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The fair! It's here it's here it's here it's here it's...

This weekend included the wonderous enjoyment of the Arizona state fair. Just look at the excitement and sparkle in my eyes. Then look at Jack's face. It says "Why did I invite Candace to come with me?" Very priceless.

Why is is so wonderous and magical? Well, little one, let me tell you.
1. You can people watch! I don't even know where these people come from but there are dressed up people, funny shaped people, normal people, and even prostitutes enjoy the fair! Imagine that. 
These people might appear normal, but in fact, they are Arizona's finest rednecks. But i guess who knows? Maybe the people there were there to people watch Jack and I.
Turned the tables on that one.

2. Everything is fried. For example; fried oreos (huh?), fried twinkies (typical), fried brownies (don't ask) fried fries (derr), fried Cheesecake (bleh) and i bet even fried cotton candy... I didn't come across any but I'm sure it's there.

3. Toddler Town. There is a little town hidden within the fair walls that is entitled Toddler Town. It has mythical things like legos on steroids, a hay bale maze, animal rocking chair things. Everything a toddler (and a Candace) could ask for in one room.

And here she is, the toddler herself!

4. Every spot at the fair is perfect for a picture. Everywhere you turn you could snap a quick one and it'd sell for millions! Very artsy. Very wonderful.

Jack Marple took me to this place of dreams and it was everything I'd hoped for. Jack is taking the place of dear Craig while he is away on his mission and so far is doing great! He teases me just like Craig used to and he will pose for photos and pretend he likes to, just like Craig! And the thing he does best is when I ask him if my outfit is okay he says "I guess" The worst answer ever! Just like Craig used to answer for me. It's great. Jack is the best twin-fill in ever! :)

 But anyways, we went to the concert there, aka Brett Michaels, aka old guy. He sang and screamed into his mic while sporting a shirt with his photo on the front. The best part of the concert was watching a fans (who were all 40+ in age) sway their hands to the noise coming from Brett's very mouth. 



As you can obviously see, this clip was professionally and carefully filmed. Bravo.

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