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Day Uno: guaranteed wedding song.

So yeshterday was my Shaney's birfday!
We celebrated in Provo at Texas Road House
tried to summon water to our tear ducts by watching A Walk to Remember
andddd made a midnight stop at Sammy's.
[aka delish shakes and food.]
 feast yo eyes on these babies.
[ Kaes turns 20 on Tues and sew they both sat on the saddle yo.]

So yes, I'm obsessed with every single T-swift song.
And guaranteed I have every single song every sung by her.
Ha. K so def the first dance song
[aka with future husband and myself]
is "Crazier" by T-Swiz.
Enjoy yourself.


  1. I have been listening to TSwift alllll day! I am determined that "Enchanted" will start playing when I finally meet Mr. Right so I will just know.

  2. looks like you had a great time!
    I love Taylor Swift too! gonna go to her concert next month yay!
    you have your own clothing line? that is sooo cool! i've always wanted one but i just dont have the time to start :/ following you now! <3

  3. This song is perfectly sweet! Love it!

  4. I have eaten at Texas Roadhouse like 20 times since it opened, I can not get enough of that place. And, the birthday saddles rock.

  5. haha you guys are awesome. 1. I'm super jealous you're going to the T-swift concert. 2. Texas Roadhouse is 100% delish 3. I <3 all your sweet thoughts. :)

  6. Hey I'm a new follower just creepin on your blog and saw this post today, I totally used that song for my first dance song at my wedding in december! Great choice! :)


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