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Awkward and Awesome Thursday [brought to you by the Daybook]

-That picture. Just a little awkward angle, yeah?
-The fact that I just googled "angle" and "angel" to make sure I spelt it correctly
-The confused look I got while trying to capture such an askewd photo.
[probably because I was up to my calfs in snow, sue me]
-Walking into the wrong classroom twice. And sitting down. Then having to get up and leave.
-The result of the last one, having to walk in late to my real class and get the stare down from everyone.
-Getting 3 calls from an Arizona bail place to bail out a stranger. No thank you, ma'm. 
-The pole in front of this tree. 
[Really pole, really?]

-Being in a group with the attractive boy in Anatomy class. 10 points for Gryffindor.
-My roomies love a 75 degree apartment. 
-Making cookies to bond with the lovely ladies of Apt 202
-Getting good grades on my Anatomy and lab tests today.
-Pea coats, cozy boots, and fluffy scarves.
-Today it's 26 degrees and it feels warm.
-Sea Salt. delish and not as bad for me. 

-Velvet couches, heated floors, and shaggy carpet. :)
-Heading to Provo in less than 48 hours.
-English professors who do not believe in tests. 
[We share similar beliefs]
-The sun shining through my blindes this vey second.
-The three day weekend. Thank you MLK

Conclusion: Rexburg has stolen my heart.


  1. What was that with the Arizona bail place???? THAT was truly awkward and weird! I agree with you on the sea salt...lucky enough I still can eat it too. :)

  2. ahaha. I checked out your blog since you left such a sweet comment on mine :) I knew you were a girl after my own heart when I read, "10 points for Gryffindor". Too cute.

  3. Candace! Who is your anatomy teacher?

    ps. fyi i like to stalk your blog :)

  4. How cute! Daybook rocks.
    And three day weekend, I'm saying "yeahhhh" :)

    xo Annie

  5. thank you for you lovely comment! i thought i'd tell you my chicken alfredo recipe, its pretty easy. boneless chicken cut up and cooked in a little butter, garlic powder and a little peper. then i kinda cheat and use bertolli alfredo sauce there are severl different kinds of alfredo sauce just pick one that you think sounds yummy, i have yet to have a bad one. and a noodles of your choice mix it all together i like to add some chedder cheese and parmesan and cook it till it melts..... i hope this was somewhat helpful!!!!

    i love your awesome and awkward as well....

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great list - in my school days, I'd often walk into the wrong classroom and then realize, five minutes into the class, that I was in the wrong room. Oops.

  7. I just found your blog!
    It's so cute.
    Your personality seems so fun and hilarious. In a good way of course.

    I can't wait to read more post!

  8. So I was going to email you back with the recipe and then realized I couldn't! Anywho, I took a wheat wrap, laid it flat, covered with a sauce (I think it was margherita), and then cheese and pepperoni or whatever toppings you choose, and then popped it in the oven on 350 degrees for about 10 minutes, or until the cheese is melted. The wrap toasts up super crisp! And then cool a bit, cut and serve! Easy peasy!! Enjoy :)

  9. thank ya'll for your sweet thoughts! It made me smile :) andd thank you lovlies for your food recipes, my tummy is thankful in advance. anddd Maren you are great! I have Brother Palmer for anatomy.

  10. Thank you for leaving a comment on my page! I love your blog, and so I am now a follower. My daughter is also very excited about her long weekend off of school :) (Ok now I sound old)



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