Iphone diaries & the weekend I had 3 kids.

Hayes was in love with her. He was so sweet and wanted to look at her all the time and help with everything! Also Jason said I have to give him photo credit for this so; PHOTO BY JASON MICHAEL SHIFLET!!! ;) 

Raising these boys the right way- super smash brothers and donkey kong on the N64

I went to a baby shower while Jason had the boys and B slept the whole time. Go Brighton!

I was trying to copy her face but obviously didn't do very good. Also, my dad asked if I photoshopped my eyes bigger in this picture haha nope, I just have eyes like the powerpuff girls!


Most people know I've nannied for these little boys for the past 4 years and I do weekends with them when their parents go out of town! I hadn't seen them since June or July (can't even remember) because they travel a TON every summer, so when their mom asked if I was up for a weekend with them, I said yes! I was a little nervous just because I've been working hard to get Brighton on a schedule (it's working by the way, she sleeps 5.5-6.hours straight at night then wakes up to eat and goes back down right away for 3 more hours. Little angel baby I tell ya. Schedules are heaven sent.) So it would just mess up her schedule because I didn't want to make the boys stay home all day in honor of a schedule. It really wasn't that bad, though!! Like, with the schedule. She did all her naps in the car if we were out and still slept at night like a dang champion.

Anyways though, it was fun having the boys over for the weekend and seeing them interact with Brighton! Hayes loves her and was always trying to make sure she was happy and sang her lullabies if she got fussy. Ryder didn't really give her much attention haha he was more interested in other things. On Saturday night he called her a 'he' and Jason was like "Ryder, you know Brighton is a girl, right?" and Ryder goes "Oh really??!" It was pretty funny. Their mom had a baby a week after me which was so nice because the boys were already used to having a newborn around and understood that she has a lot of needs.

Jason was an all star and took care of the kids when I had to go to a few different things on Saturday. It was a tiring weekend for all of us! Those boys have so much energy and they say the funniest things!! Remind me not to have 3 kids for a while because all I want to do right now is sleeeeep. ;) I always wonder how people have more than one kid because right now, all of my attention goes 100% to Brighton! But at the same time, I keep trying to plan when we'll start trying for baby #2 and Jason won't have any of that nonsense.... yet...


Newborns (kinda)



Jason won't let me caption dilf on instagram so I'll caption it here.

Seriously you guys, seriously. I love these pictures so much!!! Freaking Alicia killed it with these pictures(once again). These were taken when Brighton was 3 weeks old so she was a newborn but not like fresh newborn, ya know? This girl has grown like a weed! Already 2 pounds over birth weight and 2" taller. Pretty sure I mentioned that in my last post, but I can't remember (too lazy to check, sorry). She is seriously a dream come true. I literally stare at her all day and can't even handle the love that oozes from every pore. Haha sorry I made that sound so weird but I don't even know how to describe my love for her. IT IS CRAZY. These pictures were taken in her nursery and I fully intend to do a nursery post because I love it so much!!

I still triple check on her after I put her to bed and I've filled up my phone with pictures and videos of every little move she makes. My phone officially is full... oops. Gotta dump all my pictures and videos onto my computer so I can fill it up again! She officially sleeps in her crib for all naps + at night time now. I wanted to transition her fairly early so she could get used to her crib and not have a hard time transitioning and I think it worked because as far as I can tell she didn't really notice the change at all. Also she started smiling at me way more!! I am so obsessed with her smile! Imagine getting noticed by your favorite celebrity. That is literally how it feels!!

Anyways, she is the best thing ever. And I hope she thinks I'm pretty cool, too. I can't wait to see her grow and get to see her personality and become besties that wear mom and me outfits. COOL RIGHT? (please validate me. Jason the other day- "you aren't going to be one of those moms who tries to match are you?" 0:) ) Also, I need her to not grow and just stay a baby forever. Tips welcome to achieve that.


Snapshots + mom life

Don't worry Jason wasn't really asleep, she's safe on the edge of the couch! Just to clarify ;)

I love how she sleeps! She loves sleeping with her arms above her head so we usually don't swaddle her and let her get comfy.

She has the prettiest blue eyes!

I wanted to weigh her and we have a package scale so... I think she liked it!

Hello world! Guys, babies are the best. Especially when that baby belongs to you forever! Brighton is such a cool baby. That's the best way I can describe her. She goes with the flow and is always just so chill and relaxed. She only fusses a little bit when she need something, usually food. She's already a month old!! So crazy but (like EVERYONE always says) it seems like we've never been without our sweet baby girl. She is a professional napper and her first few weeks, she threw really great parties all night long. ;) She wasn't the best night sleeper but she is getting so much better at sleeping more through the night and just waking up to eat. 

Here's some good ol mom moments. You know, the ones that really welcome you into motherhood.

1. I've been thrown up on like 6 times and I don't even care. She never cries after so the worst part is just having to spend another 30 minutes feeding her again. But I mean 30 extra minutes to snuggle her isn't bad at all :) Only when it's a night feeding and all I want is sleep. 

2. She's pooped on our *white* rug and *white* bed spread. It came out fine but I guess this means I should probably stop buying white things... or stop changing her on white things.

3. I cried when she smiled at me. Yeah I know, I'm really a mom. She stared at me and just smiled for like 20 seconds. 20!!!! And it wasn't even because of poop/gas. She just did it and I couldn't handle it because I was like "omg I think this means she loves me back!!!!!" 

4. Her umbilical cord stump finally fell off at almost 4 weeks old. But when it falls off, you have to find it. I found it stuck to my boob. 

And now some quick things about baby girl so I can remember them forever, ya know? 
She still fits in newborn everything! She has grown about 2" since birth and gained 2 pounds. She smiles a lot, loves baths, loves the car, loves her swing, basically she is an easy little one to please. She recognizes our voices which is so cool!! Her stork bite (the red mark on her forehead) has faded a lot since birth. I don't even miss shopping for myself because I love buying her cute things. She sleeps in our room in a bassinet for now, we will probably move her to her crib soon! We're pretty sure she doesn't like her bassinet because she loves to stretch out when she sleeps and the bassinet seems cramped for that. She naps in her crib and loves it. She sleep talks so much and it's so cute. Basically I think everything is cute about her. Even when she poops it's cute. Newborn startle reflexes are probably the cutest things. She keeps trying to lift her head and roll over when she's on her tummy. 

Overall, we are both pretty dang obsessed with her! Transition into motherhood doesn't even seem like a transition at all. People keep asking if it's so weird having  a baby or if it's this or that and honestly, all I can say is it just feels natural! Like, it feels like this is how it's supposed to be. It's not hard because it was as expected. Like I knew sleep would be a work in progress since she's little and I knew I'd be taking care of someone 24/7, I guess I was more ready for it than I thought! I'm so grateful she is ours and I love being her mama :)

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