Brighton and a pumpkin patch

This is one of her newer faces "surprise!!!"

This year the pumpkin patch was a lot more exciting for Brighton! Last year when we took her she was only about 2.5 months so she probably had no clue what was going on. This year, she loved the patch! We went to a farm in Gilbert called "Mother Nature's Farm" and apparently it was the hot spot this year for people who go to pumpkin patches. I had literally never even heard of it and then this year I went to it like 3 times in the span of a week. I saw people post about it at least 2 million times. Like I don't get what the deal was this year but I totally get the hype. It was super adorable!!

 It was so cute and fulfilled all my basic white girl fall goals. We went with our friends Ashlie, Cater, and their baby boy Colt. Ashlie and I were basically there for the pictures haha. As you can see, I did not hold back in that department. Especially when it came to pictures of Brighton with pumpkins. "omg put her next to this pumpkin!" *snap* "K this one now!!" *snap snap* "Alright, make her laugh!!" *snap snap snap snap snap* etc etc.

The pictures above were from the "free" part of the farm and the ones below is from the part where you have to pay to go in. Did I pay 100% to see that pumpkin forrest thing? YES.


People shouldn't only say "Holidays are more fun when you have kids!" they should say "EVERYTHING is more fun when you have kids!" minus going to the bathroom. That isn't as fun because you lost all privacy rights. ANYWAYS the top pic was taken with self timer. God bless self timer hahah I found a random table, set self timer, and got this one after a few tries. The first try or 2, some girl stood right in front of the camera yelling to her mother who was across the patch that she had found the PERFECT PUMPKIN!!!!!!! I debated getting her email so I could send her the pic where she found the perfect pumpkin (obviously a moment to treasure forever) but I decided against that. Spoiler alert: all the pumpkins were basically the exact same.

Brighton got to pick her own little pumpkin from this patch and it out lived the one Jason and I carved by like 3 weeks. Our pumpkin molded into a disgusting mess within 3 days. Brighton knows how to pick em, hers lasted forever! Her picking a pumpkin was pretty much me handing her a pumpkin and saying "should we pick this one?!!?" so basically please give all credit to me ;) ;) ;)

anyways, it's midnight and B's new wake time is 7am for some strange reason. Praying she is just teething and decides to go back to her normal wake time of 8am (PLEASE)


Our first family pictures

Wow, I am obsessed with my family :) We finally got some family pictures done (a few months ago) and I have been meaning to share these! I love every single one SO MUCH so it was hard to not share them all. If anyone needs pictures done, please use Reagan Blake Photography. She was amazing and set up this whole shoot for us! She found this sweet couple who have vintage VW busses and made our family session so fun! Brighton started out pretty cranky haha Isn't that how it's supposed to go, though? You can't take family pictures without a kid being cranky/ tired/ hungry/ etc. Luckily I had her favorite food (puffs) so those made for the perfect bribe!

The kissing picture up there was made possible by puffs hahah. I just held it in between my lips and she wanted it so she went for it! It makes for a cute picture that LOOKS like she wants to kiss me ;) But really, she just wanted the puff I was holding hostage.

I cannot believe it is already *basically* Thanksgiving!!! The best time of the year because you can ditch your diet (or at least stop pretending to be healthy aka me) and eat as much as you want and no one is aloud to judge you for it! Hails yes this is the happiest time of year!! And then is it CHRISTMAS! I have been planning Brighton's Christmas gift for a while now. She LOVES toy kitchens so I am buying her the Ikea toy kitchen and redoing it to make it super cute for her. I honestly am way more excited than an adult should be about toys, but it's fine. I play with these toys with her so I figure I might as well like what we are playing with, right?! I spent WAY too long trying to figure out how I wanted to redo it and I FINALLY decided on what I want to do! I will post a tutorial on here of how I did it because all the pinterest tutorials helped and gave me some awesome inspiration so I want to pay it forward (and I like making tutorials soooo)

I asked for my blog to be made into a book for Christmas so I will be posting a lot this next little bit so that they make it into the book.

A few random things before I go that for some reason I feel like when I read my blog book in 50 years I will care about:
-Jason graduates in DECEMBER! He accepted a full time offer that starts next September at a big firm in Phoenix so we are so excited (and I am sooooo proud of him!!!)
- Taylor Swifts new album is so gucci. I am literally and figuratively obsessed. (future Candace, it's the Reputation album)
-I heard a 15 year old say Gucci this week and he's like a "cool" kid so I'm testing the waters on that one. Gotta stay relevant, am I rite???!
-Also the 15 year old also said my "hipster" outfit was really cool. It was gym clothes and dirty hair so I guess I'll keep up that as my daily wardrobe
-I got a job working in a pilates studio in the daycare a few hours a week so I can workout there. It's been AWESOME! I can take Brighton to "work" with me and she gets to play with kids! Then when I workout, she gets to play more. Win win!


I should probably just name this post 'ruffles'

Hey guyssss!! Not even going to pretend that I need to blog more bc it's just fact. I have been so bad at blogging and I have like 600 drafted unfinished posts that I keep wanting to get up! Anyways, this post is all about a store called Evereve. I was STOKED to partner with them because my job was literally to go shopping. Like, sign me up!! Shopping these days revolves around Brighton because 1. I have no self control when it comes to buying her clothes and 2. She has needed new clothes basically every 3 months since she was born since she grows sooooo quickly! It was fun to awaken the shopping monster inside of me and indulge in my favorite sport ;)

Evereve is a store all about moms so I clearly qualified as that. I walked up to the store and realized I had been there before! I had stopped by a few months ago when my brother in law got married and I was looking for a dress. The employees were SO nice and we literally all became best friends by the time I left. This visit was no different and I was so happy to see one of the employees who had been there during my first visit. I remembered her because she was english and Brighton is a place in England so we bonded.  

clearly obsessed with ruffle sleeves haha

A play area for kids to be entertained while you shop!

So here are the things I loved about Evereve:
1- It's a store designed for MOMS so the isles are big enough for strollers. That's always an issue in other stores and I literally look like a clown trying to maneuver my way through clothing racks as Brighton grabs shirts and pants off of the racks.

2- They have a cute little kid playing area so your kids can be entertained while you shop! Brighton wasn't feeling good so I left her at home when I went but I know she would have loved the little play area. She is in a huge exploring phase right now and loves playing with different toys and pressing buttons to see what happens. They also had a gold fish snack area (which was for the kids but... I love gold fish so...) and diapers/ wipes in the bathrooms. Aka perfection.

3- The employees are so nice! They all helped me pick out things and gave me opinions on what I tried on. It was nice because I need at least 100 opinions to make sure something looks cute before I buy it. They're build in shopping buddies haha They brought me a few things they thought were cute and I ended up buying a lot of the stuff they suggested. It was really nice to have some help and opinions at the ready. 

Basically, I spent like 2 hours there just hanging out with new friends and trying on tons of cute clothes! The hardest part was honestly narrowing down what I wanted to buy. SPOILER- everything I got has ruffle sleeves. I didn't even know I was a ruffle loving type of person until I bought 5 things with ruffles. See photos of me in dressing room above if you need a refresher haha. 

Evereve is doing a contest right now to win $500 to their store and you can enter here! Obviously I entered because I need to continue to feed my ruffle obsession, it's fine.

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