No title?

So here it is. 
My life. (a book by Candace E. Stevenson)
 (except not really)
Ask me if I love it...
p.s. I do :)
Anyways, this semester of no school, lots of work, and a nice helping of play has been da best.
The very very best.
This is the point in life where I go from baby to grown person.
Well, not yikes. I guess kind of like yes. 
Or yeks? K wow. I'll stop making up new words now.
Best thing of being graduated: I can say "well back in high school..."
Worst thing of working a semester: Parents ask what college I'm in and when I say I'm not in college yet, they stiffen their backs, akwardly smile, and say "ohh... fun...."
K I'm going to BYU Idaho in like 2 months because I was not accepted until January.
Come awn parents! hah 
Then when I quickly add that fact, they loosen up and change the subject. 
It's just great.
Work is e-z
Work is what inspired the whole start a blog idea. And look at me now!
6 whole followers! hah soooo popular. ehmagawsh.
ha jokes people! But blogs are great. If you like cutsy/diary like webpages yo.
Anyways, I believe this wins the "Random post of the day" award. 
Holla holla,
it's been real. I suppose.
audios amigos! 
(finally 1 year of Spanish being put to use)

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  1. you are cute =) and it took me like two years to get more than six followers so, good job!
    also, the clip on your cute flower broke, so once i fix it you are tooootally getting your picca. loves you!


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