When you're a ghost. (29 weeks)

Dress: f21 Shirt: f21 Shoes: ross

Let me explain the title really quick! I've been trying out this new tanning foam that I am officially in LOVE with. It's called Bondi Sands and I kept hearing about it here and there from people so I wanted to try it for myself. It's a foam instead of a spray or lotion so it's 100x easier to rub in and not streak. It also smells really good which is a HUGE plus because Jason hates my other tanning stuff because it stinks so bad. Anyways, I got it a little over a week ago and wanted to try it out asap! So I put it on my arms and face blah blah. Apparently pregnancy brain took over because I forgot to do my legs!! So in these pictures my top half is tan and my legs are still ghostly white. So I've been half ghost all week until I finally put some on my legs haha. I contacted the lady who sells it and she is offering 10% off for my readers with the code CANDACE if you want to try it for yourself :) I got the dark foam and LOVE it.

Anyways though, I am officially 29 weeks!! Which also means I've been in the third trimester for the past few weeks. My sickness and tiredness is coming back so I am assuming baby girl is doing a whole lot of growing in there while she preps for her big arrival! I was reading about what happens at 29 weeks on this pregnancy website I stumbled upon called pregnancy calc. It's nice because it tells you exactly what is happening to your baby and your body at each week! This week her lungs are starting to finalize and get all ready to breath in 11 short weeks!

She is the size of a small cabbage (ok??) and about 3 pounds. She kicks 24/7 and Jason gets to feel her all the time! I'm still working hard to convince Jason that the name I love is the one we should pick but he isn't budging yet so... pray for me ;) Other than being tired all the time and baby getting bigger every second, nothing too new at 29 weeks! We are doing our maternity shoot next week and I am so excited for it!! It's just another one of those things you do when you're close to the end so I am just like yayyyy!! Pregnancy acne just wont quit so if you have any advice on clearing it up, help!! I feel like nothing is working and it just keeps popping up. Just one more random note to add, we are finally painting the crib next week (that's the goal) so I got this baby safe paint and I need to sand down the crib (can't wait...) and then we can paint it white! Right now it's a dark brown but I really really want a white crib so paint it is. My sister in law gave us her crib so that was a huge blessing to not have to buy one!

Just a little s/o to Jason because he picked out this whole outfit when we were in California. :) 


Luminess Air Airbrush makeup update!

luminess air airbrush makeup review

how to use airbrush makeup

airbrush makeup review
From left to right:  pro face primer (on sale) . Mystic airbrush foundation . Concealer (on sale) . Finishing powder (on sale) . Mascara (on sale) . Lip Gloss (on sale) All products c/o Luminess Air

FRIDAY! Yay!!! With Jason's new internship he doesn't work Saturday's anymore!! I'm so excited because now I can just bug him all weekend long aka what I do best when he's home anyways :) Just had to shout out my good news to the world!

Remember when I did a review on the Luminess Air airbrush system a little bit ago? Well, they are launching a new mystic foundation and asked me to try it out. I got in in the shades 6 & 7. They sent me a few extra things and I was pretty excited about it because that just means more fun things to try out :) I still really love my airbrush system and I use it whenever I want to look extra pretty for Jason. I don't get super ready everyday because it is pointless when I work from home so weekends are my favorite to go all out with my makeup. If you're totally confused at what I'm talking about, check out this post and I explain how to use and apply the airbrush makeup.

Just some things, I am soooooo pale. If I look tan, it's always from the fact that I have a spray tan or something. Something I like about this mystic is it reminds me of a spray tan with the color it gives. This will sound weird but I actually like that it doesn't cover up all my freckles 100%, it kind of just blurs them, ya know what I mean? I like having freckles and I don't know why people always cover them up- freckles are so cute! So Basically I like that it is really light and looks more tan/natural vs obvious that you're wearing makeup.

If you've been reading for a while, you know I'm kind of an ingredient freak about things. I don't like putting chemicals on my body, especially my SKIN. I like that the Luminess Air makeup is Oil-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free. I don't even know what parabens really are, but I know they're bad! So with any makeup or skin care product, always make sure it is paraben free!

Also I used all of those products listed about (except the mascara, my lashes don't stay curled unless I use waterproof mascara so I didn't try it yet) and I honestly haven't used lip gloss since like 7th grade. I was pretty surprised that I liked their lip gloss so much, I used the lg-07 shade and I actually loved it so I may be bringing lip gloss back into my life now haha

Anyways, just wanted to do a little follow up on that and let you know more about the Luminess Air airbrush makeup system!

Happy weekend!!

*all opinions in this post are 100% my own. Products were given to me in exchange for my honest review.

San Diego! (babymoon part 2)

Next stop on our trip was San Diego! On the drive down the coast, we stopped at Santa Monica pier and looked at all the rides I can't go on (because pregnant) it was ok though because it was just fun being on the pier and walking around.

We went on the ferris wheel on our honeymoon so we had to get a picture in front of it (sentimental over here) We were trying to take a picture and this nice lady stopped and offered to take one for us! It was funny because with my lens, you have to stand kind of far away to get the whole picture so people kept walking in front and stopping to talk while we were 'posing' and then they'd realize we were trying to take a picture and be like "oh oops sorry!!!" I always wonder how many pictures I'm in where I accidentally walked in front of someones camera haha

Random pier story, but I actually found this lady's phone in the bathroom stall! It was all in Spanish and needed a passcode to unlock anything. Luckily Jason speaks Spanish so he could see a little bit! She kept having facebook notifications pop in from people from like Spain so we were going to message one of them from our own phone and ended up not doing it because Jason thought it would be weird and confusing so we ended up just taking the phone to the lost and found. Hopefully she found it!

As we were leaving there was a guy doing magic tricks! He was SO in love with his bunny, it was so funny!! The bunny's name is Rodger in CASE you were wondering. The guy would pick up the rabbit and help it "walk" on two legs to move it, it was just really funny. He pulled up Jason and I to be apart of his magic trick so that was fun! Towards the end of his show, everything became about how much he REALLY appreciated tips and has 2 kids at home that he supports and all this stuff and it was soooooooooo awkward because Jason and I didn't carry any cash on us, just cards! So afterwards (and after like 50 plugs to give him tips) we awkwardly searched our bag for the cash we knew wasn't in there and Jason was like ".... uhh we will have to come back when we get cash....." and then we didn't because obviously it was just a pit stop on the way to San Diego. I kept telling Jason "he picked the wrong people to be in his act!" assuming he thought we had lots of money or something to give, I don't know!

Next day we went to Belmont Park! We shopped around the stores and went to the beach and it was awesome. It was super overcast the entire time (come on, California!!!) so it was chilly, but we still played in the water a little and had a good time. After the beach for a few hours we went back to the hotel and swam in their heated pool for a bit and went to dinner at this place called Coyote Cafe. 

It's a Mexican food place and there were these mariachi guys walking around playing music for people. They stopped by our table and asked what we wanted to hear. Me (being oblivious) just said "uhhh I don't know, whatever you want to play" and I DID NOT REALIZE these people play and then you tip them. So they played this really short song in Spanish that Jason says was apparently some love song. We actually had cash this time on us and the ENTIRE time the guy was playing, he had this sign on his guitar that said something like "We love tips!!!!!!!!!!!" and he kept his smiling face on it the whole time he was playing. So Jason pulled out a $5 (smallest bill we had) and I was so mad haha when they left I was like "$5?!?!??! For a song that sucked and I don't even know what it said?!?!" but it was my fault for not just saying "No thank you" like EVERYONE else at the restaurant. And of course once they finished, they stared Jason down until he whipped out his wallet and gave them money. Like really they stood there for at least a minute in silence just waiting, it was really awkward. I know, $5, whatever! But at the time I was just annoyed that everyone in California seems to only do something if you pay them so I was like #^%$^& make it stop! 

The last day, we stopped at Outlets on our way home to Arizona. We bought some stuff from Nike and other places but ended up buying the most stuff for baby girl! She is hard NOT to shop for! In the baby store (Carter's in case you were wondering, they have such cute baby clothes!! Shop the sales!) Jason and I were debating what sizes to buy because we are new at this! So I asked this couple with a newborn baby what they would do haha they were so nice and we talked forever and they gave me all these tips!! Also I loved that Jason picked out most of the clothes, it just is so cute to me. Like, hey baby girl, daddy picked these for YOU!! I don't know, just cute and sweet and I can't wait to see her all dressed and pretty!

That concludes our babymoon! It was so fun and I loved spending the time with Jason and just enjoying each other on our last vacation before baby girl gets to join us next time :) 

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