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[F]our [t]een. yeah.

Today I tried to donate plasma.
makin money to sell my body?
is that even a question?!
Jet and Jared were there as swell.
We would love to sell our bodies.
You have to make an appointment ahh-parently.
so they sent us on our way.
and you have to weigh a dumb certain amount.
I'll just wear a heavy jacket.
Welp, there was a pretty wall  that we happened upon and I asked Jared to capture it.
with Jet&I standing on front [of course]
 My hair is lookin a little weird. 
But in real life it looked okay, I promise!

Day 14: A vacation you would like to take.

So original
But DUH I'd go to Cali.
With this lady:

Kaes and myself had a lovely time last summer
so clearly, we're doin it again
[I hope]

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