Happy Wedding

Happy wedding to Camdrea!
Cam aka my broseph
Andrea aka my sista in law
Wedding= yesterday
It was a day full of GOOOOOD food.
aka Tani Bree (aka other sista in law) made some delish breakfast.
 Then pasta party for the luncheon after the wedding
Thennnn reception had soup bowls [delish] and a hot coco bar [delish]

Me.Kaes.Tanner.Brielle [Chris&Tani's offspring]
We could nawt go into the temple [yet] sew we waited outside

Annnnnnnd us [again] plus Britt

Yup obviously I'm the favorite aunt

and I got a bouquet for being a bridesmaid. scoreeeee. 
It was so lovely and I get to keep it forever&always. double score

Bridesmaids and the lovely bride/wifey 

sistah in law- Andreaaaaa 

anddd brother Camie. I'll miss my brothy

aaannnndddd we took a jillion photos of course

Reception with sparky... I mean Pawker... I mean Parker.

and lastly, Britt caught the bouquet and Parker caught the garder. They're getting married!!! 
[Be sure to congratulate them all over facebook.]


  1. I love the picture of Brielle telling you just how favorite you are!!! haha. No, you are seriously funny. I LOVE your blog- the sign language name makes me want to die its so cute. Luv ya sis!!

  2. haahha it is proof that I'm the favorite :) andd thank you, you are too kind! I'm not shore if this is Chris or Tani but I love you both oodles and oodles!


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