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Day sticks... shix... six?

Weekend was filled with bliss,
as I can hope yours was tew.
Applebee's Thursday
Spurs vs Nix game Friday
during the game, we made shirts 
[with tape and spray paint. yay!]

and tinfoil dinners Saturday.
Pure bliss, I tell you.

Day six is a moment I wish I could relive?

Well shoot, how do I choose such a moment?
I suppose I wish I could relive the day that Cam's car esploded!
Feel free to entertain yourself with that story here [click]

I'd want to relive it with the knowledge that I have now.
So I could stop the mess before it happened.

Thus resulting in not having to Buy cammie-wammie a new car.
Lovely, right?

Before we left, Shaney was this close to driving her car.
If I went back to that moment,
I would have said "Yes do it! Yeah! woo!"
With full enthusiasm and enchantment.

Welp, there you have it.

Stay beautiful, dears.


  1. Love the shirts (never thought of using spray paint before!) and that story is quite entertaining. It seems some of the best memories come from when things don't go perfectly, but that's life ehh?!

  2. i love your shirt! holy crap i wish i was that creative!

  3. Those shirts are oh sew easy to make! Just a little spray paint, and some tape, and wa la! haha I like to spell words in my own way fyi :)


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