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Christmas Playlist. Check.

Don't get me wrong, I love the overplayed Christmas music.
It's great...really.
But it's all from like 1975. 
Lets get real.
19 (and almost a half) years with the same Christmas music .
Every second the same old oldies.
So I took the liberty of finding some uhh newies? 
Just go with it. 
Anyways, I will share this wonderful modernized music
Some of it is just remakes of our classic oldies.
Some has nothing to do with Christmas at all even.
Some are not that great hah but I have a weird way of liking them
So, have a listen!
I'll even link every song to their youtube so you can just click&listen.

1. [Christmas Song]  Owl City
2. [Peppermint Winter]  Owl City
3. [His Favorite Christmas Story] Capitol Lights
4. [More Than Alive] The Ready Set
5. [Santa Baby] Taylor Swift
6. [Love Like Woe] The Ready Set
7. [30 Days] Never Shout Never
8. [Wishlist] The Ready Set
9. [Wonderful Christmastime] The Ready Set
10. [In Christ Alone Owl City
11. [Last Christmas] Taylor Swift
12. [Two is Better Than One] Boys Like Girls ft Taylor Swift

There is is. 
The list of music.
There's some really  great and some that are just a little catchy.

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