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Back in highschool...

So there I was, 
downloading some Book of Mormon podcasts to my Itunes
[because my BOM has gone missing]
And I began to reminisce in watching the old videos I made 
for video production class back in high school
[of course]
I hope you notice there is no correlation between the BOM and Highschool.
My mind works in random, mysterious ways.
So anyways, I thought I would help entertain you
First, my pride and joy haha
[I was proud anyways.]
Enjoy yourself.

This one isn't that smashing, and the music choice is just silly.
But, I get hit by a car.
Come on, now you're interested.
Who doesn't like watching people get hit by cars?
If you answered: I like to
then clearly, there is something wrong with you.
:) dust kidding.

If you were maybe a tinsy bit entertained,
and you'd enjoy watching more high school lovlies,
mosy on over here [click]
and I wish you merry happy thoughts.


  1. One of my friends is a film major and makes cute little videos like these all the time. Always so entertaining to see other people's work! P.S. The first video was adorable fo sho <3

  2. girl! i found your book of mormon! i texted you but you never responded :(

  3. Cay who is your friend? I wanna see her work! I do love film :) and Brittttt I'm sorry, I suck at texting haha please come to Rexburg and bring my BOM. perfect excuse to visit!


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