Oct 9, 2015

I saw Cady Haron wearing army pants and flip flops so...

I don't really know what is happening right here but like, gotta include the candids, right?

leggings: c/o White Plum Boutique | Wedges: f21 | v-neck- VS pink

Please tell me you got the title. I have to explain it right away so that you can be like "lol" instead of "huh?" It's from mean girls. Obviously. ;) Indulge below:

K cool, now you're loling right??!! Jason WAS wearing his army pants first and so I couldn't not capture us matching haha he is such a good sport! Anyways HAPPY FRIDAY. omg praise the weekend my friends. We have NO plans this weekend, it's kinda great. I will pretty much just seclude myself to the sign room all day on Saturday while Jason is at work and get orders done like crazy. ps yes we have an entire room in the house dedicated to wood sign making. I've been staining signs all week so I literally look like I have dark pigment spots all over my arms, s/o to the wood stain for that. Also r.i.p to my luffa who gave its life to get most of it off.

Ok so I have a proposition. So I've been watching Aspyn + Parker vlogs lately and holy cow I love them. They seriously make me want to start a vlog like right now. But would that even be cool?? I don't know. Should we vlog every now and then? I think Q + A's are fun but do you even have any questions for me?! I don't know. I've been contemplating it all week (such a long time, I know) I guess we will see what happens! I brought up the idea to Jason the other day and he didn't decline sooooooo...!!

So let's talk about these leggings for a second. White Plum Boutique let me pick a pair of their leggings out. There's SO MANY OPTIONS so it was kind of hard to pick just one. But I've been wanting camo print leggings for forever so right when I saw these I had to have them immediately. I'm quite the legging advocate around here and so good leggings really speak to me. ;)  But seriously Jason asks me to wear jeans every now and then because I wear leggings basically everyday. Anyways, they came in the mail and they literally feel like they're made from bunny fur. Minus the fur part. The material is SO soft and stretchy and I would wear these everyday if I could get away with it. Aka if no one would notice that I never wear different pants. They are offering you guys 20% off on your entire purchase with the code LLR20 until 10/13 so take advantage of that this second!

I hope you guys all have a great weekend and seriously thank you for reading my blog! A handful of people lately have been telling me that they read my blog and I just think it is so nice of you guys to take your time to read my blog!! Seriously thank you!!!


Oct 8, 2015

How to do the easiest crown braids ever!

crown braid tutorial

crown braid tutorial

hair ties: here hair spray: here blonde bobby pins: here

You guys, I told you crown braids were so so easy in this post and like 99% of the comments said something along the lines of "that looks hard!" But don't even worry about it because I just went on ahead and made a tutorial to show you how easy crown braids are! Like it's almost stupid how easy they are. Once you see, you'll be like "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" and then yeah. You'll be a pro.

I don't really know if I should be calling them crown braids or milkmaid braids or what but I kind of think they might be the same thing (correct me if I'm 100% wrong please)

So while making this video I was watching/listening to a Full House documentary (priorities, people) so whenever I look to the side, just know I'm actually watching Full House on my computer haha there's a little fun fact for you! Also, I only had my camera for a mirror so I fixed a couple things after this video was over, ie: bobby pin in clear view at the end, yikes. But it was fixed, don't worry bout' it.

Can we all just take a second to be grateful that this week has literally flown by. Since I was out of town on Monday, I keep thinking I'm a day off (ie: I keep thinking it's Wednesday when it's actually Thursday) anyways, I just think that's great. Because on Friday, i'll be like "it's almost the weekend" and then it will already be the weekend. Does that even make since? Moral is, this week is fast and I'm all about that.

A BUNCH of people keep mentioning that my hair grew like 2 feet out of nowhere! That's because it did kinda. I mentioned in this post that I got Laced clip in hair extensions! Obviously not used in this video, but just thought I would throw that out there again :) like literally 20 people at least this week have mentioned my long locks and where they came from.

Also if you notice that little side bar guy that pops up and prompts you to subscribe to my blog is new! I want to to newsletters maybe? So please subscribe so I don't feel totally lame ;) Let me know if that pop up is annoying or if it doesn't bother you even a little or what you think!

Ok that is all for Thursday (ps I never blog on Thursdays, this is nuts)

K love you bye!
xo, Candace

Oct 6, 2015

Utah is life

We are back from Utah!!! It was so sad leaving. I wanted to stay forever!! It was the best because my 2 best friends were there (Shaney + Adelle) and Jason says I'm cute when I'm around my friends because I "act super outgoing like you're in high school" haha. He says it's a good thing, don't worry. ps this post will be tons of writing so if you hate to read or can't read than I am v v sorry in advance. #documenting

Sooo Friday we got to Utah at like 7:30pm, it was kind of sad because we totally forgot about the time change and that we would lose an hour and miss Jason's mission reunion (he went on a church mission to Spain for 2 years and there was a little reunion thing going on on Friday in Salt Lake) We ended up going out to eat with one of his mission companions that night so it worked out!

We stayed up talking and talking (me, Jason, Shaney, & later her husband, Christian) till like 2:30am. I value my sleep probably wayyyy to much so I kept begging to go to bed haha I don't know what it is but I hate going to bed super late because no matter what my body will make me wake up at the same time every morning and I just hate being tired! Plus, we had tickets to watch the LDS conference live the next morning in SLC and you have to be there at like 7:30/8am to get in line to get inside. Obviously we didn't even go after all because we stayed up so dang late. Oops!

On Saturday we all went to lunch and hung out and then went and met up with Adelle at the City Creek Mall in SLC. That mall is amazingggg!! So many awesome stores! Jason and Christian are such good husbands haha they let us window shop at all the stores and take our sweet time while they waited for us to hurry the freak up.

I picked up a cute shirt from Albion Fit that I'll show you guys later! But it was fun to just walk around and look at clothes and people watch and just so so great being with my favorite people ever. It was one of those days that I never wanted to end because I was just so happy!

We went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse and our server hated our guts haha we have no clue why! He was just soooooo grumpy and acted like he would rather be poking his eyes out with a needle than serving our table. (That sounds dramatic but really he was so angry at life) Our food came and some of the steaks were cooked too much which wasn't a huge deal and we weren't going to say anything. A manager walked up and asked if everything came out ok and then Adelle spoke up and said her's was a little too cooked. The lady was so dang friendly and bubbly and the coolest lady ever and she goes "oh they're cooked too much? I'm so sorry! It's the servers fault so I'll just fire him. It's ok because he's my husband!" We couldn't believe that our server was her HUSBAND! I literally asked "Wait is he really your husband?" and he was. So yeah, crazyyy. He literally only got a decent tip because his wife was so cool and nice and the tip was basically just going into her bank account anyways and yeah. She deserved it.

On Sunday we drove up to the canyon and took pictures and ate food and enjoyed each other's company. Just a relaxing day of hanging out and doing nothing! My cousin invited us over for dinner & it was really good to see some family before we left! We got to see my grandparents, too, for a second and then headed back to Shaney's so Jason could take a short nap before we drove home.

We left Utah at like 10:30pm and drove for 9 straight hours. I was so tired in the car but couldn't fall asleep for basically forever. I have no clue how Jason stayed up all night driving home. Seriously if it were me driving I would not be here to tell the tale today because I would probably fall asleep behind the wheel and drive us into a ditch. Seriously I get so tired when I drive at night. Jason kept trying to find an open gas station to get an energy drink but everything was closed! It was so weird!! It seemed like the longest drive of my entire lifeeeee but we pulled in at 6:30am and we both just went to bed and slept in till noon! Utah was sooo much fun and everyone needs to convince Shaney and Christian to move back to Arizona :) I need all the help convincing I can get!!


Oct 2, 2015

Just trying to shine a little

al fox
the shine project

the shine project

So on Tuesday my friend Kari invited me to go do a service project, aka make blankets for homeless youths. ps I could NOT get this Schmidt clip out of my head all night. Just couldn't. Anyways, The Shine Project put together this cool event where the owner, Ashley, & an inspirational speaker, Al Fox spoke and stuff while a bunch of people like myself made blankets. 

We made fleece tie blankets (I don't know what they're really called so they're officially called tied blankets) and if the youth who gets mine ever reads this, I'M SORRY, ok? My tied blanket looked like it was possibly made by someone with no hands. Or eyes. But it will keep someone warm this winter and that's all that matters! It was REALLY cool to meet Ashley because she is the ultimate girl boss who made her dreams become a reality AND helps sooo many people by doing what she does! She employs 1st generation college students to help them realize their potential and to help them earn money to pay for college. SO COOL. It was a really neat experience because you never really think too much about how something so small like a blanket will really help someone keep warm this winter.

I was so mad that I forgot my camera at home (come on, Candace!) so these grainy iphone pictures are all I got, sorry people. But memories you guys, those are what I'm trying to capture here! Also the last picture is completely unrelated, just snapped a Jason + Candace picture when I got home and wasn't about to NOT share it.

So Jason and I are driving to Utah AS WE SPEAK. Let's be honest though, I'm probably sleeping or eating snacks while Jason is driving. Love you J! Also, s/o to bloggers scheduled posts feature for making this post possible right now.  Wish us luck on this 9ish hour drive to Utah for the weekend! If you have any fun car games, you better send them my way because I'll need something to do while I'm not snoozing ;)


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