Sep 4, 2015

The story of us part 4

I made this sign & it sits in our family room. Lettering by Little Kit Design, sign available here

Part 1 | part 2 | part 3.

So I had a problem. I didn't know how to love. (K that sounds sooooooooooooooo dumb/dramatic but it's true so don't make fun.) It was something I yearned for so deeply and pressured myself to fall into so much and felt so defeated that it wasn't happening in 2 seconds. This was the norm with most of my relationships. It sounds so dumb, I KNOW. I had never truly been in real love. I did say it ONE time to a boy I dated for a year, I think after 11 months of dating I finally said it back, and then I broke up with him a month later so I don't really count that as real true love. 

Let me get personal for a second. I have 2 parents just like you guys and by some miracle they had 4 kids. I don't really know if they were ever in love. I would assume that if you have kids, you were probably maybe in love at one point, right? I can count on one hand how many times I saw them kiss or cuddle or hold hands. Maybe they were just REALLY private about showing any sort of affection, I have no clue.
 I remember when I was 15 or 16 they started sleeping in separate rooms. I remember asking "Why?" all the time and wasting tears on the subject regularly. I remember hearing blame and excuses. It killed me and left me so confused and hurt. I remember thinking "If this is marriage, count me out." Seeing this series of events through my teenage years didn't exactly teach me positive things about marriage. I knew I wanted to get married someday but I also knew this example was a perfect one to teach me what not to do. That was my experience with "love" and the only sort of love example I had seen up close. 

Movies you guys. Oh how movies are the death of society. I love them but I also hate them. People don't fall in love in 2 seconds (99% of the time) like you see in movies. Since the "love" I saw at home wasn't something I aspired to attain and movies seemed to be wonderful, I decided to base my thoughts off of the fairy tales in movies. 

It's so silly but I pressured myself to be in love asap or obviously it wasn't going to work out. But I also wasn't going to say it just to say it. I was supposed to just one day wake up and be in love. Love was supposed to be this thing that I couldn't control and it would happen and I would just know right then and there. Dating Jason WAS love. I didn't see it at first though. (clearly) Every time I was sad, he was there to fix me. I developed some weird anxiety spell and I was constantly anxious and the only person who could free me of the anxiety prison was Jason. Literally when we were apart, anxiety and tears and emotions spilling out every second. I would pile my thoughts onto Jason and somehow he managed to always calm me down and make me feel normal again. 
If I could describe Jason in 1 word it would be patient. Seriously, I don't know why he stuck with this anxious mess of a girl.
We dated and it was great but also not great with me always being anxious. Jason was always great, he probably didn't feel it all the time but if not he faked it well. I actually ended up deciding to see a counselor because of my anxiety to see if that would help.

Best decision I ever made (besides obviously marrying J) My counselor was amazing and helped me realize where the anxiety was coming from. So I don't bore you with details, basically the marriage my parents had and the 'relationship' I have with my mom and the pressure I put on myself with dating and life all rolled up into one was too much for my body to process. One thing I have really taken from my counselor was that love is a choice. You CHOOSE to be in love. It isn't this magical spell people are under, it isn't something you fall into, it's a real thing you have to choose everyday. After I got that through my head and with some help through prayer, I decided to choose love and I knew it was right and real and wonderful. Once I chose it, it was natural, it was as perfect as 2 people can be, and it was meant to be.
I actually said it first. Jason had almost said it many other times and I knew it, each time I would stop him (ahhhh) because for some reason I didn't think I was ready to hear it. Part of being in love is accepting it and letting it happen and for a while I couldn't. After the many almost attempts, I think he was too nervous to say it because it might scare me away. 
The day I said it we were standing in his family room and I just looked at him with a smile and said the words, "I love you, Jason." He echoed those words right back to me. It was perfect and I was 100% confident in this choice of love I had made.

One thing led to another and we were talking about marriage and it was the most exciting thing ever. I was never one to plan my wedding starting at 2 years old or have colors all picked out or anything at all. If you're asking why, please reference paragraph 2 ;) side note- I literally used to think marriage would be so boring "what do you do all day, just stare at each other and do nothing???" ha. 
We got engaged in May and luckily I blogged about it so you can find the story right over here. We were married on August 7th, 2014 and it has been my favorite decision. We laugh, cry, fight, basically things every married couple does. Most importantly, we are in love and will forever choose it every single day.

And that right there is our story. I know without a doubt that I was supposed to marry Jason. Once I made that choice, I never looked back and I never will. I love you, J!! Now I just need to get our wedding day up on the blog because it's only been an entire year so I'm kinda behind.


Sep 1, 2015

Guest Post: Katie Elizabeth!

You guys, I am sooo happy to have Katie from the blog Katie Elizabeth guest posting over here today! I am constantly jealous of her adorable pup (and Morgan's omg) and her cute clothes. You will not be disappointed by her cute blog. Go show her some love and check out my guest post over on her page!!


Hey everyone!  
I'm Katie from the Katie Elizabeth blog, where I write about a variety of topics including (but definitely not limited to!) life with my husband and Golden Retriever puppy in Michigan, my favorite recipes and my love for any and all beauty products.  I'm so excited to be here on Lovely Little Rants
Today I thought I'd share a few interesting (ie. weird) things about myself and a round up my favorite blog posts to give you an idea of the randomness you can find over there each day!
+ I HAVE to make my bed every single morning.  It's like the first thing I do when I wake up and if I don't, my entire day is thrown off because of it.  I may have a bit of OCD going on ;)
+ One thing I'm not OCD about cleaning?  My hair, ha!  I only wash it once or twice a week.  I started doing this a couple of years ago and it has made the biggest, most positive difference in my hair.  Just make sure to invest in a great dry shampoo!
POST: Hair Favorites
+ We lived in downtown Chicago for four years after college and had theeee best time.  It was so much fun and we really lived it up, but it does feel nice to be back in our home state of Michigan now. 
POST: Goodbye Chicago // 3 Days In Chicago, Tourist Style
+ I fuel up my car every Monday, no matter how little gas I actually need.  It just feels great to start the week off on a high note!
+ Pinterest is my weakness, aka biggest time waster.  I could spend hours sitting there, pinning recipes I'll never make, DIY projects I'll never do, and clothes I'm never going to buy (but wish I could).  So. Addicting.  Follow me here 
+ My husband and I are total Netflix junkies.  We love to binge watch shows so be sure to throw any recommendations you have our way.  We just started Bloodline this past weekend!
POST: Netflix Favorites
+ Our dog, Brady, is a 1 year old golden retriever - his birthday was yesterday!  Brady boy is the cutest, sweetest guy, but he has a swallowing things problem.  Namely socks and rocks, ha.  We've spent more money than I can even tell you at the vet this past year.  Most notably, on a $2000 surgery to remove EIGHT rocks from his intestines!!  He's lucky he's so adorable... 
POST: Brady Boy
+ Hands down, the best trip of my life was our honeymoon to Hawaii.  We spent 10 days on Oahu and Maui and it was so, so amazing.  I recapped the entire trip on the blog here!
POST: Hawaiian Honeymoon
+ Which brings me to my last point.. how much I love blogging!  It's a great hobby and a wonderful way to make connections with women all over the country, but it's also the best scrapbook a person could have.  In 50 years, I won't remember all of those little details of our wedding or our trip, but I'll always have the blog to look back on and remember.  Love it for that!
Thanks for letting me take over today Candace - your readers are some of the best ;)  Make sure to stop by the ol' blog and say hi sometime, or connect with me on social media!
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Aug 31, 2015

The story of us: part 3

This is a picture from the night of our first kiss! Thank heavens for instagram.

part 1 | part 2 | part 4

This one is long because you guys keep hating on my cliff hangers ;) 
ps there's still a little one at the end but I love you still.

I distinctly remember pulling up to his house and seeing him on his driveway getting a quad ready for some adventure he was going on. He was wearing a backwards hat. Hats are my weakness. seriously he looked so freaking attractive. We flirted like CRAZY. I was in total denial, though. People ALWAYS told us we should date and I was always like NO WE ARE FRIENDS. My stubborn side would not let me think such things about Jason. We we going to be friends forever, k??? No crushes.  I even refused to admit my crush to my journal. No one, especially me, was aloud to think I might possibly have started a teeny tiny crush on THE Jason Michael Shiflet. And I intended to keep it that way. Just a little crush that would probably disappear and I would pretend it never existed.

It was softball season and our singles ward was in the finals. Jason invited me (or maybe I invited him??) to go watch the game and so we went together...because that's what friends do... I remember trying and totally failing to deny my blossoming crush on Jason. I was obsessed with the movie "it takes two" that summer. Just loved every second of it. I was talking about it with Jason at the game and telepathically begging him to ask if I wanted to watch it. 
He took the bait. I had it on VHS but no VHS player. So tragic. Jason did have a VCR so we decided to watch it as his house. After the game, we drove back to his place and popped the movie into the VCR and I sat down. Jason immediately sat right next to me and put his arm around me right off the bat. Bless that boy and his bold moves. My inner crush conflict couldn't stand a chance against this gesture. I was in heaven and I loved every single second. Eventually we we holding hands and cuddles were indeed involved. 
Slowly but surely people started asking questions. My roomie at the time, Kelsey, of course asked what was up. I did what anyone would do, deny deny deny, "oh don't worry I don't think anything will happen, it's no big deal" HAHA Candace. The charade was already up.
We hung out more and more and I invited him and my friend from the Netherlands over for Thanksgiving dinner that November. (way to invite two guys to dinner Candace,)
Thanksgiving came and Jason came over to help me prepare carrots because obviously that is a 2 person job. We went to Thanksgiving at my parents house and he mingled with my family and grandparents and aunt, he was a hit right off the bat. I don't remember exactly when this came up but it was either on Thanksgiving or on one of the following days but one day when we were hanging out, I couldn't help but spit out, "...Somethings changed!!" 
Jason tried to hide his smile as he said, "Like what?"
Freaking kid was gonna make ME say it. 
We discussed the current "changes" in our shift of friendship and decided to try things out. Were we dating? I said no, I said we could start from here and then maybe date.
I was so dumb you guys. YES we were dating (technically) and YES it was going to work out, sheesh.
November 30th, 2013 
We attended a wedding reception together. Had we kissed yet? no. We literally had talked about waiting to kiss till it was the right/special time because we had been friends for so long and were apparently transitioning and our first kiss had to mean more than just a random peck. STOP guys, it made since at the time ok??
Anyways, the wedding reception ended and it was time to go home. Jason walked me to my front door and there it was, the kiss. The only details I remember were
1) oh we kissed 
2) that was kind of awkward 
3) I can't tell anyone yet because I'm so stubborn. 
I think I did tell Kelsey right when I came inside though. And let's face it I probably told all my roommates like the next day anyways. 
Then it was December (because December comes after November 30th and yeah)
I remember we started dating (with titles OMGGGG) on December 8th 2013. I don't know why it took me a few weeks to decide k let's date.
 I have had lots of boyfriends and before Jason, that span of time was the longest I'd been single since I was 16 so I guess I was enjoying my singleness and dating scared me because HEAVEN FORBID I meet the right one and get married. 
We went to a game night or something and some lady who will nawt be named (still bitter sorry) started hassling us "Oh so you'll kiss and make out but you won't date, that's so weird blah blah blah" Yes lady, friends with benz is pretty normal k? ps we weren't friends with benz cause we were in 'limbo' as I called it (why???) So after nosy lady said that, J and I went on a walk and I was like "K YES WE ARE DATING I SAID IT" (go stubborn Candace, I knew you could do it!)
Honestly, I think I kind of knew Jason WAS going to be the one but I was too scared to admit it and almost too scared to let what was supposed to happen, happen.
ps I'm sorry butttt to be continued because the next part is just so long!
ps don't forget to enter my giveaway! Ends on Wednesday :)

Aug 28, 2015

Busy busy busy

Happy Friday! Can someone PLEASE remind me NOT to overbook myself? Because I literally do that like probably every possible opportunity. This was my schedule this week:

Monday- Work on pallet sign orders, go to day job, grocery shopping, come home and work on boutique signs.
Tuesday: School in the morning, go to day job, come home and work on signs
Wednesday: Work 8-5 at day job, go straight to nanny afterwords, come home  around 10pm, work on boutique signs.
Thursday-  School in the morning, go to day job, go straight to nanny, rush to help J set up for the boutique, go home and make last minute signs for boutique.
Friday-Work 8-5 and then cry tears of joy when the weekend hits. Train a new employee to help with signs (omg!)
Saturday- Work on sign orders all day and then go take down boutique at night. 
Sunday- Die.
I mean church and then probably more signs and then cry a little.

You guys holy cow my life right now. I am SO grateful for Framed (the pallet signs) getting SO freaking busy but sometimes I feel like I can't keep up!! Each month it just gets busier and busier which is a blessing but also super stressful ya know?  I'm super excited to hire my best friend who will be making them from Utah. I know it will be SOOOO helpful!! I've been thinking about hiring someone for a while but it scares me! I am just a perfectionist on these things and I would rather just make them myself than hire someone haha whyyyy do I do that?! But I know Shaney will do great! She is so awesome to want to make signs for me!!
Also, thank heavens for Jason, Thursday there was NO way I could set up the boutique. No way on this earth. He took his free time to set it up and oh my gosh I love him for it. 

The boutique is today and tomorrow so if you're an Arizona native hop on down there and snag up some pretty things! There are 21 other great vendors, too!
Oh and there's an Idaho sign in that mix so please buy it. Actually, you can just have it for free. Someone ordered an Idaho sign and kept "coming to pick it up" whenever I wasn't home. (before I had the etsy shop or asked people to pay in advance) So I just have an Idaho sign that I take to every boutique and hope someone from Idaho buys it. Just a little psa.


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