Before + after of teeth makeover

Sooo remember this post? Where I kind of said really quick how I HATE my teeth?! The front 2 were uneven and had a chip, the two next to them were teeny and had big spaces. I'm probably making it sound like I was an ogre or something, like it probably wasn't that bad or too noticeable (maybe) but to me, it was all I saw in pictures!! Anyways, I wanted to post my little before and after of the bonding my brother, Chris did for me when I was in Iowa. After deciding veneers weren't the smartest purchase while Jason is in school and we have a baby on the way, bonding was the second best option! And holy cow, Chris is a teeth wizard!! This sounds dumb, but I'm actually excited to smile now and show off my teeth haha it's the little things, guys. I googled so many "before and after of teeth bonding" pictures before to get me excited, I don't know how they do it, but it's amazing!

He had to numb my top lip/ gums and I didn't realize he was going to be doing that! He just stuck a needle in and numbed them right up! I'd love to say it wasn't a big deal but for some reason when I felt the poke I had a mini panic attack. I asked if it was a needle and Chris was like "uh, no don't worry, I'm just putting some funny water in your gums to numb them up" and  I BOUGHT IT. Then I looked down and there was a needle like .05" away from my face. So yeah, I got scared and then I got over it and then I looked like I got punched in the face because of my numb fat lip. Also, I believed that he was really putting funny water on my gums. Also, that's what he tells kids when he has to numb them up so they don't freak out (like me). So basically I'm a child haha I just thought that was funny so that's why a whole paragraph is dedicated to it.

Anyways, before and after of my teeth bonding:

I know I JUST posted this picture, but it's a good before!

teeth bonding after picture

Jason just snapped this one real quick so excuse my squinty eyes :) 
That difference, though!! So crazy, huh?!

So it slightly sounds like I'm wearing a retainer when I talk because my mouth isn't used to this new volume of teeth taking up space! I googled it (to make sure I wouldn't sound like that forever obvi) and it will take like 3 months for my tongue to develop muscle memory to sound normal. Fun fact of the day!!!!! But it's worth it and I wouldn't even care that much if it lasted forever if it meant I don't have baby teeth anymore. During the process, the dental hygienist kept coming up and saying "hey you look 16 now!!" and when it was all done, she came up and said "wow you look 18 now!!" haha she was the coolest hygienist I've ever met (besides you, Kelsey!!)

Soooo yeah if you've been debating getting teeth bonding DO IT. and if you're in Iowa go to Chris! He has the best funny water out of all the dentists in the world! Just whiten your teeth before because you can't whiten bonding! Don't worry, I checked with my doctor first about whitening during pregnancy and he said it was fine and that my teeth just might be more sensitive to it than usual. I used crest white strips (the same kind from this post) and they made my teeth the whitest that natural teeth can go without bleaching, yay! It was soooo fun bonding with my brother! (had to say it, we were all thinking it!!)


Homesick and lots of pictures

Iowa summer

Clive Iowa family

We asked Chris to take a picture of us and he took like 30 and thennnn we ended up only liking the selfie we took earlier haha 

Iowa family activity

Chris + Irie

Clive Iowa summer

Me, Irie, and Tani's cute mama

things to do in Iowa with kids

how to get a baby to smile

toddler activities this summer


children activities iowa


get baby to smile in pictures

Trying to force Irie to selfie with me and obviously she didn't care ;) 

Iowa in the summer
Add caption

cute pictures with babies

jethro's BBQ  iowa

jethro's BBQ  iowa

Iowa, you guys. It was the best time spending the week up in Iowa with my brother, Chris and sister, Tani (in law, but like basically real sister) and nieces, Brielle & Irie + nephew, Fyfe.  Chris is a dentist in Iowa and Tani teaches at a school part time/ is the best mother ever full time. We ate, played, talked, ate more, repeat. Seeing the kids made me REALLY really reallyyyyy excited to have my own baby girl here soon. 

Like seriously, Irie (8 months) is the most perfect, sweet, happy baby EVER. She didn't even cry when she was put down for her naps throughout the day. I was hoping she was speaking her baby jabber to my baby telling her to love naps and not to cry. Because seriously, I need an Irie baby in my life.  She smiled non-stop and let me carry her as much as I wanted. I kept saying I was going to take her home as my lap baby on the plane and still wish it could have really happened haha I love that baby girl.

Brielle (5 years old) reminds me of, well, me!! She's sassy, super stubborn, and so dang playful and full of imagination. I loved getting to play more with her and hoped I made some sort of imprint as the "cool aunt" or something. We played a game on the trampoline called "breaking the rules" so OBVIOUSLY I'm cool because I break rules, right?? 

Fyfe (3 years old) took some time to warm up, just because I'm not sure he remembered me from the last time I saw him about a year ago!! I learned that his love language is high fives and snuggles, which well, also happen to be apart of my love language so we got along great. And that red hair!! My siblings all have a red haired child so I'm pretty sure I will have one, too. 

I learned so much from Tani on how to be a mother! She really does let them be little and I love how much they loved the back yard!! I remember before cell phones (obvi) just playing in the backyard for hours and doing whatever I wanted and I loved seeing her kids still do that! haha sounds dumb but with electronics and TV I barely see kids outside being LITTLE. I took lots of mental notes on what I want to do with my future littles and the kind of mother I want to be for them. Tani was such a good example of an amazing mother and wife and holy cow, I am still on an inspired high! I missed Jason sooo much and I keep trying to encourage him that we should branch out and move away from Arizona once he graduates. Ideally wherever Chris and Tani are haha I would LOVE to live by them for forever. Jason needs a little more convincing (he is a full blown Arizona lover) so wish me luck :) Tani and I already decided that one day our families will buy a mansion together in California and learn to surf and have the best lives ever soooooo fingers crossed ;) I love that whole family and every second so far I've wished I was back in Iowa! Already planning my next trip and next time, I'll bring my own baby! 


ps Tani has a blog, too! Check her out here :) 

Summertime vibes and... peeing my pants.

cute maternity clothes
how to dress when pregnant
cute pregnancy clothes
24 weeks pregnant update
Shirt: Sweet T's Leggings: forever 21

Hello! 24 weeks of baby over here. Here's a little update on everything! Baby is the size of an ear of corn which is perfect because I am spending this week in Iowa! So, so punny, I know ;) I always hear of people peeing their pants a little when they're pregnant and I always laughed like THAT SUCKS as I thought of how I won't ever have that problem. Well karma is such a little sweetie, I was jumping on the trampoline with my 5 year old niece and well, apparently peed my pants a little. I didn't even notice it until I stopped jumping and I was like..... uhhh..... be right back. So yeah. Pregnancy, you guys. 

I always hear people say they miss pregnancy and I am kind of confused by that! YES I love being able to be pregnant in general (like so so so grateful) and I am dying to meet our baby, but pregnancy has not been very fun over here haha I just am excited to feel normal again and not get sick every second AND have a little baby to snuggle 24/7. I wish I was one of the lucky ones who aren't sick or feel gross all the time because then I am positive, I would love it and miss it, too! They always say the hardest things are always worth it the most so I 100% believe that! Plus I've been getting to play with my 8 month old niece all week and I just love her so much. I can't get enough of her!! It just makes me yearn for August when our baby will finally be born!! Hurry up, baby, I'm ready for you, k!?? Also please let me like bacon again when you're out of here because I miss BLT's.

A lot more people are starting to ask when I'm due and stuff so that is exciting. Usually when I tell them, they always remind me of how hot I will be this summer being pregnant and all so I guess that is a really good reason to get more swim suits, right, guys??? Right, J???!! I think so. If you know of any suits you liked when pregnant, tell me!! Or maybe it doesn't matter haha but either way, it's a good excuse to get a few cute swimsuits for this summer.  Side note for memories sake- baby is moving a ton and it's my favorite thing because it's just crazy to think someone is living in there and growing and she is my human!

Lastly let's talk cravings. Still nothing that I am always wanting or anything. I think I'm over the strawberry and banana thing. Watermelon is FINALLY in season so you know I bought the biggest one Costco had to offer, cut it up when I got home, and ate it by myself in 3 days. I think that's going to be my new "craving" and I am not even mad about it. Fast food usually grosses me out but last week it's like all I ate (I know, I'm gross guys) but along with that came pregnancy acne so I'm thinking no more fast food ever again. These little zits are driving me nuts! I can't really think of anything else that is really mind blowing right now so that is all I got!! Iowa this week has been so fun and I am sad to leave it on Friday :( IT IS SO PRETTY HERE! And I keep saying it's crazy that grass just grows. Like in AZ you have to plant it every October if you want green grass. Here it just grows because it feels like it. I really love the green everywhere!!

Happy Thursday!!

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