iphone diaries and an obsession

Iphone diaries didn't die yet! It's still here, I am just (as always) SO BAD at taking pictures on my phone. Whenever I'm out doing something remotely fun, I keep my phone in my bag and just forget about it! So I basically have to mentally remind myself to take some pictures so I can remember these things, dangit!

blonde hair selfie

Iphone diaries is never complete without a selfie. So HI. Just me and my 33 weeks of pregnancy selfie. Pregnancy acne on my chin has been tricking me. It clears a little and then flares and then just does whatever it very well wants. Basically just accepting it at this point. Sup puberty! ps necklace is from here if you were wondering!

denik notebooks review

These notebooks. They're the cutest things I've ever written on. They are pretty much an s/o to my high school career of drawing ALL OVER my notebooks/ notes/ binders/ everything. Teachers loved me for it (well... not really because they never thought I was paying attention to them. oops. ps I totally was) All of these notebooks from Denik have covers that are HAND DRAWN from artists all over the world. Then every notebook sold helps build schools and support the artists! I just thought that was really cool and hit home for all of my sketchbooks that are sitting on the bookshelf filled with the things I thought up!

american flag decoration

Someone requested an American Flag sign and I just thought it turned out really neat!! I was kind of dreading it (thinking it would be really hard to do) but it ended up being pretty dang simple after all!

fathers day picture

The only picture we took on Father's day. It was Jason's first father's day (technically) so it had to be documented. Here ya go. 

glitter is my favorite color

Also last week Jason took his phone into Sprint because the maps on his iphone DON'T WORK! He has insurance on his phone and we went to get a replacement. Basically the associate was super cool and was like, "I'll give you guys an $80 accessory credit for your troubles" so J let me use part of his credit to get this phone case! Jason HATES glitter, like literally hates it so much so it was a big deal haha and when you turn it over, the glitter falls to the other side!! I stare at it 100 times a day so...

pregnancy pedicure

My toes are still visible so we good. This was after a pedicure and I'm a weirdo and I wear those disposable flip flops home because if i don't I am 99% sure I WILL mess it up and I'm too scared to go back and ask them to fix it. 

pretty blonde balayage

I got my hair done last week! I always just say "go blonder!" and she does. Jason's sister does my hair at her salon and if you are in AZ, GO TO HER. She is amazing.

she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes print

I'm obsessed with all things baby girl over here (clearly) Sign made by me and these leather bows (that are only $3.00 by the way!!) are from Krazy K Paper co! I have been stocking up like crazy on bows and headbands and I am so excited for baby girl to get to wear them finally. 6 more weeks!!!


*Notebooks were c/o Denik and all opinions on them are 100% my own :)

Some maternity pictures + $75 Pink Blush giveaway!

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maternity photography
Dress: c/o Pink Blush (on sale!) Wedges: Fashion Q
Photos taken by Alicia T photography, edited by me

We took these photos a while ago and I was so happy to get them back and edit them this week! It was fun getting to take some pictures with Jason in front of the camera for once :) I've had a hard time dressing and adjusting to my growing body so when I find something that is cute with a bump, I jump all over it! Seriously though, half the things in my closet are mentally marked as "wear after pregnancy" because they just don't work anymore right now haha It's been fun finding things that DO work (hello kimonos!) and stuff that will still work after I'm not pregnant anymore, so basically a win win.

I was so glad to find this cute dress from Pink Blush!! They have gorgeous maternity and non maternity clothes.  You can even wear the maternity clothes they offer AFTER pregnancy, too! I am already so excited to wear this dress post pregnancy because I am obsessed with the bell sleeves and floral. It's already a little too short on me because since these pictures were taken, my belly has like doubled in size haha so basically counting down the days until I can slip into it again AND have a baby in my arms! I have a feeling it will be perfect for a postpartum body because it's flowy :)

I got to team up with Pink Blush today to offer you guys the chance to win $75 to go towards anything you want in their store! I'm jealous and wish I was aloud to enter haha so to whoever wins, you are a lucky duck and I totally wish I could be you!! Enter below and it will run for a week.

If you have won a gift card from Pink Blush within the past 3 months, sadly you are not able to win another one for a 3 month period. If you have not, you are good to enter, cross your fingers and toes! :) You do NOT have to be pregnant to enter/win, they have amazing non-maternity clothes, too!


$75 to Pink Blush giveaway!

The perfect double date night

Wes + D working on their cute planter

We needed some weight to hold down the boards while Jason nailed haha Darian was perfect for the job!

Darian + me

Weston hahaha ^

On Friday we went on a double date with our friends Darian + Weston. They had the best idea ever and it was perfect for people like us. We did a double date project night! So basically we all like to make things and we decided to go to dinner and then go to Wes's dad's shop to build projects. Weston makes super cool longboards (check him out here) and we make signs so we all clearly have a thing for making stuff. Literally the perfect date idea!

D and I went and got pedicures together before and it was awesome! The lady that did my nails was so nice and we bonded over the bachelorette (which is on tonight. k Chad and his creepy whistle??? What?!!) After that, J and I met up with them at Olive Garden. The salad and breadsticks get me every time and obviously I got stuffed up on those before our dinner even came. And then I ate most of the dinner. Pregnant probs. ;) Afterwards we headed out to Lowes to get wood for our projects, Jason and I made our headboard  (posting a tutorial on that soon because it was SO EASY.... mostly because Jason did 99% of the work) and Weston and Darian made a cute long planter to plant veggies and stuff. 

They finished their cute planter but since I was like 0 help, (because I was already super tired and carrying around a watermelon in my belly) we finished building it but didn't stain it yet! I'm so so so excited to get it stained and in our room! I already got the sheets I wanted and a few of the throw pillows to make it cute so it will be fun to see everything when it's all done. Expect to see more posts like this in the future because I vote that project night becomes a regular occurrence :)


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