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Day 5 : I wrote a paper

Today was a glorious day.
Studying paid off.

A favorite quote for day 5, ay?
I like lotsa quotes! 
But to name one that I do love:

I wrote a paper about it for english, that is how enchanting it is kiddies.
Read it and edit it before english teacher paints a big, red 'F' all over it.
Pretty please? :)
I've even split it into shorter paragraphs for your easy reading pleasure.

This I Believe: The best things in life aren't things.
             A quote that has recently found its way into my life is “The best things in life aren't things.” Rewind a little, back just to last July. My twin brother, Craig, and I were going to be turning 19 that month and I was excited to be planning a California trip with my mother, as Craig was excited to receive his mission call any day. July twelfth rolled around and my mom and I packed up our beach ready dresses, scandalous sling-back flip flops, our shorts that said yes-I-do-want-a-tan, big fluffy towels, and other various necessities. We got to Malibu and were overly grateful to some friends who let us stay in their home that just so happened to be only 20 minutes away from the beach. It was night by the time we drove in, so with sleepy eyes and dragging feet, we jumped into a bed a slept. 

            Sweet Sunday peace enchanted us the following day. My mom and I were extras in the Mormon battalion movie that was only playing in California's Mormon battalion memorial museum so we trekked there in our Sunday best and enjoyed our .5 seconds of fame on the big screen. The remainder of the day was spend talking about life, college, friends, and even, dare I say it, boys. We made our way back to our magical beach home, inhaled some dinner, and made our way to a bed to sleep. Morning sun spilled through the binds and woke us as it kissed our cheeks which meant it was time to do one of many California related activities. Activity number one: shopping. My mom is not half the shopper I am, but she joyfully accompanied me along as I bought more unneeded clothing. As we were driving back to the house, mom realized the car was in need of some oil. The first car place we found, a very excited older man was sensitive to our need, topped us off, and sent us on our way, free of charge. “I knew you still had it in you, mom!” I remember playfully joking. 

             That night, as we were having a pleasant mother-daughter talk, the front door opened. In walked my favorite cousin, Kaesi, and her mom, Kristi. I looked, turned around, and quickly did a double take; my eyes opened wide and my mouth morphing from a big O to a huge grin. I ran up and hugged them both while playfully scolding them and my mom for keeping such a big surprise from me. The remainder of the trip was filled with blissful giggles and beach trips.

         This experience, aside from many in my life, helped me enjoy being able to spend time with my mom and being able to chat and enjoy each others company throughout the whole entire California visit. I was grateful to be with my cousin and aunt, as well, but also the times where we split off as mother-daughter couples was something that I would not trade for other possessions I could have gotten if the trip was not in accordance.  

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  1. Aww! What a precious paper. You know what my favorite quote is? "The best things in life are when your little sister proudly writes about you in her school papers." I'm sure I'll be the subject of your next paper.


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