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Snow makes me giggle.

 my top 10 silly snow observations:

1. The way you can still see your breath for a few minutes when you get into a car
2. Leaving little foot prints behind me where ever I walk.
3. It looks like glitter as it floats from heaven.
4. It's as fluffy as fresh beaten eggs
5. Icicles are just funny. I like to kick them off cars while I walk to school :)
Photo cred: google images

6. Snow fluffed trees. They're lovely.

Photo cred: google images

7. Layers and layers and layers. So many cute jackets!
[And I love a boy in a cute jacket.]
8. Slippery shoes. Because when you walk next to an attractive boy and it's okay to "slip"
9. How people leave snow atop their cars
[because it's way to cold to brush it off every single time]
10. Walking from school to my warm, cozy, happy, home-like apartment.
[come awn people. 2 words. Heated Floors.]

P.s. going to Provo this very weekend. Ask me if i'm beyond excited.


  1. kicking icicles is my all time FAVORITE thing to do! the best part about rexburg, i'd say!

  2. o goodness candace you are so cute. i am glad you are loving it in idaho! hope you arent freezing too bad!! love ya girl!!!

  3. haha Lauren it is theee best ever! I love love love it :) especially the really big icicles. AND Rea I mishh you! Idaho is awesome :) haha I hope you're enjoying the sun shiney shine in AZ. I miss it as swell :(

  4. I yearn to eat the picture of the trees...YUM

  5. A cute boy in a cute coat = extra super cute! Good reminders when all I want is for it to be warm again, but the snow is lovely:)


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