Things everyone says when you're pregnant.

 shoes: Steve Madden. Dress: c/o Posey and Pence

"Oh my gosh, when are you DUE?! Any day, right?"
"It's a girl, huh? You're carrying high!"
"It's a boy, huh? I can just tell!"
"You could pop anyday!"
"You are allllll belly!"
"Are there twins in there??"
"What if you have an 11 pound baby?"

If you've been pregnant, these probably sounded familiar. The comments you hear when you're going to deliver soon (or... not soon!) It's like once you start hearing these things, you're officially in the pregnant lady club and you can now relate with everyone who has been pregnant. I don't mind the comments and I think they're funny ( haha ;) ) Now I can 100% own that I look very pregnant and the funny comments just are good reminders that I am THAT much closer to meeting baby girl! I totally expect them, every single time I step foot outside, a handful of people comment and are not surprised one bit that I'm due in 2 weeks. Girlfriend is well fed, 'ight?

Probably 99.9% of these type of comments come from strangers. I feel a little jipped because strangers never rub my belly, which is what I heard would happen and doesn't! What gives, strangers!? ;) People do ask a lot though if it bugs me when people rub my belly, but I don't have a good answer because like no one even does. So feel free, guys.

WARNING this might gross you out. There, you were warned. Still 1cm dilated but 70% effaced. Don't really know exactly what that means, but pretty sure labor is going to take its sweet time. I've had some braxton hicks but I don't think any real contractions yet. It is crazy to know that she really could come right now if she really wanted to, though! Dresses and running shorts are my absolute jam because AZ offers no remorse when you're pregnant. It actually just gets hotter and the second you step outside, sweat just appears out of no where! It's ok, though, I'll take a dry heat over humidity ANY day, personally. That about wraps it up! My birthday is Sunday so I just asked Jason if we could do  a "spa" day aka get manicures and pedicures aka I want to look half decent when I deliver a baby so this will be heaven!!


37 weeks of baby

Dress: c/o Posey and Pence. Shoes: Steve Madden

GUYS IT IS GETTING SO CLOSE. Like literally yesterday (plus 8 months) ago I found out I was pregnant and now she could come any second, even right now. Who even knows! Basically no crazy symptoms anymore (yay!) just still sleepy and feeling ginormous. Bending down is a chore so heaven forbid I drop anything on the floor because it will be staying there until someone (Jason) can come pick it up. I am 37 weeks and 3 days and I have another appointment tomorrow! 

If you've been following me on snap chat, you saw that I have been eating dates (basically prunes but they look even more gross) off the wazoo because apparently they help soften the cervix aka smoother/faster labor. It isn't a "proven fact" but there's been studies showing that it works and I'm all about them studies. So yeah, dates are honestly so gross if you just eat them (in my opinion) so every morning I toss 6-8 of them in my smoothie and then I can barely taste them! One thing I read said to eat at least 6 (very precise) a day at around 4-5 weeks left in your pregnancy. I've also been taking red raspberry leaf supplements because they are said to do similar things like dates. If it's all a lie, at least they are healthy and hold a ton of other benefits. 

So let's talk about this dress for a second. As you know I will never try to even pretend that I think $80 for a shirt is a good deal, because it isn't. I shop deals and I love sharing them with you guys! This dress is from Posey and Pence, they basically have everything normal boutiques have, but they mark them down WAY LESS. Like I bought a different dress a few months ago from some boutique that I thought was decently priced and then saw the SAME DRESS on Posey and Pence for $13 less than what I paid. Anyways, just sharing the love because there's enough deals to go around :)

Happy Monday!

Baby shower!

Gove was so cute and kept wanting to help bring over presents to see what was inside!

Opening up my old baby clothes! ^

Last weekend was my baby shower!! It was at my sister in law's perfect pinterest house (Sharisa) and my other SIL's and MIL were so sweet to help make sure everything was perfect!! The theme was a desert/ succulent/ cactus type thing with yummy mexican food and cute little cactus' and succulents (of course) and everything couldn't have gone more perfectly! Oh also little s/o to my brother, Cam, for offering to take pictures!

Seriously you guys, you don't know gratitude until you have any sort of shower/ wedding/ stuff like that. I felt so loved and grateful for everyone who came and helped put everything together!! I got to see a few people earlier this week who couldn't make it to the shower and it has just been overwhelming (in a good way) how dang kind and generous people have been!!

Baby girl is going to be stocked up on all the things she needs :) One of my favorite gifts that I got was getting my old baby clothes and dresses to use! I had asked my mom if she had any old dresses from when I was a baby and luckily she did! I am mostly excited for the dresses. Some of them were ones I remember seeing pictures of myself in and I can't wait to put baby girl in them and compare our pictures and ahhhh! I'm just so excited about that. I just think it will be so special to have her in some of my old dresses. Jason thinks it's weird to use my old dresses haha but I'm sure once it happens he will melt, too :) 

She is officially due in 22 days (I'm 36 weeks, 6 days) so technically she could come any day now! I got checked for dilation this week and I am 1cm. I used to think it was SO WEIRD for people to say how dilated they were because I didn't realize it was your cervix that was dilated... I thought it as something else so I was always like "Why would I want to know that???" haha But it's my blog and I figure people who read this made that choice so if you are offended by dilation talk, please forgive me ;) 

Anyways though, everything is getting more and more real! We get our carpet changed early next week which means we can FINALLY set up the nursery!!! We didn't want to set it up and then have to move everything for the carpet to get changed so I have been anxiously waiting for it to be done so we can set everything up!! 

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