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Pure white fluff

So I had some left over cookies.
aka delish. aka because they were the kind you buy already as dough
Turn on the oven, scoop em' onto the tray and boom bang!
Suger cookies, if you would like specifics
That was my breakfast. :)
[fyi, there is leftover silver nail polish littering my nails.]
School was lovely mostly because the ground is spotted with snow.
Naturally, I wanted to snap a photo.
Naturally, I had to put it on self timer.
Naturally, I prayed that no one would walk by and notice I was taking a picture of myself.
[hahahah come on, you know what I'm sayin.]
That would just end in a weird awkward silence where I would try to explain myself
and end up sounding like a fool.

There you have it. Empty streets and sidewalks.
Literally 5 seconds later a stampede of children walked by from school.

Night time strode by and Jet and I decided why not make a snowman in 20 degree weather?
So of course, we did just that.
Since the snow was freshly fallen and powdery and fluffy,
it would not stick so well.
So we made a big triangle of snow
and shaped him into a snow man :)
Clever, yeah?

Ohhh yeahhh. Soooo cool[d]

Lemme hear ya holla if you loveee the glittery snow!


  1. oh girl. you look like such a babe, especially in that first picture. and i love the LOOK of the snow... trekkin' to school in it everyday? meh, not so much :)

  2. hey k you're 100% awesome thank youuu! Today I tried to trek in my toms [ http://www.ammiratifamily.org/nss-folder/picturesofmomdad/Grey%20toms.jpg ] yeah baddd idea! haha I think my toes got frostbite just about.

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  4. I love your blog! It is so cute!! I wish we would have gotten more snow in Texas, but I guess 6 inches is better than nothing :)

    Please follow me too!


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