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Lake, Ranch, and Lovinn life

So a few days ago, I was invited by the lovely Kari LeSueur to go to the lake with her and her lovely RM friends. 
Of course I went anddd made Jet come with me :)
clif jumping, tubing, crazyyy wake because of a crazier driver :)
Those boys are crazy! And it was just da best ever.
In conclusion: I am sore to the core but it was moree than worth it.
Life izz goood :)
Feast your eyes on these babies below

Next, we come to the ranch partyyy.
I was so glad that I was invited to go because those kids are great!
Anywaysss, so there we were, driving to Arivaca ranch for 3 hours. First stalked up on pounds of candy!
Wayy fun road trippp! So we get there and it's like 9 at night so what do we do?
We all get out Todd's Tall tee's and put em' on. duhhh!
There is the result. haha I honestly have no clue what I'm trying to do here butttt just go with it. Anyways, we also went on a little exploration that night around the ranch grounds.
We went to a field close by and Todd about made Kari and I pee our pants with his scary story. Most of us tried to tell something scary buttt guaranteed Todd's was the creepiest for shore. Then, him and Terryl and Taylor (Trevor had no clue) previously had gotton TJ and two other guys (Creed and Mason) to come creep out into the trees and bushes around us and try to scare us. Not gunna lie, it worked. They sat in their spots telling us to "get off our land!"
And after Todd's story, I was already tense haha.

Then after all of that lovely happening, we just walked around the ranch anddd found this tractor! or whatever it's called haha
We're ah-dorable, I know.
Blah blah blah, we went back after watching some stallion go nutso in his pen, started some massages goin on (thank you Terryl for your lovely lovelyyy massage), watched a movie, and fell asleep.

Next day was defff da best! Woke up to Kari and Trevor making everyone delish pancakes and then off to watch the men saddle the horses. Key word watch :)
Kari and I decided to go on a horse ride though while they did their thing with the other horses. That girl is ahh-dorable! And I'm so glad we both were able to go to the ranch :)
good bonding time!

K so riding was LEGIT. I galloped! We all did, but I have never galloped on a horse before. Lemme tell ya, best thing of my life. I decided my husband BETTER be okay with horses because we are both going to get one and go riding together everyday of our married lives. Anyways, the ranch was such a fun trip and i realllyyy hope to go back soon (hint hint) haha :) The ride home went by SO fast, haha I made a sleepy time playlist on the ipod while Kari slept in the front and Terryl slept on my bony shoulder. If you boys are reading this, thanks for a wonderful weekend and you all are SO fun, crazy, and great!
Stay beautiful, kiddos. 
And now, picture time!

The Group. Taylor, Todd, Kari, Terryl, Trevor, and myself
I heart galloping :)


  1. so fun! Im jealous!!!! :} your bloggy is super duper cute!

  2. Awh, thank you Shan. I heart blogging! haha :)


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