I really want a pet deer.

Laying in the gun case because I wasn't in the mood to get dirt all over myself :)

Next week I am going HUNTING. I've never hunted in my entire life but my in-laws are pretty into it so they put me in to go! I'm excited now but I wonder if when I see a cute little animal I'll change my mind haha I'm going javelina hunting and they aren't really cute so I think I'll be good to get one. Deer on the other hand... I have a plan that if I ever get to go on a deer hunt, I'm just going to shoot its foot so I can take it home and make it be my pet while I nurse it back to health. And then still keep it as a pet when it's better.

On Saturday my father in law took Jason and me out to practice shooting! I don't remember what the gun was called but it was really heavy and super loud and I felt kind of cool shooting it at the targets. Dave (father in law) said I did pretty good with hitting the stuff he told me to hit so if I see a javelina next week, I think I'll be able to get it! They always joke (better be a joke) that if I kill something, I'll have to skin it. Obviously that won't happen. Because that grosses me out. I'll leave the skinning to Jason :)

The only thing I'm nervous about is how I've been sick with being pregnant! I hit 14 weeks last Friday and seriously that was the first day I didn't throw up in 2 weeks!! So yeah, I've been feeling a lot better, so crazy cause it was a little night and day with how I felt! Still not feeling normal (which is fine cause you know, there's a baby growing in my womb and stuff) but it's still awesome to be feeling better than before! I'm hoping baby keeps this behavior up and starts fluttering around so I can feel it soon!

 We have a doctor appointment on Thursday and I'm so excited to hear the heart beat and for whatever else happens at 2nd appointments! yay babies!! I'm for sure showing but probably just look chubby to people who don't know I'm pregnant so I want to get some pictures taken later this week so I can document this chubby belly! I haven't really taken "bump pictures" because it's so tiny I feel like it would be pointless to have a bunch of chubby pictures of me on my phone haha so yeah, I'll take some cute chubby pictures and that will be my belly documenting start. Happy Monday!!


Baby baby baby

First of all, thank you all so so so much for the sweet comments you've made!!! As the days go on, we both get more and more excited to have a BABY! It's crazy to think that we are going to have our own kids and our own little family, like it's one of those things I was like "yeah I'll have a husband and kids one day" and then BAM husband and now BAM a kid and more to come! It's just crazy how it's like NOW that those things I used to say are here!! Crazy good. 

The first trimester I was mostly nauseous all day long and super hungry (like famished hungry all the time) starting around 7 weeks. Like honestly I never thought I would dislike eating haha I can stuff myself full and then 10 minutes later feel like I haven't eaten in days. I also don't want anything, like nothing sounds good and when something pops into my head it makes me nauseous. Yeah that sounds like a psycho person but that is my life as far as food goes. And I have to eat something right before bed (usually an apple or something easy) or else I wake up at 5am and I HAVE to get up to eat because it hurts how hungry I am!! I also wake up like 5 times a night to pee haha so there's that. Jason wakes up every time ( he says) so I guess he can suffer with me :) 

Just a little disclaimer, in no way am I trying to complain AT ALL about being pregnant! I am super grateful we could even get pregnant let alone only in a few months. I have friends who I love so much that suffer with fertility issues and it has made me never want to ever complain or be "mad" that I'm pregnant, it's a gift to be able to carry a baby and I really am so glad God blessed us with one. I just want to document all these things happening because they are all new and weird to me. Plus being sick just means there's someone growing in there so make me sick all you want, baby. I'll just ground you when you're older ;) (kidding xo)

Obviously I'm more tired than usual and kind of unmotivated which is a really bad trait to have when you work for yourself at your house. At about 12/13 weeks (aka now) I wake up every morning, eat breakfast, sit and be sick, throw it up, and then feel nauseous. Not sure how long this will go on but I basically just try to pick something light for breakfast because I know it won't stay down. After I throw up, I can eat all I want and be good! So it's cool guys. I heard if you're sick sick then it's a girl so I guess that's a wives tale I don't mind believing :) Overall I feel like it's a girl just as much as I feel it's a boy, but a LITTLE more girl. Jason says boy all the way haha he even calls baby He. We find out gender around 20 weeks so we have a few more weeks to keep guessing! Sorry if this was the most boring blog post you've ever read but if you read the entire thing, thank you!! I've never had a baby before so I want to document everything!! 


I have a little announcement...

^ this is for sure the better picture of the two pictures we got because you can see the whole side angle of baby! That head, nose, and little body. GUYS, ahh!!!

We are having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby is due August 5th and we are stoked (and scared) but mostly stoked!! We found out the beginning of December and it has literally been THE hardest thing keeping it a secret. I blame baby for my lack of blogging because can you imagine the biggest thing in your life being a secret that you can't exactly talk about yet?!

Yeah, it sucked keeping a secret! I wanted to tell every single person I came in contact with (and I may have let it slip on purpose a few times because I'm so excited) I am officially 13 weeks and 3 days. We wanted to wait till I was in the "safe zone" to tell the world our news!! I am already chubby (as Jason lovingly calls me fatty hahaha but it's in love and teasing I promise) I have been storing up posts with other pregnant topics I want to document so those are coming soon!! We feel very blessed,  grateful, and excited to be growing our first little babe!


From the mouths of babes

This is a SUPER old picture of Ryder + Hayes when I went to Virginia with them, but I didn't have any other pictures from yesterday and I love this one so here ya go.

So I have been nannying a bunch lately!! It's nice because it's not everyday so I can still focus entire days on making signs but then every other day work for a few hours and then go and nanny the boys! It's a welcome break for sure. Their mom is awesome, I drive one of their cars + she gives me a card to take the boys to do whatever they want, or whatever I decide they will love for the day haha Let's get names straight so I don't have to say stuff like "the older brother" and "the younger brother" I'm too lazy to type that out 100 times. So Ryder- 6 year old, Hayes (sounds like Haze) the 4 year old

So yesterday we had to drive their older brother to his hockey game a few cities away so it was like over 2 hours there driving and back. We dropped him off at hockey and I, of course and as always, had to pee. So I saw this random strip mall and a random smoothie shop and decided we would go get smoothies and take a bathroom break in there! It was in Scottsdale and if you know anything about Scottsdale, it isn't nicknamed Snottsdales for fun. It's full of rich (typically old) people or people with their spoiled kids and yeah. Disclaimer: NOT everyone is like that, some people are probably super nice and stuff, I'm just saying that's what Scottsdale is known for; rich snotty people. 

Anyways, let's just call out that smoothie place, it was called Grabba Green and as soon as we walk in, Ryder plugs his nose and says super loudly "UGHHHH IT STINKS IN HERE!!!" and then he continued to make remarks on the stinky smoothie shop. And it did stink cause they were boiling weird veggies in a pot and the whole place was very "healthy" in a weird way. So we rushed to the bathroom really fast and Ryder goes "Thank goodness we came in here, that smell was about to make me throw up!!" After we were all done, it was a chore to get Ryder to leave the bathroom haha he REALLY hated the weird smell. So I ordered really fast as Ryder and Hayes ran to the nearest exit to escape. 

I walk up to the counter and the girl goes 'K what do you want?' 
me-  Oh, I've never been here before, one sec
girl-  ugh, well do you want food or a smoothie or juice?????
me- a smoothie.
girl- *rolls eyes and acts like I the most annoying person in the world* K. well do you want fruity or...?????
me- uhh.. sure...
girl- *rattles off flavors like she's being forced to at gunpoint*
me-... the first one....

So I ordered and girl was so rude and weird, like sorry the menu has 100 items and I want to look at it for 1 minute. And it was almost $8!! For some fruit put into a blender. 

While this is happening and I'm waiting for my smoothie, the boys insist on playing outside/ leaving asap cause they couldn't stand the smell anymore as I am standing by the open door waiting for the smoothie to be done. It's finally done and the girl sees that as much as I try, the boys are refusing to step back inside, she looks at me, and just puts the smoothie on the far counter and walks away. haha I was like "really? you couldn't bring it over 10 feet??" in my head of course. 

When we got into the car, Ryder was like "Can we please never go there again??" "yes, we will never go there again, it was stinky and they were rude!"
Ryder- Yeah, they probably shower in pee!!
Me-.... and poo...
I didn't even bother protesting and saying something like No potty talk! Cause I didn't care and I was bugged and it was funny. So long story short, I was glad Ryder made a scene and said what we were all thinking (aka how it smelt like dead rats in there, yeah that's dramatic I know) 

Anyways, these kids are funny and I'm having so much fun playing "mom" with them. Every time we play a game Ryder goes "K so someone who is married has to be the mom, oh looks like that's you!"

They both say funny stuff, Ryder just talks more so I remember it more :) It was also Hayes's birthday yesterday so I wanted to make sure he had a really great day! After stinky smoothie shop, we went to Jump Street (one of those places with 104395534 trampolines) and they were in heaven!

It was a great day with those sweet kiddos.

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