Ittt'ssssss December! [And I'm 100% cold.]
Yup don't care if I live in Arizona.
Still freaking cold.
Anything below 80 in my book= cute jacket weather.
[subject change]
Putting up lights was actually fun though.
With the help of Parker, Cam,KC,Jack, Dad, and uhhh mostly me ;)
It was a breeze.

Parker ^ Cam v both on ladders 
Both putting up the lights on the arch.
Both about to fall off the ladder.

Jack and Parker putting some lights on my window
so I can stay away all night to the incandescent lighting 
shining in my window.
Too bad they fell down.
Too bad we couldn't find an extension cord to plug them in anyways.
Except not really too bad. 
I like sleeping without a night light.

My only perception of those things.
Aka does not snow in Arizona. 
Nor have I seen snow really fall before.
But it's okay, really.
I'm already shivering enough in this 65 degree weather.
Can't wait for -20 degree weather in 15 days!
Well actually I can wait. 
Idaho needs some sunshine and ay-sap.
Because in my eyes, warm clothes= a long sleeve shirt,
maybe a thin jacket, maybe trade in the flip flops for vans.
I assume I'll look like a marshmellow all bundled up in 5 shirts
2 jackets, 5 pairs of socks [stuffed into thick fluffy boots.]
I'll take pictures and let you know.

That's more like it.
Sunshine shining on the dying yet lovely fall leaves. 
Arizona. I love you. :)

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