Breaking out of my shell

One of my not-mentioned-on-the-blog goals for this year was to be more social! NOT THAT THIS IS A BAD THING but, since becoming a mom (and let's face it, since before that, too!) I have gotten into a habit of being a lot less social. I don't go out too much like I used to and just don't really find time to do things other than work and play mama all day. I'm happy and I love my life, but it never hurts to be more social and make new friends! Obviously people move and we moved and people get married and busy and lots of little things that mean less social time and more grown up stuff. I want to work on getting a better balance of momming, working, and socializing more.

I decided to do something that (to me) was a little crazy and way out of my comfort zone! I decided to throw a party. Not just any party, a party filled with people I don't even know!! I am throwing an event for Arizona bloggers and influencers (omg). I want to meet more people who like the same things I like- aka blogging and influencing!! I had a few ideas in mind and talked to a few blogger friends and set a date. So it's totally happening! I'm nervous and really excited and I think it will turn out to be so fun! I get to talk to sponsors and figure out venue and food and so many things that I actually love doing.

I have always LOVED throwing parties! Like in junior high a friend and I threw a Fear Factor and there were gross stunts (like eating picked pigs feet and squishing ugly bugs in your hands haha, disgusting) and prizes at the end. We even filmed it hahahah Oh how I WISH I could find that footage!! I always begged to be able to throw birthday parties every year and when I had roommates, I always loved having holiday parties and weekly movie nights! It's like a fun stress. Biggest oxymoron ever, I know. But it's fun to have to problem solve and get things into place and hope it all works out and then see everything play out at the actual event. So basically I am pretty excited about this!

Everything is slowwwwly coming together and I cannot wait for it all to play out soon!! Also, if you're an AZ blogger or influencer, you're invited! Email me if you want details ;)


Black maxi + nap chat


Going for 2 posts this week to ease back into things. So HI! This week I made a goal to go on more walks with Brighton. It is nice to get us both out of the house! My life revolves around nap time right now so sometimes it's hard to leave when I only have a 2 hour window before she is sleepy again because the first 30-40 min of that is eating and me getting ready to be seen in public, then it takes 15-20 min to drive anywhere I want to walk because I like going new places and showing B new things.  I realize how ironic that sounds, to DRIVE to where I want to WALK haha. The area we live is just so ugly and boring (lol @ Arizona) so I like to drive to greener places that are prettier and have grass vs cactus littering the path, ya know?

So by the time we get somewhere, we have about an hour of wake time left and part of that is spent driving back home because if she falls asleep in the car, I can kiss a good nap goodbye when we get home. The things I do for a good nap, I tell ya. ;)

I'm not a schedule nazi (and if you are, your life is probably a lot easier that way bc NAPS) but I am like a half and half schedule nazi. Like I TRY to stick to some sort of schedule and if (when) the schedule gets messed up a little (a lot), I have to go with the flow! Like I will have a good schedule down where B is taking 2 2-hour naps a day and blah blah and then next week she decides it's time to grow and switch it up and nap for like 2 hours total for a day or two! Baby B keeps me on my toes with her routines. I'm figuring it out, though! B also said  mama last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took a video yesterday that I'll post soon! There's a kind of funny story behind it so I'll save that for the video post, too!


New year and new things

"Let's take a pic with the firework behind us!!!" #fail hahaha


#fail number 3 haha

(disclaimer: it's still January so I can still blog about this, right???)

New years!!! Or is it new year??!?! I don't know when and when not to use the S so please correct me bc I need to know. So new year(s??) we went and saw our friends Shaney and Christian. Their baby (Brink) is going to marry Brighton so we worked really hard to help the spark happen while they're young and impressionable. ;) We'll see how our efforts pay off in like 23 years. It's always so fun when Shaney is in town!! She's my best friend from High school and we love that we had babies at the same time! (ps we missed our 3rd HS bff Adelle. Love you, A!!!) Later that night we went to a birthday/new year party with old and new friends! B doesn't do well sleeping in places besides her crib sooooo she was up and asleep and then up again a few times... haha maybe she just wanted in on the new year fun, idk.

Also, B was my new years kiss in case you were wondering. At midnight when all the fireworks were going crazy I ran upstairs to make sure she was ok/asleep/ not scared of the loud noises. She was asleep! It WAS midnight so I leaned down and kissed her sleepy pout :) Happy new year, B!!

Anyways though, I wanted to write a few goals down!

1. Let things go quicker and don't care what people think of me. 

Sounds silly but this is BIG! I hold onto things. If you've followed my blog for a few years, you probably already knew this. Or if you followed me on twitter for the years 2009-2013 you REALLY knew this. I had a v bad habit of tweeting my true feelings. Yeah, bad idea.

I'm learning that you literally will never make everyone happy. NEVER! And my goal is to really try my best to not let things affect me. A blogger I like tweeted "When you learn to not care what people think of you then you can really be happy" and something just clicked. Like YES DUH. So that's my number one goal. It's OK if someone doesn't like me as long as I am doing everything I can to be nice to them. Like if someone doesn't like me because I was a jerk, I need to fix that. If they don't like me because they hate people with a husband a baby, then thats' their issue, ya know?

2. Positive thinking.

GUYS. I watched this documentary called "the secret" and it LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. It's basically about the power of positive thinking and how you can totally control what happens in your life (like, to YOU not to other people around you, obvi) it's on youtube so look it up and watch it and be obsessed with me, k? It's so good. It's a little crunchy at first and made in like the 90's but the message is bomb. I've already started doing some of the things it says to work on and guess what? IT WORKS.

3. Be a better wife + mom

This is something I've been really working on! I want to be that wife who makes dinner often and has the house looking bomb. The mom who gets their kid involved and doing things to help their life be brighter and better! Since I have my own business, it can be hard to do all the things I would like to do because I get busy a LOT. But I've been working on meal planning and choosing certain days to clean up our house and stuff like that.

That is my definition of "super wife" to me, it is probably a different definition for everyone! Doing things like that just helps me feel accomplished and I am really big on crossing off my "to-do" list. Jason helps clean, too, don't worry haha. But my basic goal is to just have things in order! I just feel better when things are in order and clean :)

As far as being a better mom goes, I just don't want  Brighton to be bored or something because there isn't much to do with a baby, yet! I take her to swim lessons and baby gym a few times a week to help get her out and around other babies and I think she likes it (??) . I just want to make sure I have her involved and doing things besides being at home hanging out with boring ol' mom all day ;)

4. Blog again!

Guys I LOVE blogging. I do. Like, a lot. I look back on my posts a lot and I have sucked at blogging since Brighton was born! I guess since I am home a lot, I don't really know WHAT to blog about. Since B is getting bigger and we are doing more things, I will have more things to say besides "today I sang twinkle twinkle little star 600 times. xo Candace" So hold me to it (please) plus, blogging really does give me an excuse TO get out and do things instead of being anti social and hermit-like.

So basically take more pictures, time lock more memories, and get writing again.

Those are my 4 main goals and the things I want to really focus on this year! I got myself a little planner where I write meals for the week and all the things we are doing and that has been helping a lot!! Here's to 2017!!


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