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I'm giving in!

  K so I am giving into the life of blogging. (book title anyone?) At one of my jobs, I am a receptionist and I pretty much get paid to stalk facebook all day so I thought to myself "Why not make a blog so ya'll can just stalk me instead?" so here I am. Anyways, I love this job! Easy as it gets! Lifeguarding season ends in like a few weeks so I was blessed enough to get this job and a job at a local tanning salon.

But anyways, here is the update on life. Craig got his mission call to Knoxville TN. How egg-citing for him indeed :) I'll be sad to see my bff go but happy for the blessing's he'll get. Butttt guaranteed I will have 6 kids by the time he returns haha I just need to find myself a husband first. And that is where BYU Idaho comes in... haha sike! But seriously, I want to study at BYUI the pre-requisites for dental hygiene! Woo! 

So Chris (aka older brother) will be a dentist and I'll be a hygienist. And now our wittle Craig is thinking in terms of becoming a dentist so my fam will all have perfect teeth.

  Works for me! Anyways, I cannot WAIT for BYUI in January. I have my housing place all picked out. Love life! 

And last but not least, I'm working my tail off (as well as Shaney Joy Lords) to make new merch for PRC (aka Peace Republic Clothing) so if you don't know what that is then you need to go here ay-sap!! www.peacerepublicclothing.blogspot.com and cha cha cha check it out! Welp, that is all. Until tomorrow when I am bored as a duck!

Current Status: I am ah-parently a ghost now! aka took this beauty today at work with the help of a glass door and some good lighting

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