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Our pioneer trek to conference

Once upon a time, 5 cutsie little teenagers decided to drive to Utah for conference because they were very good wittle LDS chillins. K for serious now. Shaney, Adelle, Cole, Alec, and myself decided to drive up on last Thursday.  
There we were, singing to Miley Cyrus (of course) and about 9 hours in. Give or take. We had just swapped drivers because the children kept complaining on my wonderful driving. Cole was at the wheel while us girls snuggled in the back seat hoping to get some shut-eye. 20 minutes later, Cole goes "uhh... Candace? The engine light just turned on..." Why was he telling me this? Oh, because I was a genius and asked to use my brother, Cam's, car for the weekend. Brilliant idea. Except not really. As I racked my brain for a solution, the car decided to make the decision for me and complete shut off. Lovely. Good thing we were in the middle of nowhere... with no cell phone reception... 20 miles out of Penguich and 60 miles from a repair shop... The only thing I could think to do was pray. Done. Literally 8 seconds later some souped up truck stops and offers us assistance. Moral? Prayer works! So these fine young men drove Alec and I a few miles back to get some phone reception to call a tow truck. Good news! My insurance covers towing! Bad News.... Cam's doesn't. hah Yup, definately got my hopes wayyyy up!

This was taken while we were in the car while it was being towed. Obviously, we are not stoked. 

Soooo we get to randomville (Aka Richville) at about 6:30am. The car shop did not open till 8 so we had some time to kill. The gentlemen decided to have a sit in the car while us girls explored. I mean there was so much to do! haa sike. The only other place was a gas station/ Burger King. But we made the best of it :) We couldn't really complain, that would not help anything! So I just kept sayin' prayers and tryin' to keep my spirits up. Eventually 8 'o clock rolled around and the dummy mechanics glanced in my car, and made a very educated (sarcasm) guess that it would cost maybe $1,800 to repair. Yikes. Cam bought the thing for 2k so it was just better to leave it be and send it to the grave. When that decision was made, we found out what it was truly like to be a bum haha. aka getting ready for the day in the Burger King bathroom was not how we expected to spend our morning.

So what if people stared and thought we were freaks? Yeah well, we thought they were freaks for choosing to live in Richville, the most boring town in the world.

The Culprit. All red and shiny and fit in perfectly with the other Utah cars. We had to take everything out of the car and hope to get a ride up to Provo.  
And how lucky were we when the tow truck driver guy offered to give us a ride in his fanshay truck to Provo?! Very lucky! Because some other hooligan's car was also in need of a move and he was heading that direction anyways.

So we unpacked everything and set it on the side of the road. Bad news, there was only enough room in the tow truck for us ladies. So Cole and Alec said they'd hitchhike! We all know how safe that is... Oh, more bad news, after our hopes were way up and we were about to pack our belongings into the tow truck, they decide that they wanted to go to Vegas instead so we were out of a ride. Again. Just lovely. But our luck turned around a smidge when a friend who lives in Provo offered their kind assistance to come pick us up from Richville! We were very grateful and they were our only hope so we took it. Like 4 hours later (1:30-2ish) our ride shows up and we head to Provo!

We dropped the boys off at Cole's 45 year old 2nd cousins house hahaha and then we headed to Brittany's (my cousinnsss) apartment to take a nap and regain strength from the day we'd encountered. Good thing I kept waking up from nightmares of what I was in for with the car situation. 

 Anyways, that night we all just played and tried to make the best of our trip! Obviously, I was a bum and was in a crabby/ cranky mood but my mama called and made everything better :) She is a wonderful woman!

We went to Texas Roadhouse for din din with Britt, Kaesi, Adelle's super nice boy friend; Craig, and some of Britt's friends.
Yup, we love each other. 

Soooo the next day, we went to the Nickelcade aka best place of my life! Shaney and I were addicted to the same game, I can't explain it, you have to play it for yourself! Basically, if it were Vegas, I'd gamble every penny to my name to play that game. Not a good idea. But Shaney got like 900 tickets! That dirty little scrondrol. But it's k cause we got the prizes we came for, the magical disappearing ink!
I ahbv-iouslyyy got a lot of tickets also, just not as much as that darn Shaney! haha yeah well, ask me if I care? ha but yeah! I do. So that night we all went to thanksgiving point and played at cornbelly's. For all you AZ folk reading this, cornbelly's is pretty much like Schneph Farms that we have. But cornbelly's is probably better just because it's in Utah and I just love Utah.  
here is your proof:

See how much fun we're having?

Yup, a big fun rocking chair

Fact: There are pumpkins at the end of corn fields.

I had a little to much fun at cornbelly's

Andd lastly, as you can see, we're having a blast.

I think I vote Sunday as the very best day though. Kaesi, Shaney, and I all woke up at the crack of dawn to go see conference live! haha live is the best. We waited in the stand by line while we were harassed by a creepy little man who could talk for months straight. Not kidding. But I'm sure he has a good heart? ha uhhh... anyways we ended up not getting in conference but we watched it from the Joseph Smith theater place and it was lovely. 

2nd sesh we went home and Britt made some delish pasta (myyy favorite) and the rest of the Moulton's came by and we all ate and loved our lives. I feel terrible, but during the first talk in the second sesh, I fell right asleep like a baby and woke up in time for President Monson's talk. I pinky swear to re-read all the talks when they come out in the Ensign!  
Oh, the talk I loved and remember most though, from the second sesh on Saturday was Elder Gong's talk when he says:
"My parents, Walter and jean Gong, were married three times; a Chinese ceremony for family, an American ceremony for friends, in the house of the Lord for time and Eternity." 
 Here is the audio if you want to hear these beautiful words for yourselves! 
I love that quote so much because I cannot even imagine getting married someday to the love of my life anywhere other than the temple to be sealed together for eternity in the Lord's kingdom. For real, that is such a powerful bond I cannot even imagine to live without the knowledge of things like that. 

But yeah! So after conference, we sat around and, of courseeee, watched Glee :) Yes SHANEY AND ADELLE love it. They will tell you how much the do not, but they do indeed. Secret's out! I even went to ward prayer with Britt while those kiddos stayed behind and watched Glee. Haa! 

At ward prayer I was introduced to some of Britt's pals and we made plans to board (LONG board that is) the Provo canyon afterwords. I would very much recommend it. I went barefoot because I trust the grip on my feet more than I do with my shoes. Probably not a bright idea but guess who did not fall? Yup, I didn't.

After that, we went and visited some spooky haunted houses! hah Britt, Shaney, Adelle, Davide, and this other kid I never got to meet went to some spooksville place is Spanish Fork while Kaesi, Josh Wilkinson, Regan Wilkinson, and myself headed to a creepy farm house in this place called like vinesdale? Or vinesfield? haha something to do with vines. In conclusion, it was creepy. But fun! We climbed a silo. Yup, with our bare hands... and with the help of a ladder.

Then everyone headed to Josh&Regan's castle (aka house but seriously a castle) and took the grand tour of the billion floors they have. Then when we reached the basement, a game by the name of bubble bobble caught my eye. Of course I had to play it! And Josh played second player. We were unstoppable! And honestly, I never thought the game would be over. After we hit level 65 hahahah we got a game over. Us! I know, people like Josh and I just don't get game overs. But whatever! We did. We also learned that it has 100 levels and ya know what?! We will beat all 100 levels when I move up there in November.

Oh yeah, I'm moving up there. Words cannot describe my excitement! Ahh! Shaney is also moving up there. K life will be so good. Utah is the place to be! Back to the story, so after our unfair game over, Josh showed me the magical backyard full of mythical things like the sunken garden and a pond and everything a girl could ask for! haha oh, and of course the playset was a castle. aka my future house. 

But yeah! I know I wrote a buck load of information but I bet it was worth reading!Oh, I almost forgot, Sister Anderson (aka old YW president) gave us a ride home! she is a life saver and basically her family is perfect and ay-dorable :). Welp, it's been real people. later! :)

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