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Awkward&Awesome [Thursday]

-not caring what people think when class is at 7:45 in the AM aka I most likely look exactly like my twin brother at this hour.
[Exhibit A:]
[good morning! Welcome to my eyes forcing themselves open at this early hour... or is this Craig?]

anyways, back to the awkward:

-forgetting to brush your teeth in the morn'. uh...
-walking to class with roommate and slipping on ice. nawt hawt.
-playing with the bones in anatomy and realizing they're REAL. aka not plastic. These things were in someones body at one time. gross.
-every single couple in marriage prep class. get a room, people!
-saying I'm in a marriage prep class and trying to explain I'm nawt on the lurk for marriage. sheesh!
-Breathing in [when I'm outside] and every bit of moisture in my nasal nose freezes. 
-7:45 class in general. Everyone is pretty much asleep and the teacher cracks dry jokes all morn'. 

- it's 75 degrees in my home aka when you open the door to the outside tundra, you see the steam leak out. it's love.
-Layering cute jackets. and gloves.
-pink noses and cheeks
-Walking outside with wet hair and it freezes. I like it.
-Not getting sick when half the apartment is. [knock on wood]
-mini pizzas. mmm
-The sun poking it's head into the world 3 times this week! keep up the good work, sun
-this song. I like to run to it. kayyy?! :)

Day 12: A song I want played at my wedding.
I've already expressed my love for "Crazier" by Taylor Swift here
So I suppose I'll choose a different song as swell.
"You got me" By Colbie Caillat
aka this can go in the wedding video.
Supahh kah-ute.


  1. you don't look like Craig at all! You're way too pretty lady! (Not that Craigs not beautiful but...).
    And I hope your tush recovers from your fall!

  2. early classes and dry humored professors, ah the memories! I always scheduled my classes in blocks in the AM, that way I was done with them by noon and had all day to do nothing.

    i love that you called the chicken a him (her) cause I'm always calling them hims when I know for sure they're hers. guess it's one of those things.

  3. Thanks for the visit, love your list!

    Love me some Colbie Caillat <3


  4. Who on earth schedules classes for 7:45???? Omg! Be careful with the arctic cold and all. :)

  5. haha your slipping and my screaming at your slip def made my morning at that stupid early hour.

  6. love your list.

    those bones'll get ya. ha.

  7. awh Thank you Tani :) I miss ya!!

    I wanted early classed but they were all taken :( darn!

    the Arctic tundra is insane but I do love layers! :)


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