Jul 29, 2015

Just trying to be studious.

dress c/o:  3 Brunettes Boutique via jane.com shoes: here

Happy Wednesday friends! K first of all, thank you all so so soooo much for your sweet birthday wishes! Seriously you guys are the best. Thank YOU! So back to reality and day dreaming of the beach or something that isn't a desk. I have been slightly obsessed with this dress. I wear it to church and work and basically whenever I want to be comfortable. Which I guess is always. ps it's from jane.com . ps their deals tho. I am always stalking their website, so many cute things all in one place. I love this dress , this kimono, and these sandals in particular. 

School starts in a few weeks. Kinda bitter sweet. I love school but guess what? I'm taking a math class and that's it! I'm debating on throwing in a photography class or some yoga to keep me zen or something, but we will see. Math is the last class I need to get my associates degree. Obviously I've been pushing math to the last on my list because numbers & I do not do well. Plus, who even cares how big the shadow from a ladder leaning against a wall is? Or what the probability is that you won't draw a club from a deck of cards?? NO ONE. (Unless you care than that is so cool and you should just do all my math homework for me, thanks!!!) 

I didn't do too great in this math class last semester (oops) so I ended up dropping and I even signed up for it this summer. My summer class got canceled because not enough people signed up (WOW I'M SHOCKED) so fall semester it is! Thank heavens Jason is an accounting major. He is a genius with numbers and also my personal tutor. Wish me luck! 


Jul 27, 2015

Birthday + 10 million pictures

Cookie ice cream sandwich the size of my FACE.

We hit up all of the AZ favorites for free birthday food! Not pictured was breakfast at Joe's Farm and Grill. If there's free food to be had, we had it on my birthday. Because like, free food you guys. Does that even need explaining?? Did I gain 20 pounds? Probably. Do I care? Not even a little bit. 
We went to the mall after breakfast and J let me buy an outfit :')))))). He freaking knows the way to my <3 . I bought that hat ^ and some wedges and that's basically all I wanted! 

Jason surprised me with a new lens! Tamron 24-70mm!!! (omgomgomgomg)  I've been coveting it since like forever. One of my favorite bloggers mentioned she uses this lens and ever since I've saved like 100 ebay listings of this lens hoping one day to convince myself that the investment was worth it haha I even had talked to J about saving a little percentage of each pallet sign I sell to go towards this thing. And then there it was in real life. And it's mine. I was so excited that I made J model for me as I snapped his picture away trying to practice. Jason was even really excited about it which made me even more happy! Because we were both excited and just being excited together is the best. 
(also Jason beat me to the punch and got me a new computer for my birthday/anniversary gift. You sneaky husband, you!! xoxox)
ps this lens IS the size of a small child.

Classic camera in mirror picture. So fierce.

Jason's parents took us to the Diamond Backs game! We were in like the 8th row (aka really close) which is the closest I've ever been at a MLB game! Did I keep cheering for the wrong team? Of course. Because whenever I heard cheering I just assumed it was my people (aka Diamondbacks fans) so I didn't want to miss out on celebrating something cool that probably happened. Needless to say I'm really good at being a fan. I probably cheered for both teams equally on accident. Love you dbacks!!! I love sporting events for the social part but my attention span usually gets used on trying to make it on the jumbo tron or kiss cam. Any other things that happen (like I dunno, the GAME) are missed. Sorry not sorry.

I asked a random guy to take this picture. Please notice the 100 ft above our heads! Guysss when you take a picture, always get from feet up. Please. But thank you random guy, you helped us preserve the memories and that's all that matters, am I right? 

Love hats but like really? Shadows on my face? Awh geeze hat. ps I still love you though.

Mini photoshoot session ft. all the people awkwardly being polite and waiting for me to stop taking pictures so they could cross the hallway. Sorry guys. 

TAYLOR SWIFT THEMED FIREWORKS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After the game they had a mashup of all of the finest Taylor Swift songs. (ps she's been my favorite singer since forever) (ps don't hate) So yeah. Heaven.

Jason (aka sneakiest/best/sexiest husband ever) surprised me with a room at the Hotel Valley Ho Resort .  We drove straight there after the baseball game and he made me stare at my phone the whole time so I wouldn't know where we were going. We went here on our wedding night and he even booked the SAME room we stayed in! Like seriously how? It was gorgeous and our room was on the first level with a patio and pool view. THIS GUY.  

Oh you KNOW we got ourselves some virgin Miami Vice dranks. And sat poolside the next day. And tanned (me) and probably developed skin cancer. But so worth it. 
Basically best birthday of my entire life. Love you Jason, you're literally the best ever. MUAH!!


Jul 23, 2015

Awesome & Awkward Thursday!

necklace: c/o Happiness Boutique shirt: gifted (found here) pants: H&M shoes: target

Hi! So today I present something newish. Sydney from The Daybook blog used to do these "awesome and awkward Thursday's" but she hasn't done one for years and I miss them. So here I am, trying to revive the tradition. Because my life is just too awkward not to. 

+Explaining to Jason that guacamoles probably just grow all over the place in Mexico (we're having withdraws) Yes. I called them guacamoles. 

+ Slowing down slightly too soon for a red light,  resulting in a large man in a jeep waving his meaty fist at me for not getting to a red light quicker. I switched lanes and as our cars sat side by side at the red light I stared at him till he stared right back. As soon as we locked eyes, I decided to give him my biggest smile and wave like a maniac as he looked at me even more confused. I guess I thought that if I did something "nice" he would feel bad for waving a fist. HA. (ps I'm really good at revenge, obviously)

+Feeling like I have to reply in novels to simple questions, especially at work.
Candace did you send that letter yesterday? 
Yeah I did, but I sent it via fedex because I couldn't figure out certified mail and I was trying to send it in the cheapest way and then I scheduled ground pickup and then I realized they charge you to pick up so it actually wasn't the cheapest way but it was too late so yeah, I sent the letter. bye.

+My birthday is tomorrow guys. I'll be 24. So it's my golden birthday. And my first married birthday. And Jason has been very very sneaky lately. omgomgomgomg

+Jason is getting a new mac this week because his computer literally makes prehistoric sounds when he uses it. And I finally convinced him to let me say that it's from me to him for our anniversary. #bestwife

+ Getting him something else that he really wants. And trying to make sure not to spill the beans because I usually always do.  My typical  secret gifting attempts: Oh hey if you were to get a snowboarding season pass would you be happy? ok cool, uhh just wondering.

+This necklace. I've worn it a few times and I get so many compliments. Plus it was free shipping (YESSS) Happiness Boutique also has a rewards program so the more you buy, the more free stuff you can get.

+All the food people bring into my work. Yesterday someone casually brought our office like 15 pounds of fresh cherries and today there were doughnuts and Einstein bagels filling the kitchen. I think I need to make better use of the gym here before I gain like 20 pounds. 

+This shirt. Long story short, my friends dog jumped on me with muddy paws and she lent me this shirt. When I was done being so obsessed with it she just said I could have it. BLESS HER SOUL.

Happy Thursday, may the awkward Gods not shine upon you (too much)


Jul 22, 2015


Hey!! Erin is taking over my blog today & I will be over at hers! Be sure to check her out, I promise you won't regret it :) I never thought I'd meet real blog friends. Ever. Luckily, I was proven wrong and have been able to make some really great friends through blogging! Soooo glad to have found Erin's cute blog & so glad we are friends in this huge cyberspace :)


Hi, everyone! Huge thanks to Candace for letting me pop in on her blog today. I'm Erin and I blog over at Love, Fun & Football. Don't worry I'm not an all-sports blog or anything, but I do work for a football team that I am incredibly passionate about. WHODEY.

My husband Jared and I met in college after I stole a hoody from him. Yes, that's really how it happened and it was love ever since! We love each other, football and mexican food. Sometimes I'm not sure what order those should be in ;) We are passionate about money and living a debt-free life. In fact, we wrote an entire series documenting our debt-payoff through our alter egos. We're big kids in every way and have no shame in our love for all things Disney

I'm always on a journey to healthier living, although I'd have my ups and downs along the way. I ran a couple of half-marathons but then decided that running just isn't for me- and that's okay! I'll continue getting my sweat on by lifting weights, having Zumba dance parties and just living a more active lifestyle. I just need all the encouragement and accountability I can get... because again, mexican food.

My blog has been around for 3.5 years now and it continues to evolve as does life. I write about a little bit of everything and hope you'll stop in and say hello! I never thought I'd make actual friends from opening up Blogger.com that first day, but I'm happy to say I was 100% wrong about that. Our local area has a ton of bloggers that I've met and consider real friends now- so don't be shy, stop on by! :)

Jul 21, 2015

Because you can never have too many swim suits

swim suit c/o: jane.com (the Candy Strand)

What's better than 1 swim suit? Um 2 obviously. Well, actually a million swim suits is always better than 1 swim suit. That's besides the point! So this swim suit is actually 2 swim suits. Are you amazed yet? You basically flip it inside out and BAM. another swim suit. So did I take pictures of both sides? No. I decided stripping in public to flip it inside out would be inappropriate. But just trust me. Or just click the link and see for yourself! 

Anyways, I've been swimming so much,  I'm pretty sure I don't fail to mention like ever on this ol' blog. But guess what? So I mentioned I was doing laps to combine working out with swimming and I hurt my shoulder. Who does that?! And uhhh how do you prevent that (asking for a friend...)  My father in law (Dr. Dave) told me I have given myself some tendentious. I'm super talented, I tell ya. So I've been waiting for that to heal up and give this swimsuit all the TLC it deserves.  Please bless summer never ends! I don't think I'm ready to pack away my summer clothes and welcome in boots and scarves. 

Oh and if you spied that brown splotch on my leg, it isn't a bruise or birth mark or anything semi entertaining. It's just stain. Whenever I paint signs, I usually finish with stain making an appearance on 50% of my body. s/o to my poor luffa.

And ps. jane.com is pretty much the real hero here. So I have this shopping "problem" (details, details) but I don't like spending $100 for a shirt. So jane.com is basically all discounted deals. The nordstrom rack of the internet, if you will. Thanks for feeding my super hungry closet Jane, you're the best!


*thank you to jane.com for sponsoring this post