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Happy Halloweekend

Thank goodness gracious hallo-weekend is over! Because now Christmas is that much closer. Mom and I keep begging dad to break out the Christmas tree. He isn't to stoked about that but we're persistent. Criss-cross your fingers for us! :) Well anyways, Saturday [Aka the day all of us LDS chillins celebrated Halloween] was date night! Aka Cam [22 year old brother], Andrea [Cams' fionce], me [me], and Chris Heninger [my date] had quite the halloween howl [pun?] Anyways, Chris' mother was going to make us crayon costumes but that didn't work out as planned so we dug deep into his costume box. I found a bumble bee costume and a too too! Lovely. He found a nacho libre cape and some spandex. We called him superman. haha Cam was Marty [from back to the future 3, duhh] and Andrea was Kissin' Kate Barlow [from holes, double duh]

First, we went to a hAuNtEd HoUsE [I typed weird like that to add effect of course] it was really well done. Chris made me go in front. But it's cool, I created protection for us all because please try to tell me you wouldn't be afraid of a human size bumble bee. Thought so. But yeah it was great! And just the right amount of spook.

Next on the agenda- a place I guess nicknamed backyard tacos. K so here is the deal. Hispanic man  [and friends] who make tacos in his backyard! It's like a restaurant but not really. Yeah, please try to match a picture with that description. K thanks. It was delish and plus it was legit Mexican food.

After we were stuffed with this delicacy, we headed back to Chris' house to play some mario cart & super smash brothers, N64 style. . As soon as I found out he had all 3 versions of super smash my world was turned upside down. Something in my mind gave me the idea that it'd be funny to agree with everything Chris said.

Example: Chris- oh my gosh I love tacos! Me- You do? Oh my gosh I do too, I love them too because you love them. Chris- Do you like Halloween? Me- I do only if you do, but if you hate it I hate it more. Wait, do you want me to like it? cause I so will."

Yup, there you have it. I'll never know if I creeped too much. But it was funny. Don't you worry.  And he kept forgetting I would just agree with everything he said. hah :)

Welp, that's that. Hope your halloweekend were filled with pure bliss.

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