May 4, 2015

55. & a picture overload

TODAY is my dad's BIRTHDAY! I would have to say I'm a daddys girl for sure. He has always been there for me no matter what and I know that he loves us kids so much. We are super close and I am so so so grateful I got to have him as MY dad. :) Happy birthday, here's to 55, a year that will be oh so good to you! You always deserve the very best, dad!

For his birthday, we planned a surprise party with my siblings, their kids, and his sister! My dad loves food so we decided to go to a pizza place that had one of those food challenges. The challenge was you have 1 hour to eat a 24" pizza. That is 2 feet, people! Obviously dad was more than ready for this "challenge" haha Growing up (...and still) my eyes are always bigger than my stomach and I always get way too much food. When I lived at home, dad would be the one who finished up my plate for me.  Dad have never met a food he didn't like (besides brussel sprouts, bleh) 

The last piece of his huge pizza. By now, he was struggling because he had already eaten SO much food!! He was so determined to finish and win the challenge. 

The last of the pizza! He was so close but eating all that pizza in 1 hour was just too much food!

Chris, my brother, also tried the pizza challenge and almost finished. The boys with their remaining pizza and huge biceps ;) 

The only group photo we got haha I asked this lady to take the picture of our group but she didn't really understand when I explained how to use my camera so she didn't get any pictures for us. This picture is a result of me trying to teach her how to take a picture. 

This is probably my favorite picture of us together! It really catches his smile and personality! Plus, having him be so much apart of our wedding day was such a special experience for both of us :) He was a witness who signed the marriage certificate and of course the daddy daughter dance had us both in tears. 

yup, both of us crying like babies during the daddy daughter dance. Dad LOVES the beatles. Like #1 fan and has always made it known he loves their music so I surprised him with the song "In My Life" by the Beatles for our special dance :)

I love you dad! here's to 55!


May 1, 2015

Let's talk eyebrows (part 1)

Alright, alright, alright. This post was bound to happen. First of all, my eyebrows are naturally bleach blonde. Seriously if I don't color them in, you might look at me and think I don't have any eyebrows at all. It's wack.

Exhibit A) filled in and shaped brows:

Exhibit B) there are eyebrows there, I promise.

I know, I know, it's hard for me to look at, too.

Public enemy #1
Let me start by saying, if your brows are as invisible as mine are, powder is NOT FOR YOU! When I used to use powder *cringe* it didn't do anything for my brows, it basically just looked like I had some brown stuff under the white blonde hairs that were over my eyes. They LOOKED like I put power on them. No bueno.  The problem with powder is that it doesn't look "natural" and it doesn't camouflage light eyebrows. AND it rubs off so dang easy,

The best stuff ever.
I've tried a LOT of different products to fill in my eyebrows. One day I went into Sephora for some brow pomade I had heard about. The shade I wanted wasn't in stock so a nice employee tried out a few other products on me. I fell in love with aqua brow!
I love love love  Aqua Brow by Forever Makeup!! I get mine in the light blonde shade #10. I've done a lot of research on good brow tips and something I 100% agree with is that your brows should be 2 shades DARKER than your hair color. I totally agree because this helps add contrast to your look. Obviously it might differ if you have black hair, but I would say typically, if you don't have black or super dark brown hair, going 2 shades darker with your brows is the way to go.

Something I've learned with this stuff is you can kind of control how dark it is. If you layer it, it will get a little darker but if you add a little bit of it at a time, it can also be pretty light. If I get it too dark, I usually lightly rub a q-tip over my eyebrows to get some off so it isn't too dramatically dark.

-it's waterproof. I really REALLY love that it is waterproof. I've gone swimming while wearing it multiple times and it really does stay on! If I swim for a really long time then obviously it comes off a little bit, but it still stays on for the most part. It's nice because I don't wear eye makeup when I go swimming but I wear the aqua brow and it makes me feel like I still look kind of cute haha

-It lasts forever! You literally only need to use a drop of it (I put the drop on the back of my hand) and it covers both brows easily. I always try to use the smallest amount ever and I still always have extra that I sadly wipe off and throw away. I'm not one to spend more than like $10 on makeup but for $20 this usually lasts me at least 6-8 months. I always buy mine from Sephora because if there is even one tiny thing wrong with it, you can exchange it for a new one! I've used Aqua Brow for a few years and it always lasts sooo long!

-It dyes the brow hairs so it looks way more natural! It's of course not perminate dye, but it disguises the light blonde hairs for the time being that you wear it!

Part two will include a brow shaping tutorial! yay brow shaping!


Apr 29, 2015

Food trucks!

First of all, anything to do with food is obviously going to be good. Anything. Our married friends (that's right, we have married friends #win #finally #YAY!) Ashley & Tanner invited us to go to the Gilbert food trucks with them last weekend and obviously we couldn't say no. The event is basically a ton of different food trucks that all park in this huge lot and you get to go eat and mingle and stuff. (some would describe this as what Heaven might possibly be like minus the fact that it's all overpriced)
 Jason & I were nannying for the weekend but luckily, the kids we nanny have two teenage brothers who are also very easily persuaded by food. We made a deal that if they watched the kids while we went to get food, they could get Bahama Bucks shaved ice. Oh, the power of food.
Anyways, we went and Ashley and I had the boys surprise us with food and they did not disappoint. Jason got me this yummy chimi thing? I actually don't really know what it was, all I know is that it was deep fried and it was Mexican food. You can never go wrong with Mexican food! After dinner, we stumbled upon this marshmallow s'mores place and they literally had homemade marshmallows, graham crackers, and these graham cracker bowls things. 

They literally melted the marshmallows right in front of your face. I know, I was in awh.

I like this picture better ^ but the flash caught J's phone case and caused a DIY brown haze filter thing covering the picture so I wanted to post a non phone case filtered picture below.


Apr 27, 2015

baby hungry.

Sometimes you just look at your husband and you think "wow, we need to have a baby because the world needs more Jason's like yesterday." and then you are baby hungry and then you have a secret pinterest bored dedicated to babies. Because if you made it public, people would talk and they would say "Did you see Candace's pinterest board with all baby stuff? I bet she's pregnant!" and yeah.

That's really happened to like every person who has been pregnant because pinterest does NOT lie. Also, I am not expecting (well, if I were then I guess this is SURPRISE for both of us, now isn't it?)

Here are my latest "if I were pregnant and expecting" pins. also, I should probably take up sewing so I don't have to go in debt to purchase all said items in pins. for a *FUTURE* baby. I kind of am officially obsessed with baby nurseries. oops.

broken link :(


Apr 25, 2015

it's official

So I am going to be designing a new layout for my blog and testing out different things so please bear with me if you stumble into my blog and think it looks crazy and unorganized!

Apr 23, 2015

hobbies. jobbies. just basically ies.

Let's talk hobbies for a second (aka for a blog post) Jason has a lot of hobbies- soccer, volleyball, basketball, being sexy, any sport you can think of. etc. He is like a super human and somehow I scored and got to marry him. (it's my blog so I can be cheesy so, welcome)

Anyways, he has so many hobbies and I realized my hobbies are working. Cause like 1) I'm not really good at being competitive, so sports aren't my forte. and 2) I just wanted to make 2 points to this paragraph. Making signs is fun for me! But it's also a whole lot of work.

That instagram grind is tiring, you guys! You have to post and keep people in the loop and remind them that your product exists and that they need it in their home like yesterday. And of course, the process of making the sign itself is a lot of work. But I love it and it's a hobby for me (is that ok? to mix work and hobby and just call it a jobby??) (ps thank you Massie Block for defining jobby to me in my early youth)

Anyways, what are your hobbies? Because a jobby is real great and all but I think a normal hobby would be cool, too.  What hobbies do you and your husband do together? Because I mean, couples massages can be a hobby, right? Or weekly couple pedicures?! Or I guess a real hobby idea would be helpful. Thank you in advance!


ps. the wood signs can be found on instagram- @frameddecor and etsy- here

Apr 21, 2015

Free stuff is the best kind of stuff

Raise your hand in you love free stuff. Ok. great. Because I am giving away a shop credit for any wood sign over on intagram today. (to enter, look me up @candace.shiflet)
 YES it is a mini loop giveaway, but there aren't very many shops involved and this loop includes things you will actually like and have a good chance of winning.
Let's get real for 5 seconds- loop giveaways can be... tedious. Especially when it's like "win ONE MILLION DOLLARS to WALMART, just follow 900 shops, vow to name your first born after me, and fast for 3 weeks to enter!!!"
This isn't one of those, It's kinda like a easy one where you can name your first born whatever name you want AND keep your pride. So yeah. hop on over and enter, or just look me up and stalk a little. This generation has made us all stalkers and it's not even considered creepy. go 2015!
Here are some other things you could possibly win and if you don't win, there may or may not be a coupon code available after the giveaway ends (yay coupons!)
etsy shop found here
Anyways, good luck friends :)

Apr 17, 2015

Friday Confessions Linkup

Oh hey! So here are some confessions to get your Friday started right. Ps I am making it a linkup at the bottom so PLEASE don't make me feel like a loser by me being the only one linking up. Or do I guess.

1. I got a passport!
I mentioned earlier this week that I didn't have a passport and that I lost my birth certificate. So pretty much I didn't exist as an  American Citizen. BUT I got it all figured out and got a new birth certificate and applied for a passport. So it's all good and I was officially born. Also I am claiming the day I got my new birth certificate as my other birthday so please send presents asap. Thanks. 
2.I rewrite my posts like 100 times.
I write a post. And then I reread it. And then I change something. And then I reread it. And then I change some more. And then I reread it. etc. In fact, I've already rewritten like 10 confessions for this post. Oh the mystery! Oh and if there's a spelling or grammar error, I am really embarrassed because of the amount of times I reread to correct stuff like that. This is a no judgment zone...right? ;)
3. I have a Girl crush.
I don't know why but I can't help it. I love Amber's blog. I'm sure that a lot of you do, too. But seriously, why can't we best friends and braid each others hair and exchange gossip? Is that really too much to ask!??
4. Mexico
It's all I am going to be thinking about for the next 33 days (yes I have a countdown app) Last night we did a little planning sesh and all I can remember is mangos on the BEACH. Plus I can't wait to do some haggling. You literally get the best deals ever in Mexico and I'm all about them deals.
5. No bolded title necessary.
This is my life. It my calendar ever crashed I wouldn't know if I should be crazy stressed or secretly really grateful haha

And there you have it! Some random Friday confessions. Below is the link up. Add any link you'd like cause it's FRIDAY and we can all tgif together