We... dance?

Best story ever. 
Ready? k go.

Picture this: Shaney and I decided it'd be just great to start running like every single day of our lives.
It started a few weeks ago, we'd run to the club house, then get there and run on the tred mills,
thennnn swim some laps! Goodness. It was great.
We even officially longboard every night. :)
Life is just wonderful.
But it gets even better!

We decided to get memberships at the rec center! 
Even better because they offer classes.
You know, the regular ones like aerobics, hip hop stuff, pilates, ohhhh! andd
Belly Dance classes!
So of course we wanted to teach our bellies to dance!
Yesterday was our first class.
Our teacher was a total gypsy. Very nice, very into the art of dancing bellies.
Shaney is quite the shimmier, lemme tell ya.
I can do they mayan? or maya? or whatever it is called.
I think we're considering going professional so if any of you have any upcoming parties...
and need some entertainment....
you know where to reach us. 
Like they say "Practice makes perfect"


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