2 months of Brighton + a video!

 Blury iphone picture but I loveeee it!!

Our Brighton girl is 2 months already. Like what? HOW? It really does feel like it flew by so quickly! I never thought I'd do these posts where I give an update on her growth and such but I LOVE reading them on other peoples' blogs/posts so here I am, updating away. I had this idea a few weeks ago to do a video to show her growth and expressions instead of just a picture so I plan to do one every month! I thought of it at 6 weeks so I didn't get to do a 1 month one. I used to do videography back in high school, making random movies and music videos and took a few classes so I think it will be fun to get back into doing these little videos :) We'll see if I stay diligent haha

So here it goes with dem stats-

Baby girl is 11.8 lb and 23 (and a 1/4)" long! I am 99% sure she will be taller than Jason and I. We both have tall genes but are both not super tall so it looks like we may have passed it onto B!

She is in 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers still.

She is a genius (duh).

She is the smiliest person on this whole entire planet and every smile KILLS me. She smiles EVERY time I lay her down to take a nap and she totally knows it's my weakness. I literally have to try so hard to not pick her back up and waltz on over to my bed to nap with her every time because I can't handle how much I love her and miss her while she naps. Obviously I do my fair share of setting her down and then regretting it and napping with her haha but I know it's not the best habit to make so I try to be strong. BUT IT IS HARD. She smiles at everything and mostly everyone.

She has started to giggle a little! I try harder to make her giggle than I tried to get good grades in college. She's giggled a few times and it is also the cutest thing in the world. I can't wait until giggling is an everyday thing!!

We have staring contests every 5 seconds and she always wins.

The past few nights when I've sang to her (twinkle twinkle is our #1 jam) she started to SING with me! It freaking killed me. I'd sing and she'd start holding notes aka singing aka she's perfect. She has also started talking a ton! Baby talking, of course. Sometimes when I put her down for naps, she keeps herself up just talking and cooing.

She can hold her head up like it's her job. She isn't perfect at it yet, but she is getting there! We put her in the bumbo for a minute and she was able to sit up and be fine in it.

She sleeps about 7.5-9.5 hours a night, it's been getting to longer stretches and it's the best! But since I'm breastfeeding, my body isn't used to going that long without feeding her and usually I wake up first with milk ready to spill out and wait for her to wake up. TMI? probs.

That's all I can think of right now! She is our world and Jason and I are pretty equally obsessed with her and yell each others names to COME QUICK whenever she's doing something cute (which is actually always) We love you B! As much as it makes me sad that she has to grow, it also makes me so excited to see her grow, develop, and show off her sweet personality! I always joke with J that I'm ready to have another baby because I love this mom thing so much!


Brighton's Blessing day and pictures galore

My dress c/o: here Brighton's bow: here

Yesterday was Brighton's blessing day! In our church, when a baby is born they usually get blessed by their dad/ grandpa/ whoever they want and close friends in front of everyone at the meeting. Last week Jason was like, "Hey let's bless her this Sunday!" and when I looked up cute blessing dresses, everything had a 3-4 week turn around time!! I had the dress she's wearing (from H&M) in her closet but it was a 12-18m sized dress. I decided to try it on her because I think long blessing dresses are so cute and it worked perfectly :) It was a little big around the neck but it worked out and she looked so beautiful!

We invited a handful of family and friends to attend and it was great to see everyone and have them come on her special day. My friends Jessica + Roman (the other couple with the baby up there ^) had their son, August, on the same day that I had Brighton! It was awesome because Jessica and I had talked and hung out so much when we were both pregnant and had the same ideas on every little thing so it was crazy we happened to have our babies like literally 5 hours apart! She was due the 18th and I was due the 5th so just funny how it worked out :) 

Brighton napped all the way up until they blessed her (of course haha) but she was so good and just stared at people while it was happening. After pictures and everything she fell asleep again and was the best sport about being passed around and having a huge camera in her face all morning. I am pretty sure I say this at least 100 times a day but Brighton is seriously the best baby we could have ever asked for. Like she is literally perfect. Sleeps a lot, rarely cries, smiles a ton at us, is soooo easy going. She just makes me want to try even harder to make her happy and do everything I can for her. She's almost 8 weeks (what??????) and her personality is coming out more and more. We love that girl!!


Mom blog

These were taken when Brighton was 3 weeks old, I was just practicing with shooting in manual one morning and she has become my favorite subject to practice on. I've been trying different things with editing so I love how clean these came out! Seeing these pictures makes me realize her stork bite has faded a ton! I love her cute red mark but I know when she's older, she'll be grateful it's gone haha I think it's so cute and want to remember her little stork bite :)

I've had a hard time blogging (obviously) because I don't know what to write about and I never remember to bring my nice camera with me anywhere! I didn't want to write about Brighton too much. But then I realized that this is MY blog and at the end of the day, I look back on posts for MY memories!! It's my online journal and I need to write about whatever I want to! Brighton is literally my world and if people reading this get bored, then who cares?!

I want to remember how little she was and all of the random things about her. Her cute little noises and squeaks and the way she lights up when I smile at her and say, "Hiiiii Brightonnnn!!!". How she is the most patient little thing, the way she wakes up from her naps in a haze and moves her head all around searching for her binky, eyes closed.  When she throws her arms above her head and makes her legs stick straight to get the perfect stretch. How she stares into my eyes when she breastfeeds and snuggles as close as possible. When she falls asleep mid feed with a milk filled mouth and lets it pour out everywhere because she was too tired to swallow first.  I love her sweet gummy smile and wouldn't be mad if her teeth didn't come in for a while. How sometimes she'll be wide awake but sleepy and start to fuss a little and then all of a sudden close her eyes and she dives into a deep sleep. I love when she wakes up in the morning, eats, and we snuggle and she sleeps on my chest for a few more hours, and when she fusses before bed and we snuggle some more! I am a firm believer that you can never snuggle a sweet baby too much. She's the best thing we could have ever asked for. I love you, Brighton Reese!


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