Brighton's First Easter and becoming a typical mom

Whoever said holidays are more fun with kids was totally right. Also, I'm pretty sure EVERYONE with kids says that so I decided to add to the census and agree 100%. For Brighton's first Easter, I didn't want to go "over the top" so I kept it simple with a few things I knew she'd love. A little stuffed bunny, a big bouncy ball filled with glitter (lol @ my glitter obsession), and a toy that is honestly more age appropriate for a 2 year old but I decided that when she is 2, the toy probably won't be around still so I got it anyways and plopped it in her basket but it will probably sit in storage until she is 2! Please excuse my use of run on sentences, too. Thanks, guys. Anyways, this post isn't sponsored but THANKS DOLLAR SECTION AT TARGET FOR BRIGHTON'S EASTER GOODIES THIS YEAR. Seriously, I tried so hard to hate Target because I didn't want to scream "typical mom" TOO much, but gosh darn their dollar section has me warming up pretty quick to being typical af.

Anyways, Easter did it's thing all weekend over here. On Saturday, I did an Easter egg hunt for my shop where I hid a few eggs filled with shop credits from myself + a few of my shop friends and posted clues for anyone in Gilbert to come find me and claim the egg filled with merch! I did 3 eggs total and to be honest, I was a tad nervous that NO one would show up and I would look like a loser and be sitting at each location all day. LUCKILY people came! They came QUICK! The first stop, someone showed up like 3 min after I posted the clue, the second stop, someone came like 5 min after I posted the clue, and the third stop, someone literally came 10 SECONDS after I posted the clue!! Like, guys, it was the best thing ever!! Each time someone showed up to claim the egg filled with goodies, I wanted to cry tears of joy haha I was just so happy people participated and were excited about it! With the second egg, I was so excited I asked the girl if I could hug her. HAHAH I am a FREAK you guys. But she agreed and I haven't heard anything about a restraining order so I think it was fine.

Also, s/o to my friend, Ashlie, who came around town with me all day for the egg hunt. She's like 28 weeks pregnant and was the real MVP by sticking with me all day haha :) love you!

Later Saturday we went to my moms house for Easter dinner and my mom got Brighton a chocolate easter bunny. Which translated to be a chocolate bunny for Jason and I bc B is on a strict no sugar diet until she's 1 or something (that's the rule, right??) Sometimes we give her little tastes of sweet stuff, and honestly we just wanted the chocolate bunny to ourselves anyways so, thanks Brighton! Sunday, my dad came over for an Easter lunch and Sunday night was Easter with Jason's family! It was a busy weekend but it was so fun and Brighton had the time of her life with all her cousins!

Hope all of you guys had the best Easter ever!!

7 (and a half) months of Brighton

this face is my FAVORITE

My bitty Brighty girl is growing so much! I love it and hate it at the same time. I am in love with her personality and everything she is becoming. I always imagine her as like this silent genius hahah (I'm sure EVERYONE thinks this about their kids) She obviously can't talk but I always see the gears moving around as she tries new things and works hard to achieve new milestones.  I'm 2 weeks late but here is B's 7 month update!

Brighton says mama + dada now! It was funny because we have been trying to get her to say dada for so long and as soon as we got to Iowa, she won't STOP saying it!! hahah so Jason has never heard her say it in person but I have filmed it our been able to catch her saying it on facetime so he has at least heard it for himself!

She has 2 teeth!!! I am totally a believer in those amber teething necklaces! She had 2 nights of waking up a few extra times and then a tooth popped up. A week later, another one popped up and I only noticed because I kept checking for teeth! She was never super fussy or sad or anything and I am sure the amber necklace she wears helped a lot! If you haven't heard of them, look it up!!! It helps with drooling, too. You just have to make sure it's real amber (aka don't order from amazon. I got mine on etsy!)

She started trying to crawl!!! Another Iowa accomplishment ha! She kept doing downward dog for a few days and then started lifting her body and moving her feet trying to go somewhere. She hasn't figured it out yet, but I would guess she will soon. It's so cute to see her determined and try new things and accomplish these milestones.

She started having some stranger anxiety. It isn't too drastic or anything but she's started to reach for me when someone else is holding her or gets sad if I let people hold her sometimes. I kind of love it because SHE WANTS ME! Like, Brighton, I want you 100000% of the day and you're starting to show you want ME! yay!!!

She took her first plane ride this month! She did really well on the plane which was great for me and all the passengers. She didn't sleep for very long but once we got to Iowa, she took a longggg 3 hour nap to make up for it. She has now been to Arizona, California, and Iowa!

Oh one more thing- I forgot to do a 6 month update but she got her ears pierced the week that she turned 6 months! I had to wait until I was 12 to get mine pierced and I always told myself I wouldn't make my daughter wait. I think they're so cute and she did amazing!!! She never touches them and it was the perfect age to get them done for her :)

I love you I love you I LOVE YOU BRIGHTON!!


Our first family pictures!

^ Jason kept working on getting Brighton to smile. She LOVES him SO much!!!!

She started getting a little "over" pictures. I hate to see her sad but her cry face is so cute. She is perfect!

Hi! I am in Iowa right now visiting my brother and sister in law! They just had a baby and I'm not baby hungry, I'm baby ravenous. (is that weird to say?? ) Baby Aris is so sweet and teeny tiny and adorable! No babies coming from me anytime soon, so the hunger will have to live on. It's so crazy seeing how big Brighton is next to newborns!!! I still think she is my teeny little baby until I see a newborn and then Brighton seems so big!! It's been fun being in Iowa and getting to see family and the new baby! 

So I have been wanting family pictures for a while. I just wanted to get a cute one to hang in our house while Brighton is still little and it's just the 3 of us! Booking a photographer got complicated so I kind of gave up a little haha. One of my friends asked me to snap a few pictures of her and her baby bump + husband so after I took their pictures, I asked her to snap some of us. It worked out great! I just need to blow one up now for a frame! Which one should I pick?! I really like the first one and last one but it's hard to pick which one I want to have hanging in our house. Ahhhh decisions, decisions!! 


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