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welcome to my Idaho

I hope you liked your tour. 
I think I have some talent, yeah? 
And the lighting that makes me look schmellow yellow
good stuff man.
Ask me if my room mate is cool.
Yeah, I have no clue.
haven't seen her yet. 
She has a blender and so I think we'll be friends 
because I'll ask her to make me smoothies.
[with her blender, derr]
I think the snow is just lovely.
And pure and white and chilly.
But lovely.

Provo was the BEST time of my life.
Obviously Sunday went to church with Shay Josh Rhett Regan and Tommy.
They are a good bunch to be around.
Then we played some games at dusk and of course went to Josh's
to play a wittle bubble bobble.
Josh and I need to practice a smidge.
We got to level 62. out of 100.
But don't fret!
Shay, Britt, Kaes, and we're hopin Josh are comin to the Burg this weekend.
The girls will help me make my home a happy home
And Josh and I will strategize our next bubble bobble attempt.
We're beating all 100 levels, mind you.
Cause I'm headin to Provo in like 2 weeks.
Provo is love.

Be sure to be 100% jealous.


  1. I'm excited for your roommate to read your blog. Any sign of her yet? I miss youuuuuuuuuu! Stay warm! Good luck in class tomorrow!

  2. haha oh I am too! Then she can make me smoothies without me even asking! because she'll already know. I miss you tooooooo Aundrayah! And shanks, I hope I'm to cool kid in class.


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