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Let's get lucky.

Today I was a beautician.
I dyed my lovely roommate's [Ali] hair a dark risque red.
It's lovely.
I did not have a camera on me so no photos.
Please enjoy this description:

imagine with me, if you will, a red luscious cherry cupcake.
Mixed with a pinch of dark fluffy colorful something.
A little bit of pizzaz
and bliss.

That my loves, is what Ali's hair looks like.
It's cute I pinky Swear!

Oh, and our FHE brother 
Let Ali use the extra die on his already black hair.
He is a beaute, people.


  1. I would love to do part of my hair red :) hehe

  2. haha if you're ever in the Rexburg area I'll do it for free! :)


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