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Day tree: [yes I spelled it wrong on purpose]

So, today was a lovely day.
The snow is not mushy-gushy
It is most def hardish crunchy.
I like to crunch in it but it's a terrible idea when wearing moccasins
because the snow gets all up in my shoes.
So silly.
Today was Devotional! 
Very lovely talk. and plus I love to dress up
Today I felt cute. 
It was glorious.
So of course, I grabbed cutie Jet
and we took a photo
Behold the goodness:
Come awn, cute right?
haha:) dontcha just luhv the days you feel cute?
yeah, clearly we dew tew.

Anyways, day three said "A favorite book"
K welp, love this one.
Read it about a million times, mind you.
Go Ask Alice
Check it:
Live it. Love it. Read it.
For real though.
It's journal style and super quick read.
And cheap
And I love a cheap bookie.

P.S. I do love reading.
Please gimme your reading favorites so I can stalk up
on delicious book finds :)

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  1. Oooo I am entranced by your book choice. I think I'll add it to my list:)


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