Mother- daughter things

Thank you Tobi for sponsoring this post.

shirt c/o Tobi

 Hi!! Here is another shirt from my collab with Tobi! Jason obviously made fun of me for getting a shirt with holes in it but I think it's so cute!! I love the distressed tee's I keep seeing in stores and wanted to get out of my comfort zone by trying one for myself. I think it's so cute and really comfy, plus it's kinda edgy and I need a little edge in my life. I sing twinkle twinkle little star all day for cryin' out loud! ;)

So Friday is our official "date night" night but Jason had some pre-planned things going on that night. I literally look forward to date night ALL week long and I wasn't about to skip it so I decided Brighton and I would go on a date :) We went shopping at one of my favorite stores and I left with some earrings, a 'B' necklace, (I will never have enough B necklaces haha) and a new wallet. I haven't used a wallet in SO long and I was finally tired of fishing around my ginormous diaper bag every time I needed my card to pay for something. I serioiusly would sit there pre-wallet days and check each and every pocket for my stash of cards before I would find them. I have the fawn design diaper bag and it has endless pockets and crevasses that are great for baby stuff, but bad for doubling as a "wallet". Anyways, it's the little things, guys. After shopping, I picked up some Texas Roadhouses and we headed home. Brighton had mama milk for dinner- her personal favorite.

I can't even wait for Brighton to be old enough to take her shopping and pick out things for her (if she let's me haha)! I'm excited to get pedicures with her and do all of that fun stuff! I think it's so cute when mom's take their daughters out on dates to do girly things!! I grew up with a mom who hated shopping so lucky for Brighton, it's my favorite sport!! I remember when I was little and before I had a "job", I would babysit to earn money and beg my mom to take me to Ross (ha!) to go shopping! My mom literally had to limit me to 1 shopping trip a month because I would go every weekend if I could haha. I sort of hope I have a house full of girls (and a son or 2 for Jason's sake) so we can do all the girly things! I never had sisters so having a daughter is literally the best thing to ever happen to me.

Anyways, the moral is, go on a mom date with your kids this week and soak in all the goodness!!

Life updates

Thank you Tobi for sponsoring this post.

Jason made fun of me for this pose (for good reason) but posting it anyways!
Dress: c/o Tobi

All I have to say is Jason and I make a pretty good photography team- he takes the pictures and I direct and edit. I tried to convince him that we should start a wife/husband photography business but unfortunately, he declined ;) Jason is such a good guy, even though taking pictures is probably #1 on his least favorite things to do, he still does it and is so good at it! Stop robbing the world of your talent, J!! haha

Anyways, I was pretty excited when Tobi contacted me to collab! I got to pick a few cute things from their website (so stay tuned!) and pretend to be a model. I LOVE this dress!! I keep seeing the jean trend going around and was excited I finally hopped on board. They do 50% off one item on your first purchase so if you're into good deals and cute clothes like me, then hop on over there and pick out something cute for yourself. 

There are a few new fun things going on in the Shiflet household! 

-Jason just finished his semester and has 1 more to go! Half of me is stoked for him to graduate and the other half of me is excited to stop giving ASU like 2 million dollars a semester. 

-I am dipping my toes in photography! After debating it for a long time, I just decided to go for it! I love taking pictures and getting creative with editing so I figured WHY NOT. I debated not doing it just because I feel like EVERYONE is a photographer and I didn't want to be another one of "those girls" who does photography. But then I decided to DGAF and go for it! Also sorry if DGAF offends you but that phrase runs my life hahah. Whenever I debate doing something I want to do, I just say DGAF and do it. Simple, guys. ;) I have done a few photo shoots and got to do a birth a few weeks ago! I'll post about it soon!

- Brighton is coming up on a YEAR. Fastest year of my entire life. I feel like I got blessed with the easiest baby ever because she makes me want to have 100 more! 

-Jason starts his internship in June at a big accounting firm. It'll be his second one this year and lemme tell ya, the kid is amazing! He tries to have accounting conversations with me and talks about all these things I don't understand, but I love seeing his passion and excitement. Like, I wish I could be that excited about how to account for pension funds (what the heck is that? idk). He's a genius and I am so proud and impressed with how dang hard he works! Thanks for being so smart, J! 

-My brother Chris & sister in law Tani move here next month and I literally am SO EXCITED! They are the ones who live in Iowa and Chris got into a residency program here so they will be here for at least 2 years! I have 2 years to convince them to stay :)

That is pretty much all I can think up right now! Life is good, God is great, and the future is looking bright.


To the babe who made me a mother.

I remember that day in December when we found out I was pregnant. We had been trying for a few months and even though we were trying, we were still in complete shock that sex actually works! There was a baby inside of my womb, growing and thriving! We couldn't believe it, but we couldn't be more grateful for you. I remember wanting a healthy baby and saying I didn't mind it you were a boy or a girl (although, now I can admit that I REALLY wanted a girl). I remember the day we found out you were a girl and how excited I was! I remember promising from that day forward that you and I would have the kind of relationship I always wished I had with my own mother. You will never question my love for you or even wonder for 1 second if you are wanted. 

The day that you were born, I was in love with you. The moment you were placed in my arms I couldn't wait to breastfeed you, to bond with you and nourish you with my own body. It was the least I could do for you because in that moment, you made me whole. You gave me a purpose. Honestly, before you, I questioned my purpose, I wasn't sure exactly what God had in store for me. He blessed me with a wonderful husband, a hard work ethic, creativity, but there was still something missing. My favorite scripture is "perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created" and in that moment of meeting you, my moment happened. In that very moment, my purpose was to love you, to raise you, and to be your mother.

This is not a calling I will ever take lightly. It's a calling I thank God for every second of every day in my heart. I am constantly questioning what in the world someone like ME did to deserve someone like YOU! You are perfection. You have shown your dad and I how to love in a way we never knew possible. 

Thank you for being ours, B. I love you being so small but I am also so excited for your future! I can't wait for you to be a big sister, to go on shopping trips with me, for your first father-daughter date, for pedicures together, for so many fun things!

This day is in honor of what you've done for me. I know without a doubt in my mind that God knew I needed a daughter. He knew I needed YOU! I love you so much! Thank you for giving me a reason to celebrate today!

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