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5 things. I would die for these things. day sevuhn

Sorry for the lack in everyday posting.
Life is busy busy!
Too busy, actually.
Day siete says name 5 things my heart can nawt live without.

1. Forever twenty-freaking-one
I shop oh so much and with prices this affordable I can shop and not be poor afterwards. yay!
Yes, I would wear every single outfiit with some moderations included. Even that boy v-neck. mmm

2. The pride and joy of Taylor Swift music.
I am nawt obsessed. That is just creepy. I just happen to be able to relate to almost every single one of her songs. It's like we're twins. Except I already have a twin. so... tripletts. I'm shore Craig wouldn't mind letting her into our duo.

3. Speaking of twin, I could not live without him!
Craigee is my besty westy who will listen to my random rants on end and give me boy advise and tell me if I look weird and everything! He's the man. And he's serving his mission in Knoxville Tennessee currently. Those people are lucky ducklings! If any cutsey single ladies would like to write this hunk of a man, contact me ay-sap and I'll hook a sistah uppp.

4. I could not live without my camera to document my life as well as let me be conceded [aka take millions of never before seen photos of myself] and not judge me. Magical, isn't it?

5.  Lastly, I could for shore not live without air. haaaa k wow. no der :)
I'm having a brain stump aka I've just watched an hours worth of anatomy vids. 
aka I'm basically dead and studied out. 
Clearly, I'm not a very good studier.

Composure collected.
eh hem,
Lastly, I could not live without my planner.
I've neglected it these last crazy weeks and I've missed so many things I needed to remember.
Nawt cool.
So, we're done with this disgusting break up and we're fixing things so I can get my life together.


  1. I know quite a few twins, but never have met boy/girl twins! Love the pictures of you two. And I totally agree with 1&2.. Tswift is mah girl!

  2. Forever 21 yessss pleeeezzzz! (Don't tell Camaron how much I spent there the other day)

  3. Thank ya, Cay :) you're so sweet!. T-swift 4 life!!

    haha Andrea my most recent F21 trip was made possible by you and Cam. Thank you SO MUCH for the giftcard. I love you both with all of my heart :)


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