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Once upon a time

So there I was, tonight at worky
And this cutesy, oldie, lovely couple walks in.
We only have one tanning bed for the level that they like to tan in. 
So, cute husband let little wife go first.
We got to chattin.
They are from Illinois and are first timer snow birds here in G-town.
And we get on the subject of my future plans. 
"BYU Idaho" I say
"BYU?" he asks
"Brigham Young University" I reply
His puzzled look made me realize that maybe this man is not aware of the wonderful gospel.
Because most times than not, if you know what a Mormon [latter day saint] is,
 you know we tend to flock to BYU [not all, but a good amount do I believe]
Anyways, I lost my chance to elaborate because his pretty wife got brought up.
"I've lived in Illinois my whole life!" He proudly explains.
"Oh? Did you meet your wife there?" I inquire
"Highschool sweethearts, been married 47 years" he smiles.
It warmed my heart to the brim. 
Highschool sweethearts and married for such a lovely time.
It better be warming your heart too!
But then my heart happiness quickly turned to slight sadness.

Well, because I realized he has no idea in the whole wide world that he could 

be married to his sweetheart for forever and eternity.
No idea that they could be sealed in the Lord's house and 
turn that 47 years into forever and ever.
I work once more this week, a three hour shift on Thursday.
I'm criss crossing my fingers that the cute couple stops by and we can chat
and maybe introduce them to the gospel?
Bring up my missionary brother and hope he asks some questions?
I just don't know what I would do without the knowledge I have from the gospel.
Maybe I sound silly, but come on! 
It'd be selfish not to share.
In case anyone is reading and is befuzzled,
go here to melt away that confusion!


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  2. I totally agree Candace, sometimes I get so sad when I think about how other people are just married "till death"... and I definitely don't mean that in a condescending or "holier than thou" type way, it just helps me be extra thankful for the gospel!

    1. thanks for reading!! this post was so old and i forgot about that experience, glad you commented on it so I got a little reminder :) so gratedul for the plan of salvation!


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