Nov 24, 2015

For your eyes.



Jason laughed at me for taking this picture but you HAVE to see how it looks on, duh!

So today I'm going to talk you ears off about these vii eye mask strips. A review, if you will. Basically, they are oxygen eye masks that help with dark circles and anti aging, aka wrinkles! Let me start by staying that I thought when you got married it meant that you went to bed earlier and were always well rested or something. It's a lie, people!! Sometimes I stay up even later as a married person vs when I was single. We sometimes just stay up talking or watching a show together, or the oh so famously staying up to finish a few sign orders. Basically there's always an excuse for me.

Not sleeping as much as I like does = dark circles. They aren't TERRIBLE or anything, but yes, they are there. I also have had my fair share of tanning when I was younger (and I worked at 3 different tanning salons!!) so I will probably get some premature wrinkles thanks to that. Basically, I have started trying to take WAY better care of my skin so that I can hopefully prevent premature aging as much as possible.  So when the people over at vii asked me if I'd like to review this product, obviously I said yes. So let's get to it:

Application: I was not sure what to expect at first because you SLEEP with the vii eye masks on. Now, I am not a mellow sleeper, I move all around, I literally sleep on my face, etc. So I was worried how these would stay on my face. Luckily, they are really sticky on the side you put on your face so they should stay in place! You just stick them right under your eye, go to bed and there ya go! They box says to keep them on for 8 hours, so basically a full nights rest.

Did I see results?: So the top picture is taken right before application before bed and the next photo is taken right after I took them off (like an hour after) the next morning. I did notice that my dark circles did shrink!!! It's not this huge difference and the pictures don't exactly catch it perfectly. Not like this dramatic effect, but if I used up the entire box, I think it would pretty much take care of the dark circles. I only have used 2 days because honestly I want to save the rest to use for an upcoming wedding so I look all bright eyed and cute instead of like a zombie with dark circles haha. So basically yes, it does work. I'm sure it would be even more dramatic of an effect for someone who has deeper dark circles and/or wrinkles.

Would I buy vii O2 masks  again?: Yes. I wouldn't buy it every week or anything BUT I would not mind having a box on hand to use them for special occasions (like weddings!) and stuff.  Once again, this would be more of those special purchases, not a regular thing for me personally, just because my dark circles aren't a huge enough of a problem to me.

Thoughts: Yes, it was kind of weird sleeping with something on my face but it wasn't enough to make me lose any sleep. I didn't feel like it was overly invasive or always slipping around or anything. The first night I did wake up and one of them was on my cheek but that is nothing compared to how much I move around in my sleep, so I just moved it back up under my eye and went to sleep again. The second night, I lost one. Like, it's still MIA. But once again, my own fault because I an the wiggliest worm when I sleep. Overall it is a product that I feel worked for me and would be very helpful to someone who has even deeper dark circles and/or wrinkles.

If you try these vii O2 masks, let me know what you think of them!! They are offering a $5 off credit for black Friday on these masks when you use the code XVW2-9K6A7U-H8V7CU :)


*thank you to vii for sponsoring this post

Nov 23, 2015

Oops, I did it again!

Hello friends! So guess what? I decided to make ANOTHER vlog!!!! After getting a text from my dad like this, I decided we are for sure doing another one to put on my blog for today! Honestly, how can you NOT do another one after reading a text like this?! Dad's are the cutest things.

Also, the picture right above this is a booth selfie because I always take a picture with my booth but I was too scared to ask anyone this time! So I had to wait a million minutes till people stopped walking by (aka witnesses of my embarassing selfie taking) to take this and yeah. Booth selfie, check. Had to keep the tradition going.

ps I wish I could make this picture smaller but my blog won't let me so here is a huge text screen shot for ya. 

See what I mean?! So basically I jut filmed some boutique stuff, overspending at walmart (still not sure how we spend $70 on at walmart on crap) and questions with Jason! The usual (because I guess it's the usual now) 

So please enjoy and thank you for watching it and if you give it a thumbs up (on the video page) I'll love you forever! I'm not really sure why thumbs up's are all that great but everyone on youtube always asks people to thumb up their videos so I guess it must be something really great. 


Nov 20, 2015


My boutique setup!! Going on until Saturday so everyone send good vibes that my table gets cleared and we can be rich and retire. K? Thanks so much!!! ;)

Anyways, a while ago I was doing this weekly thing I called Friday confessions. Basically I just confess anything I feel like it and you get to judge me, kapeash?

1. Jason had a dream last night that he was bombing bad guys and he as singing "bombs away, bombs away-ay!" from the Geronimo song. In case you don't know what song I'm talking about, it's at about 1:00 that they sing the part Jason was singing. hahaha he says he was pushing a big red button to send off the bombs.

2. Soooo I deleted what I originally wrote for #2 cause I was being a jerk. Soooo just pretend that number two was a super cool confession.

3. I am leaving to go watch my niece in Iowa in January and I'll be gone for 11 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is such a long time to be gone and NOT work on signs. I'm excited cause I haven't met my niece yet (she was born a few months ago) but I'm scared because I literally work on signs everyday of my life so it will be so weird to not do so and to try to communicate with Jason at home (aka he is going to help fulfill orders while I'm gone.) Everyone tell me it will be ok, k?!

4. One time a brand emailed me and asked me to write about socks. And I accepted it. And then I got some sense knocked into me (because I don't even wear socks!) so I declined. The end.

5. This is Jason's facebook profile picture right now. There is NOTHING more romantic than that huge Barca logo and line thingy at the bottom. haha seriously though, when I married Jason, I had NO clue we would be spending our life savings on soccer leagues. He is on a team at all times of the year but he loves it so I've gotten more ok with it. At first I got so annoyed because it literally NEVER ENDS ever. But now I'm just glad he gets to have a hobby that he loves (and a 6 pack but who cares about that, right...? ;) )

That is all for now! Happy Friday! (yay weekend!) ( YAY Thanksgiving next week!!!)


Nov 18, 2015


Because every blog post needs a picture.

Well well well, another blog change, Candace? Will you ever make up your mind?

NO. :) 

I just won't. I can't ever stop changing my blog design. I did like my other design but I never LOVED it. Like, I felt like it was soooo crowded and just so much info all smushed together and I kept wanting to change it to something simpler but I just didn't' know how I would do it! So I kept it and made little changes and was still not 100% satisfied. Finally I found one that I loved and I like how it's simple and I'm just so excited! Also, take note to that "random rant" tab on the side. I guess I used to write a lot of those because it links to a bunch of old random rant posts from like 2012 and older haha I was looking though them and I was so weird and would just say anything!!

Me: Jason look!! 
*points to blog*
J: ... it's different?
C: Yeah, like 100% different!
J: yeah like, there's more black up there now.

Safe to say he totally loves my new design.

This isn't sponsored and I wasn't given this template for free so you know I'm being like even more real than normal real (it's possible) Lauryn from Adoration Studios is literally amazing and you need to use her for your blog NOW!! She is the best ever and I had like a billion questions and apologized a billion times each time I asked one and she was so patient and kind and everything good about a person! She announced her templates were all on sale till January for $10 so I couldn't not get one any longer. I literally would visit her etsy shop weekly to look at her templates and drool and stuff and the sale was the hook and sink for me haha so you're welcome for that little heads up! :)

In other news, I have a boutique starting TOMORROW and set up is TONIGHT and what am I doing instead of preparing?! BLOGGING! Go me. So yeah I just needed a break for a sec and I wanted to blog (obviously) 

Thank you guys for watching my vlog on Monday and not laughing in my face about it haha I really liked doing it and want to do more on a normal basis (normal being like maybe once a month...or twice I dunno!) What do you think? I've been watching vlogs lately while I make signs and I really think they're really interesting and cool to learn about someone and see their personality, ya know? Plus I think it will be fun to just look back at these "home videos" and just remember the random things we did and how we interact and do things together :)

So in the spirt of keeping this blog post as random as it's been so far, my sister in law is doing a giveaway of some freaking cute water color prints on her blog so of course go an enter that because free stuff.  Anyways though, happy Wednesday!!



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