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Day four and I want suh-more

I don't really have a story today.
Believe it....or not.
welp, I just got done studying for anatomy
for 3 hours
maybe 2?
Anyways, a guy from class came over
and we studied all the cells and tissues and what not.
Sorry if that's a bore.
But at least I can ace the test tomorrow!
Holla atcha boiii.
Please enjoy this photo of Pseudostratified columnar epithelium 
We all have it! Nothing to be ashamed of. 
[hah K wow I'm tired.]


Day four clearly states: a favorite tv program.
Well, I don't exactly watch television no moe
but, some worthy stalking shows that I
did indeed watch religiously include:

Jon&Kate plus 8
[sorry for the controversial pick but I loved it]

TLC's What not to wear

and back when I was a little freshy in highschool,

America's Next Top Model.

All the photos for ANTM were of scantily clad Daughters of God
Sew, I decided to nawt include a photo haha

Stay beautiful my lovlies!

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  1. Good luck with with that Anatomy test! America's Next Top Model is definitely a favorite!

    <3 kris&kel


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