Grow please!

So there I was, last year...
looking for a change. A hair change.
I'd had long hair my whole existence 
so of course, I chopped it off.
Mistake # 1.
This is the very day I cut it.
[Craig{twin} his date and myself.]

This is my old long haired self.

hahaha okay seriously. Pay attention to the hair.
not my weird expressioned face.
And here I am today. Growing out my hair with the vital help
of prenatal vitamins. They do wonders ya know!
this was a few weeks ago and....

this is a few seconds ago. The growth shows, yeah?

there you have it.
It's growing [slowly but surely]
Criss cross your fingers for me will ya?
I miss being able to do cutesy cute things with long hair.
So if you're thinking bout' chopping yours off.
think again.
aka don't do it.
worst idea you'll ever muster up.


  1. I'm gonna do it

  2. candace you are my favorite. i regret cutting mine too... but you look like A BABE with your short hair i love it. and i love you. and miss you. so lets hang out soon! :)


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