but B in hers and on Christmas Eve I put her in what she is wearing above and didn't feel like changing her into the dumb China pj's. The ones she is wearing are way cuter, anyways.

We spent the entire weekend with family galore! It was really fun and also kind of stressful because naps didn't happen (my life pretty much revolves around naps haha, they're important, guys!!) but I need to learn to just go with the flow more and if naps don't happen one day then IT IS OK!
Brighton got puzzles and a singing puppy and some other fun things! Christmas was soooo fun with Brighton! She obviously just went with the flow and was cute and sweet, but it was just fun have our own child to celebrate the holidays with now. Highly recommend, 5 stars.

I had casually asked for a new setting/ diamonds on the side of my wedding ring with a super skinny band and didn't really expect it to happen! I have thrown it out before and figured maybe it would happen after a few years passed. Jason surprised me and got it made and I am in love with my wedding ring all over again! I totally loved it so much before, but we were poor newly weds when we first got my ring so I didn't expect my "dream" ring straight away. I am in loveee with it! I got Jason a big soccer goal because it's all he mentioned! I asked him 5249564 times what he wanted for Christmas and finally got that out of him and he loves it! Probably my favorite part of this season was looking at lights together as a family and seeing so many friends and family. Next up, new years post and then I promise to stop back tracking on posts :)


Channeling Kim K and a new year

Documenting B's little tuft of fluffy blonde hair ^

Brighton- all Old Navy (the best)

This morning I woke up at 4:40AM and I'm not even mad about it. The house was still, it was still dark outside, and I couldn't fall back to sleep! I got up to check on Brighton. 99% of the time when I go to check on her, I end up leaning down to scoop her sleepy body out of bed and bring her back into our room to feed/cuddle her. When I went in this morning, her poor arms were cold, so when I covered her with a blanket and she stirred, I took that as an invitation to gather her up into my arms and feed her. I love snuggling my little girl and feeling needed. I love that when she's fussy or hungry, I am the one who can calm her and bring her peace. I just love being a mom, you guys.

After I laid her back in her bed, I couldn't fall back to sleep! I was trying to think of what to do and decided, hey, why not blog? So here I am! I fully intend to get a Christmas post + New year post up before 2017 ends so maybe I'll draft those up as well, haha.

I have so many big dreams for 2017! I want to blog more, do more outfit posts (I love outfit posts, it's just so fun to feel cute and take some pictures, especially now that Brighton can be in some.), I want to hire more people to work for my company, Framed, I want to work less and play more, I want to help Brighton thrive and learn to love life, I want SO many things! I'll save the bulk of my ideas for my new year cliche goals post, don't worry ;). Anyways, I know my posts have been few and far in between these past few months so thanks for sticking around and watching me grow into this new "job" I call motherhood! See you soon!!


ps. I'll explain my title real quickly- have you ever seen Kim K and her braids? I'm not really a Kardashian fan but fan or not, she rocks the pilgrim braids. These pictures are my attempt at pilgrim braids but I also may kind of look 12. I like them either way :)

The best 4 months

On the 17th Brighton turned 4 months!!!!!! Quickest and best 4 months of my entire life. You guys, I am so obsessed with her! Remember that time I planned on making a video every month? Well I DO have footage for month 3 + 4 but I just haven't edited it together. oops! So a blog post for now :) Here is the latest and greatest about our favorite girl!

She talks and laughs ALL the time now! I've been dying for the time when she laughs a lot and it's finally here. Trying to get her to laugh pretty much involves me or Jason doing something completely ridiculous. Then when she laughs at it once, we do the same thing 100 times until she gets over it haha. It is worth it!! Imagine your favorite thing in the whole entire world and just know that hearing her laugh is 10 times BETTER than that. It's true!! ;)

She can roll!!! 99% of the time it takes some encouragement and a little help but she has done it on her own a few times. The kids a genius, I swear (who would have thought rolling made you a genius? It does, though!!) She stands & sits up (with help) and loves her bumbo. I like to include her in as much as I can so I cart the bumbo all over the house so she can sit in it and hang out and be included in whatever is going on.

She is the sweetest cuddler and my favorite time of every day is when she wakes up  in the morning to eat. So basically she wakes up, eats, and then falls asleep again on my chest until like 8 or 9 (we've been sleeping in a little lately...) then at night after she eats for the night, she cuddles on my chest again for a while until Jason makes me put her in her crib :)

She hit a little sleep regression (yay 4 month regression! She started the regression around 3.5 months) but it isn't too bad and I think it's getting better! For a few weeks she was waking up 2 times a night to eat when she used to sleep though the night! So that was a little rough of a change but she is down to just up once to eat and then back to bed, yay! She is mostly regressing in naps, I just have to figure it out! I think I need to work on how long she's awake between naps and that sort of thing. Mostly I she just tries to take shorter naps in the day, but it's all about trial and error and I think I'm starting to get it. If you have any nap tips though, send them my way!

Loves- baths, hearing our voices, her changing table (she always gets sooooooo excited when I lay her on her changing table!), waking up, sitting up, hearing me sing (thanks for the confidence boost, B), eating, pretty much loves everything. She loves her thumb lately! I know I should discourage it but it's so cute seeing her get her thumb in her mouth with an open fist. I'll regret it when I'm paying for braces when she's older, but I'm totally ok with that!

Hates- literally nothing. Not that J or I can think of? Sometimes she doesn't love the car but it's usually if it's night time and it's dark or if she's hungry or something.

I can't think of anything else that has really changed besides her personality coming out soooo much this past month! Her hair is starting to grow in (BLONDE, YAY!) and it's sooooo cute. Her little hairs on her cute little head. I love it all. I always tell her that she HAS to love cuddling forever and that if she wants to live in my house, that's the rule she has to follow ;) I figure I might as well start her young and snuggle her as much as I can. I love seeing her grow and the bitter sweet idea of my baby becoming bigger makes me so happy and sad at the same time. WE LOVE YOU, B!!!!

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