Utah is Love

So, Shaney and I took a road trip.
ahbv-iously to UTAH!
Ahhhh! We loved every single second of it
Basically, first night (Thursday) We stop in Vegas and stay with her cutie 4 foot tall g-ma
tee hee. She was ah-dorable. Her g-pa gave us some mon-ay that fed us for that whole day!
What a guy.
Whenever we ordered food, we'd say "Thankkk youuu grandpa!" 

Next day: Friday
Drive to Salt Lake, stay at Shaney's aunt's house in her lovely lovely basement
Head on over to The Gateway Mall aka love of my life.
Meet up with Kaesi and her "friend" hahaha
Grab some grub
and meet up with Shaney's friend Davis.
Davis served his mish right here in ay-zee!
And lives in Utah soooo of course we paid a lovely visit
We stayed up with him and his friends (Aaron and Adam... aka youtube guy)
untill about 4am! haha suchhh a fun night. so so so worth life.
Guaranteed planning on doing that again and ay-sap.

Next Day: Saturday
First stop, gateway mall :) haha again of course
Got in some good shopping and girl talkkk. derr.
Headed on over to the BEAUTIFUL Temple.
Took some glamor shots ;) hahah
Watched a movie, lounged around thennnn
Played with Davis again and his buddd Ben.
Ben taught us the best game ever basically.
He showed us one youtube vid and thus, the new youtube guy was born
hahahahaha :)

Day Next: Sunday
Yes, we could not find a place to go to church in Utah
Don't judge now chillins.
But seriously.
Soooo we watched some movies and cleaned the place up.
Then decided to try longboarding down this monster hill
haaa. bad idea. 
Shaney held onto the car as we coasted down.
She accidentally let go and. welp, here is the result :(

My poor Shaney fell :( 
But at least she'll have cool scars!

anyways, as we were cleaning, some sick person left
this on our mirror! Please, if you
have a weak stomach do not look.

It is terrible, I know.

blah blah blah, we were sad to have to leave Monday.
Basically best trip of the season! 

Good thing we're headin up again next month! :)

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