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Peace Republic Clothing Giveaway!

Okay so I have a little business I call Peace Republic Clothing.
I sew cutesy little flower headbands, necklaces, and clips, and flip flops. 
I want to do a giveaway!
To prepare, I would like to know how many of my lovely followers would be interested?
Also, I'd like to reach 60-70 followers on my bloggy before I give away some cuteness :)
SO, comment and let me know if this perks your interest!
Seriously, comment even to tell me that I am insane in the membrane.
Just do it peeps.
Check out more PRC here [click]
and we'll get to business!
SO tell your mother, sister, baby, friend, girlfriend, grandma, puppy, uhh boyfriend? whoeves 
Anyone can enter, even if you're a boy.
I won't judge you...openly ;)
 Just click the intsey bitsey follow botton located riggghhhttttt up there.
you know, the one in the top lefthand corner?
Or the one directly to your left.
K ready set, follow!

For those of you who cannot wait for a giveaway,
mention this very post when ordering to get 35% off anything you so choose!

Much loves,



  1. Who doesn't love free stuff?! Enter me into this drawing por favor.

  2. oh baby, you're so hot. i want your body like NOW.
    oh, and i want a some free merch to, no big deal =)

  3. Yes Please! Free stuff= love, love, love!!!

  4. I just started doing giveaways...and love them! Of course I would love for you to do one as well!

  5. cool bloggy! thanks for commenting on my the flowers
    ~ a new follower, kelsey from purply pink me

    ps enter me in! :)

  6. I love me some freebies. I'll even pay for some of this goodness!

  7. I love your stuff! And for free?? Most definitely sign me up!

  8. Free stuff is the best! And your designs are adorable. Yes puhlease.

  9. I think your flower designs are great, super cute=)

  10. Candace i LOVE your blog! Its da bomb! :)

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

    You make such cute headbands!
    And your blog is super cute, as well :)


  12. Those little dealios are deliciously darling.

  13. Very cute stuff. Thanks for the nice compliment on my blog. you have great blog as well! Enter me in the drawing!

  14. Those little things are absolutely adorabale!!!

  15. hey there!!! I saw your comment on one of my blogs! so I came to tell you that i love giveaways!!!! so YES!!! I'm already a follower of your blog, now I have to check it out and read more stuff ^^
    btw that blog you left the comment in is a blog for one of my master's classes, so i give my real blog url:

    it's in spanish, sometimes i write stuff in english, it depends on my mood. most fashiion posts are in english!!! and I'm having a giveaway of beauty samples, so if you wanna check that out: just comment with your fave parfume. (i'm giving till the weekend for it ok?).

    thanks for stopping by!!!


  16. those headbands are soooo cute!

  17. I'm a new follower...getting closer :)

  18. yay almost to 60 followers! ya'll are awesome! Thank you, dears. PRC giveaway soon to come :) woo!

  19. your stuff is super cute. i am going to follow you like now and i would love to get some of your headbands and necklaces.. super cute! enter me into this giveaway please :)

  20. I'm a follower!
    (By the way, I LOVE your "Three's a Party" and "The Yellow Princess" headbands.)


  21. one giveaway comin rigghhhhtt up! After the current one is over of course :)


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