Day eight and a little ranting as swell. | LOVELY LITTLE RANTS

Day eight and a little ranting as swell.

Today was magical.
Woke up
Baptisms at the Temple in the early morn'
[photo cred: google images]

Walked home with wet hair
aka it froze aka it was pretty cool.
came home at 7am and slept till 11
Got ready for the day
Lunch date with Aaron aka delish
then we watched Letters to Juliet
also a delish movie
then went to the hot springs 
nice n toasty
Went to Kayla's bifday party
stuffed my face aka I was starved.
Came home.
andddd end scene.
Now I'm about to die of sleep deprivation.
But clearly, my blog and facebook addiction need to be fed.

Day eight says a thank you letter to someone.

Thank you for your sweet smile
Thank you for making me feel like a gem
Thank you for your patience
Thank you for your happy eyes
Thank you for making life enchanting
So uhhh thanks! 
Anonymous letters bring a smile to my face.
[And being able to spell anonymous.]

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