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Day nine. Oh, and brownies

I love Sunday.
aka brownie day.
aka delish.
aka I love to overuse aka.
the roomies and myself made these delish little guys.
They're cooling on the oven as we speak.
Be sure to be 100% jealous.

That's right.
Caramel nut brownies.
life is good, people.
Now enjoy this photo of us enjoying brownies.

Anyways, day 9 says post a picture you took.
Welp, I did take all of those. 
Soooooo I'll just add a cutsey photo I took many moons ago.
many moons meaning like back when I was in the four-eight-oh area code.
Enjoy yourself.


  1. oooo that looks so good...
    And I love your new header!

  2. Umm, really!? Those brownies look SO amazing... I'm starving. LOVE your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine... definitely following you! xoxo

  3. Those look amazing! I would try to make them, but every single time I try to make brownies I fail miserably. They're my achilles heel.

  4. shank ya Estell :) I loveeee some good feedback! anddd if anyone is in Idaho, lets please make brownies ay-sap!! I love em.


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