Iphone diaries, summer edition

Iphone diaries hasn't happened for a longggg time! My phone harasses me about having no storage at least once a minute so I don't take as many pictures as I would love to! A lot of the time I ask Jason if I can use his phone to take a quick pic because he has storage for dayzzz. I am constantly dumping all my photos onto my computer to save them and then run out of storage 1 hour later because I take advantage of what I got! Anyways, here are some pictures I was able to get before my phone revoked my picture taking freedoms:

Starting out this diary with a (failed????) attempt at a fruit wash. Apparently if you put vinegar in water and soak your fruit, it gets all the waxes, pesticides, etc off of your fruit. Pinterest also said the water after would be filthy but my water was still pretty crystal clear sooooo I am not real sure it even worked... 

The other week, we went on a double date with Shaney and Christian! They're the best people ever and B's future in laws so we have to keep that relationship strong if this arranged marriage between our babies is going to work out ;) 

This picture hahahah!! Brink is the littlest sweetie to our Brighton! One day she will love his kisses and cuddles, one day.

Cousin Fox giving Brighton a piggy back ride. Fox puts on a face of like "oh yeah, Brighton is cool I guess" but he secretly LOVES her so much and plays so well with her, it is the cutest thing!!

Memorial day picture!

1. Brighton's sun hat is everything. 2. Brinkton is my favorite power couple

So my brother in law got married and at the *LAST* minute, I decided what I picked to wear to the wedding wasn't going to work. So I literally spent the entire day before the wedding at like 100 stores trying on 100 things and then ended up wearing a cute dress I forgot I had. But this was one of the many failed dresses.

These are at the wedding ^^^ Dunno why I am so obsessed with B drinking from a straw. I just think it's so cute. And the bottom pic is B with her cutie cousin, Alivia

Brighton + Brink at baby gym!

Picture of B in the dress she wore for the wedding because she looks so beautiful and I had to make sure I got a picture of her in it.

Lastly, Brighton a the splash pad. That girl gives me life! She LOVES the splash pad with her whole heart and screams and laughs every second of being there.

That sums of this iphone diary for the week! My goal is to get a phone with like 2 terabytes of storage and not fill it up in a day :) #GOALS


Chillin out at the Strawberry Inn

 *Thank you Strawberry Inn for sponsoring this post*

*Disclaimer- Jason gets credit for the title. I asked him what to call this post and he started singing "chillin out at da Strawberry Innnnn" hahah if you can name that song then you're already cooler than me!

A few weeks ago we took a little trip up to Strawberry Arizona and stayed in the Strawberry Inn! It is seriously the cutest little place I have ever stayed in!! The owners just completely redid everything and I literally felt like I was staying in a place I dreamed about on pinterest or something. One thing I would recommend is making it a mom + dad trip haha We LOVE little Brighton to pieces but the room we stayed in would have been best fit for 2 ;) . She pretty much just had a really bad night where sleep was overrated so that was... fun... She has a hard time sleeping in places that aren't her a) crib b) pitch black and since we didn't meet either of those criteria, she did not sleep too well!

The first night after we got Brighton to sleep for a little bit,  Jason and I snuck outside and sat on the porch swing and just talked and looked at the stars (bc romantic) :) Jason may or may not have pulled up pokemon go because the Inn is a gym but I won't talk about that hahaha. It's my favorite thing to do with him lately! Just sit and talk and hold hands. I know that sounds real cheesy, but I am probably the cheesiest person you'll ever know and I eat that stuff up.

Another tip I would say is to go anytime after Wednesday if you are planning on checking out local food places! There was a list of things I wanted to try but they were all closed until Wednesday for some reason and our trip began on Monday. We did find some yummy places in the next town over, though! One place we went to was called Pine delli and it was sooo good! I got a sandwich and J got a pizza,  Jason said it was "the best sandwich I've ever had", so you know it was good.

There are a lot of cool outdoorsy things to do right next to the inn like hiking water wheel, fossil springs, Tonto natural bridge, and just hikes in general. Fossil springs requires a few weeks in advance notice to get a pass so we went and hiked water wheel. It was so pretty and the perfect little hike with a baby! Brighton just hung out in the wrap and she did really great and loved looking around!

After that, we went back to our room, took a family nap, and decided to leave a little early just because we didn't want to repeat night 1. I think it would be really fun to go back with just Jason and I on a weekend so we can experience more! We've hiked fossil springs in the past and it is such a gorgeous hike so I would for sure want to have passes for that for next time! The Strawberry Inn gave me this code to give to you guys to use if you want to plan a trip! Use the code #lovely10 at checkout for 10% off  your stay through the rest of this year!


Mother- daughter things

Thank you Tobi for sponsoring this post.

shirt c/o Tobi

 Hi!! Here is another shirt from my collab with Tobi! Jason obviously made fun of me for getting a shirt with holes in it but I think it's so cute!! I love the distressed tee's I keep seeing in stores and wanted to get out of my comfort zone by trying one for myself. I think it's so cute and really comfy, plus it's kinda edgy and I need a little edge in my life. I sing twinkle twinkle little star all day for cryin' out loud! ;)

So Friday is our official "date night" night but Jason had some pre-planned things going on that night. I literally look forward to date night ALL week long and I wasn't about to skip it so I decided Brighton and I would go on a date :) We went shopping at one of my favorite stores and I left with some earrings, a 'B' necklace, (I will never have enough B necklaces haha) and a new wallet. I haven't used a wallet in SO long and I was finally tired of fishing around my ginormous diaper bag every time I needed my card to pay for something. I serioiusly would sit there pre-wallet days and check each and every pocket for my stash of cards before I would find them. I have the fawn design diaper bag and it has endless pockets and crevasses that are great for baby stuff, but bad for doubling as a "wallet". Anyways, it's the little things, guys. After shopping, I picked up some Texas Roadhouses and we headed home. Brighton had mama milk for dinner- her personal favorite.

I can't even wait for Brighton to be old enough to take her shopping and pick out things for her (if she let's me haha)! I'm excited to get pedicures with her and do all of that fun stuff! I think it's so cute when mom's take their daughters out on dates to do girly things!! I grew up with a mom who hated shopping so lucky for Brighton, it's my favorite sport!! I remember when I was little and before I had a "job", I would babysit to earn money and beg my mom to take me to Ross (ha!) to go shopping! My mom literally had to limit me to 1 shopping trip a month because I would go every weekend if I could haha. I sort of hope I have a house full of girls (and a son or 2 for Jason's sake) so we can do all the girly things! I never had sisters so having a daughter is literally the best thing to ever happen to me.

Anyways, the moral is, go on a mom date with your kids this week and soak in all the goodness!!
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