Jul 6, 2015

because I needed a break from sorting the mail

This picture is from last 4th of July. before we were married. We watched fireworks on his roof :)

Yes I sort mail at work. I'm the receptionist and I sort the endless amounts of mail that get delivered into the office. Bless the man who invented mail opener things because without him I would probably have sore fingers and a few paper cuts to show off. Because of the holiday weekend, about 2 tons of mail got delivered this afternoon. Anyways, you're probably like "k enough about mail, get on with pretty much anything else."

This weekend was just perfect. Minus the whole having a cold in the summer ordeal. Friday I got to play housewife and get a million things done AND still have time to watch way too many episodes of Pretty Little Liars all before Jason came home haha.

Saturday my cold finally cleared up but sadly, it transferred to Jason. We spent the day eating. a lot. And Jason watched a big soccer game at his parents house while I tried to enjoy it for as long as my ADD would let me before I got up and sat myself down in the pool area to get some sun. After the game was finally over, Jason came swimming with me and we busted out some goggles and swam! ps basically everyday this week I've asked Jason to swim with me and so when we finally got to swim I was in heaven. I love swimming so so so much. His parents invited us to Texas Roadhouse with them and obviously we couldn't say no to that! I am obsessed with their salads! I know, I know, it's a steakhouse and i love the salads. they're just so dang yummy!

After dinner we met up with some friends and did more swimming! (YAY) I took 0 pictures this entire weekend so that is why words are filling the screen instead of bright new photos! We didn't really try to catch a fireworks show because you could see random ones litter the sky now and then throughout the evening. Plus I didn't really know of any close shows to go to anyways. We had sparklers in our car from the photo shoot last week so we busted those out and had a mini fireworks show. well, sparkler show. It was a really fun night and fun meeting a couple new couples bc we <3 married friends!

ps I'm not bald, just a severe case of bad lighting

There may or may not be a giveaway on Wednesday so stay tuned! off to finish the mail. only 1 ton to go!


Jul 3, 2015

Finally using the sparklers from our wedding (4th of July!)

Happy 4th of July (almost!!!!) Today a lot of businesses are "observing" (aka I get the day off) the 4th so here is your post. Fun fact: when we got married last August, I bought like 400 sparklers. Because we invited over 700 people to our wedding reception and I figured I would need 400 sparklers for our sparkler exit. Well, obviously 400 people didn't stick around for the exit. like 100 did (am I over exaggerating, jason? I dunno)  Anyways, we have like a million sparklers left over. ps math has and never will be my strong point.

Fun fact #2 this dock, the very dock in these pictures? Yeah, this is the dock Jason proposed to me on! ps engaged story is here if you wanna read the best mushiest thing ever.

So naturally, on every firework welcoming holiday, I dig up our box of sparklers and beg Jason to take pictures with/of me. I channeled this girl for inspiration and here we are now. Sparkler pictures in the most festive of swimsuits. Oh and ps, a lot of you guys mentioned wanting to buy this swimsuit and for $7, it's a steal!! But I will warn you, it's pretty thin and you'll need something extra in there if you know what I mean (especially if it's cold outside) 

Guys I love the 4th of July. And I love spending holidays with Jason. Oh and can I just take this moment to give Jason a huge shout out? I got a cold this week. Scratchy sore throat topped off with a nose that is running a freaking marathon over here. It's summer so I have no clue why this winter cold has reared it's buck ugly head at me. Anyways, the other night I was coughing and coughing at a red eye hour and Jason woke me up (um how did I sleep though that hacking? idk guys.) and asked me what I needed (ie medicine, water, a magic healing potion) and he got up and fetched some water and snuggles and rubbed my back. And then off to sleep I went. I dunno, it just made me love him a little more  because I just think he is the nicest! 

Ok, now go jump in a pool and shove your face full of burgers and hot dogs for me because that's what we do in this country on the 4th of July eve.


ps I just realized you can't technically see the dock but I promise you, we are standing on said dock.

pps 15% off of wood signs through the weekend bc I love you guys

Jul 1, 2015

Super easy thick dutch braid for any hair type, yay!

Oh heyyyyyyyy guys! Thanks a million for all your kind words on Monday's post. To say I was excited to collaborate with jane.com would be an understatement. I had been wanting to get an American flag swim suit to take some 4th of July pictures in and it was perfect timing and ended up working out well for the jane.com photo contest!

 Anyways, sorry for posting this thick dutch braid tutorial late! I think I told like 6 people I would post this tutorial on Monday and then I didn't and now it is Wednesday. Please say we can still be friends! The dutch braid is probably my most favorite braid hack (actually are there any other braid hacks? if so, fill me in. thanks!) It makes thin boring braids turn into these gorgeous model thick braids! For a fishtail braid you literally do the same exact thing! Just braid it normally and pull hair to make it looser. Basically hair magic.

 I tried and tried to make that darn video player bigger than like 1cm x 1cm but it wasn't cooperating with me so sorry it's so teeny tiny. Let me know if this is helpful and always remember- hair spray is your best friend! And babyhairs are the worst. If anyone has any sneaky tips to growing them out or just keeping them tame, let me know pretty please!


Jun 29, 2015


American Flag Swimsuit- here Jason's boardshorts- RVCA, can be found here 

I am so excited to be teaming up with jane.com today for the #thisveryland photo contest! Basically all you do is post a picture with the hashtag #thisveryland and tag @veryjane on instagram, facebook, or twitter and you have the chance to win one of five Instax Cameras + Film!! And you get to show your patriotic side and explain what you love most about this beautiful country! I posted mine over here on my instagram. :)
ps check out the contest page for more details. :) 

There are so many good things to be said and I love this time of year! It's summer, the 4th of July is THIS week which means the sky will be filled with pretty fireworks, burgers will be making their way into my belly, and it's our first 4th of July together as a married couple (yay!!).  I've been trying to think about what I love most about this land and I narrowed it down to two things:

I love this land for the beauty it is made up of! Even though I live in a desert filled with cactus, rocks, and dust, it's gorgeous! see above picture. All those desert plants grew into one big beautiful bunch in this million degree weather (wish I was exaggerating that heat) And then you go somewhere like Virginia and BAM! Greenery at every corner and trees for days. every state has its own special beauty and uniqueness that make up this USA I call home. Seriously sometimes I just stare at my surroundings and I'm like HOW is this even POSSIBLE right now??! Seriously, blows.my.mind.

I am also sooo thankful for religious freedom. You and I can practice anything we'd like if we'd like. I am so grateful to be able to attend church every Sunday to worship God with my family and friends. I am thankful for both of my grandpa's and the many other men and women who fought/still fight for us to have the rights that we are all blessed with!

Basically there is a lot of good in this country! Sometimes I let things in the news get to me way too much and it's  always really helpful to just remember that there are also tons and tons of good, positive things to look at. So many freedoms and so much to be happy about :) 

ps these pictures were taken by Jason and I and the lovely self timer took our couple shots :)

Jun 25, 2015

Iphone diaries

Oh heyyy! I decided I needed to do another iphone diary because I keep taking pictures and need to dump them asap. So here we are, pictures galore.

So Jason will NOT let me kiss him when I wear lipstick. But I begged him and he even let me take a a picture to document haha what a guy :)

Whenever I go to the store for something, I leave with like 10 things I don't need/didn't come for/ etc. Well I bought these thinking I would grow them and have a beautiful floral arrangement and then I got home and realized I don't have soil so... these are tba

 Some guy that wants to work with the company I work for brought in like 10 varieties of ice cream popsicles/ fruit popsicles. Bless that man and his wonderful ideas. 

So Framed is now a vendor for The Elegant Barn (a wedding venue) and I got to attend their open house event and meet a lot of potential customers! It was so fun and I shared that big table with a photographer who basically knew everyone who was anyone and she kept being like "oh! I know *insert successful person here* let me text them and tell them to contact you" she was seriously so nice!

The florist at the event gave these to me when it was time to go home. This picture doesn't capture it, but these were even more gorgeous in person!

just your average bun braid thing

Jason & Tanner surprised us wives with a lake cliff jumping picnic date one day after work. love you j!

Literally wear these sandals every opportunity that I can.  aka every opportinity that I don't have to look professional or something. The bottoms are well... kinda getting ripped up so I asked for some new ones for my birthday in JULY (omg) and Jason made me promise to throw these ones out when I get new ones haha

We are kind of obsessed with chicken pot pie in this house and it is seriously so dang easy to make! I always try to add something cute in the crust. sup heart!
ps to make it I just use 1 bag mixed veggies, 2 small cans (or 1 large) of cream of chicken, and cooked chicken, salt and pepper and I buy the crust at walmart and cook it. VoilĂ !

I was having a really great hair day that could nawt go undocumented. 

Don't know how well you can see it but somehow there was a scratch on my face. I think I need to start wearing those baby scratch mittens or something.

On our way to a wedding doing blue steel 

at said wedding. word.

we played with the gopro in the pool last weekend!

practicing braids and taking pictures to see how they look haha the usual

circa 1994, dad and me 


selfie bc it's my blog and I do what I want

These are the boys I nanny, I've nannied them since December of 2012! but as I get older and they get older, I see them less and less. It was so fun seeing these little sweeties!

Ryder is doing "tongue face" Hayes is doing "fish face" 

Happy Thursday. aka almost FRIDAY.