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Do it. I double dog DARE you.

go ahead, don't be shy! 

Day 13: A guilty pleasure.
eating 99 pounds of food.
a day.
uhhh. it's delish!

Today was a cheesy day.
aka started life with a grilled cheese sammich
[It was a regular one, not grillec cheesus like they do it on Glee]

I made nachos. mmmm.

Oh, and Aaron and myself made some delish mini pizzas
Want the recipe?
Oh of course you do!
It's very difficult, but I promise worth the effort.
1. Get a roll of ready-to-bake biscuits 10 count baby!
2. While you'be buying biscuits, buy some tomato sauce
3. and cheese [mixed shredded, yeah?]
4. come home and semi-flatted biscuits in pan.
5. pre heat oven.
6. shower biscuits is tomato sauce and cheese.
7. pop in oven.
8. wait 10 grueling minutes.
9. take cooked baby pizzas out of ove.
10. eat and die of happiness.
optional: dip in ranch dressing.
Okay wow. Please don't say you're not about to do it.
So easy. 
so quick.

photo cred: google images

P.S. I saw my sistah, Andrea make those pizzas once upon a time and let me tell you, it was love.


  1. Oooo that sounds sooo yummy! good work my little cheffy:) Yes, I highly recommend the ranch

  2. That grilled cheese looks good! Put it along side a warm bowl of tomato soup and yummers!
    Thanks for commenting on my page. Cute blog you've got here.


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