Weekend Report

Gove loves B to pieces. He is so sweet!

Behind the scenes haha

Brighton's bow c/o hello knots

Weekends are my favorite things. Jason has the weekends off so we get to spend it as a family! Every Friday we go on a date and our usual place is Texas Roadhouse. Like we literally go there every Friday night bc we are in love with their food. This Friday we decided to try something new for once so we tried out Mellow Mushroom! It was good but kind of pricy for a pizza place. It was almost $40 and J and I were like we could have literally gone to Texas roadhouse about twice for $40! So yeah, we will probably stick to the favorite still :) B sometimes comes with us when family is busy to watch her and she's always soooo good! Just sits in her carseat and either sleeps or babbles a little bit. I don't mind having her as a third wheel at all.

Is he not the cutest 8 year old you've ever seen? 

Saturday was my nephew, Merrick's, baptism. It was really special to get to go and see him be baptized.  (ps Gove and Merrick are brothers and I hope SO BADDLY that my kids will all be little tow heads like them. I just think it's the cutest thing!!) We basically spent the whole day with family + ate food + took some pictures. The best kind of Saturday in my book. 

Sunday was spent at church and then back at Jason's parent's house for dinner. Brighton almost slept through ALL of church!! We haven't really been much since Brighton was born and last week was the first week we attended all the meetings. It's a 3 hour ordeal so between naps and nursing, I've been avoiding going to all 3 hours haha. But it wasn't as bad as I thought and having her sleep through practically the whole thing was for sure heaven sent. Blessed for going to church I guess ;)

Happy Monday! Here's to looking forward to Texas Roadhouse all week!


Brighton's Nursery! (Decorated for under $100)

We are stocked up with diapers in a few sizes. Every now and then Amazon does and insane diaper sale where you can get them for 1/2 off so when I was pregnant I JUMPED on those sales!!

XO prints- designed by me, printed through for under $12 total.
Frames from hobby lobby for $22 total.
Blanket basket from hobby lobby for $14.
Bows hung on jute (roll was $3) clothes pins- $2
Pink pillow- ross for $11
White fluffy pillow from Amazon for $15.50
Vinyl polka dots- made by me, probably cost $1 in materials
Yarn tassels above crib- made by me. Probably $4 in materials
Curtains (target)- $5
Clear B from hobby lobby- $3
Total: $92.50

I posted a little while ago my inspiration pictures for B's nursery so here it is! I actually finished it like the DAY we brought her home haha. Everything was ready, just I had been waiting for the XO prints to come in the mail so they were waiting to be hung the day we got home from the hospital!

I am all about doing things without spending a ton of money. If I can make it, then I probably will! I'm so happy with how her nursery turned out!! Those vinyl polka dots were a random shot. I wasn't sure if I would like them so I cut some circles and planned to just put them up and take them off. I ended up really liking them!! It was a super cheap way to add something extra to her wall and took 5 minutes to stick on.

Her dresser area is my favorite part of her room :) The XO prints specifically are my most favorite decoration. I just think they are soooo cute and added the perfect little pop of pink. I didn't want to go pink crazy and wanted to keep her nursery pretty simple. I made my own XO design and found the cheapest place to get them printed! It just took a little while with shipping but I LOVE how they turned out!

I knew she would have bows galore and I didn't really want to just put them in a basket because then they would just be piled on top of each other and I would forget if she had certain bows and end up with like 10 white bows. Soooo hanging them was cute and made it so I had them all in front of me to pick from! She is basically bald so she wears lots and lots of bows :) The rare times I don't put a bow on her head, people think she's a boy every time. I loveeee her cute bald head but I am pretty excited for her to have hair someday to braid and play with.

I think Brighton likes it and it's my favorite room in the house! Mostly because it's her room and she is the highlight of my day. I love going into her room every morning and greeted with the biggest, sweetest smile. She melts my heart you guys!!


Brighton meets a pumpkin.

hahah not very enthused about all these pictures

Orange bow: c/o Teeny Nation

On Halloween, Jason came home from work and I had this grand idea to take a picture of Brighton next to our pumpkin! Jason had an even better idea though, he had seen that cute pumpkin patch on his way home from school and suggested we go there. When Jason suggests we take pictures somewhere, you do NOT ask questions. J has come to terms with the fact that I am a crazy picture taker but doesn't LOVE it so the fact that he found this cute spot and wanted to go take pictures was a big deal haha. So off we went! It was at a church (that I wish I could remember the name of!!) and this nice lady told us to click away with our camera.

Brighton is the best and just went along with it and put up with us moving her around and snapping pictures. She is so patient and soooo easy going, we love that girl. Can you believe her eyes?!?! They are the prettiest shade of blue ever!

For Halloween night, we went to hang out with one of my sister in law's family. I know Brighton will not remember her first Halloween, but I wanted to dress her up and do something festive with her so bad! J isn't a huge costume lover but I totally am so I just made me and B be mice for the night :) I told Jason he could just wear yellow and be the cheese or be a mouse and we could be 3 blind mice! He just decided to be a dad for Halloween though ;)

  If you've ever tried to paint a straight line on an infants cheek then you feel our pain. We re-drew her mouse whiskers about 4758348 times and they still ended up being crooked. She was not a fan of having her face painted and would be still until the brush touched her face. It worked out though and she made a cute little mouse :) Happy first Halloween, Brighton!

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