Meeting the family.

Fox was a little shy ;) 

While we were in the hospital, Brighton got to meet all of her immediate family including both grandma's, grandpa's, aunts and uncles, and cousins! All the cousins were so cute and excited to meet Brighton. Some were more nervous and some begged to hold her, they were all so sweet with her :)

Brighton is the most perfect and relaxed baby ever and didn't mind being passed around and loved on 24/7 by all these new people. She just cooed and stared and was as cute as ever! Some friends came by too, it was so nice to see so many people love on our baby girl.

We've gotten so so soooo much love from you guys and your kindness has meant so much!! So thank you everyone who has reached out and for the sweet comments and emails!! I've been so busy and I haven't really gotten back to everyone but I'm working on it! Just know it is very much appreciated and fun to share this joy with so many people!! Being home with her has been the best and it's so hard to put her down because I love snuggling my little baby so much. She is such a little joy and light in our lives!


Welcome to the world baby girl!

Our little Brighton Reese joined our family August 17th, 2016 at 3:02 am. 8 pounds even, 20.5" long. Born at 41 weeks and 5 days.

After 31 hours in labor, that sweet face was all I needed. After she was born, we stayed at the hospital for 2 days before we decided we were ready to begin our new life as a family of 3! She is perfectly healthy and is the best little thing to happen to us. Nothing went as planned but everything went exactly as it was supposed to and I couldn't have asked for a better reward. I'll write her birth story later this week but for now, baby girl is sleepin and I need to sleep while I can ;) 


Overdue and nice strangers

Well well well, I hate to disappoint with just this picture of J and I but I have to! Little girl is still very cozy and loves her little apartment inside of me. I'd love to evict her if I could because I have a WAY better home for her on the outside, but she has no clue! If only she knew... ha

40 weeks and 3 days in case you weren't keeping track as obsessively as I am. I waited 9 months so yes, I can still wait a few more days, but patience is not a virtue I have so this is hard!! I guess she's already as stubborn as her mama, atta girl. Friday was my due date, and I just keep trying to remember that due dates are only but a rough guess. They should call it your maybe date. Like MAYBE you'll be lucky enough to have your baby before or on this day, but maybe not! I like to just think she has a little bit more cooking to do and will come when she's all ready, I'd rather have her be ready than not. Doctor wants to induce me Friday if she hasn't come and as much as I would really like to NOT be induced, I know at 41 weeks she will probably be just fine to come. Just send lots of good vibes, guys!

So here are two stories of why people are the nicest things. We've been looking for a mom car for a while now and never really took it too seriously to just buy something. Well, Jason's car died (like it does pretty much every other day) and we decided we should probably buy a mom car instead of continuing to fix his car. After talking with sketchy/pushy dealerships (I'm talking to you Mark Kia dealership), we decided to get something off of craigslist! We searched and searched and finally found one to look at that was below our budget (scoreee) We met up and it belonged to these two nice older ladies that clearly took amazing care of the car! We loved it when we test drove it and talked down the price and decided to get it. My due date was the day we planned to meet up and buy it, and since baby didn't come, it worked out on that day!

Anyways, we handed them the envelope of money and one of the ladies reaches in, pulls out a $100, and says "this is for your baby, congratulations!!" like holy cow. WHO DOES THAT?? Can I be that nice??! It was such a blessing and so nice and they even filled up the gas all the way before we bought it. One of them even texted me today asking if the baby came. We couldn't believe it and it didn't seem real, they will never know how much it meant to us! They are just so nice. We all hugged goodbye (Who hugs the people you just bought a car from?! We do!) Like can you guys be her grandmas or something?

Picture from last year's anniversary :) post can be found here. 

Second story of nice people happened on Saturday! Our 2 year wedding anniversary was Sunday and we went to dinner on Saturday to celebrate. The wait was soooo long but soooo worth it. While we waited to be sat, a family walked in and asked questions about when I was due, told us stories of how their kids were late, and we just chatted for a little while. I thought they were the cutest family, they were out with their two teenage sons and I loved that. I want to be the parents who just takes your kids out to spend time and bond and stuff. Anyways, we finally got sat and a few minutes later the family got sat right across from us! When it was time for the bill to come, the waitress said "um.... so someone actually already covered your bill for you and it's all set!" I was literally speechless. Like I sat there and forgot english and then remembered how to say "Can we ask who?!!!" and she said it was anonymous.

We had a big hunch it was the sweet family we had met earlier that night and we couldn't bring ourselves to just leave and not say anything. We walked up to them on our way out and said "so they wouldn't tell us who did it, but THANK YOU" and they were just so nice and didn't admit it, but didn't deny it haha J and I want to be able to do that for people someday because it was just the nicest surprise and so freaking kind. They shared how much they knew we would love being parents and what a great thing it will be, which made me that much more excited!

Anyways, that is all for today! I get checked out tomorrow and they will give me an update on baby things, hoping she decides she is ready soon :)

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