awh shoot

okay be prepared to be so impressed with my punny title.
K, ready?
SO Friday was not a day like any other.
Well, that is so because Parker dear took me shooting.[you like that pun? did jah?]
In the middleish of a field.
It was just lovely.
A) because I hit some targets. 
1:10 ratio isn't too bad.
Wait. it actually is
[Please take note to my 'trying to look cool but not really' stance]

b) because I'm pretty sure Parker just wanted to show off his manly shooting skills

c) because I did not injure anyone by accident.
d) because now I have officially shot a real live gun. no moe of this kid stuff.
except not really.
Water guns= in.

uhhh anyways.
After that, we mosied on over to the junior high to drop me off for class.
HA sike. We [and papa Higgins] served up some delish cotton candy at the
junior high fun festival. Complete with hip hoppin music from the 60's 
andddd itty bitty children stuck right in the middle of the puberty phase.
Boys with high voices and most of the girls not so blessed with about 3-5inches on the boys
I look like I could attend there but I promise you I am 19.
side note- the other day Shaney&I went to get pedis and the asian lady thought I was in 10th grade 
and that Shaney was graduated. What the heck, man?
It warms my heart when strangers think I'm but a young 12 year old.
except not really.

Then Saturday I took Parker out
Because I'm such a good girlfriend, duhh.
:) haha but seriously.
We ate at Ned's Crazy Subs [delish] and then walked around the temple
and saw the pretty lights.
Thennn we went to lovely Kari LeSueur's home and made
gingerbread houses.
Yeah well, ours was a Gingerbread temple
so get over it

Yup. ah-dorable.
I wish I had something funny and clever to say to close this story
but I do not so uhh..
The end.
[que laugh track]


  1. candace you are so cute. i love reading your blog. and you and parker are just absolutely ADORABLE together! and i miss you lots. so lets play when we arent so busy yeah?

  2. Rea! Awh, you're so sweet :) I mish you, too anddd yes I agree, we need to play before I head up to BYUI


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