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I made a video. it's silly.

So my dear sister [in law], Andrea made me a video
For my class because she is a dear and I needed to observe her teaching.
She is in the four-eight-oh area code [aka Arizona] and I am in Idaho. [aka middle of nowhere]
That is why videos were made.
Because she is brilliant and talented and beautiful and charming and awesome, etc etc.
[this is me sucking up to the teacher]
Anyways, I wanted to make her and Cam a video because I miss them so!
I also was in the mood to make a video period. 
But mostly for them, don't worry!
Now watch and giggle at my serious face. 
I did.

Andddd of course, here is Andrea's video! The first 25 seconds are my FAV. 
And she's obviously an ahh-mazing art teacher.

speaking of art...
Day 17: An art piece.

this isn't exactly old fashioned art painted blah.
But it's the Beatles.
Come awn!
Kuhhh-lassic peeps.


  1. That first video is just too funny.

  2. Have always loved that pic of the Beatles!



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