The sun is nawt a myth in Idaho. | LOVELY LITTLE RANTS

The sun is nawt a myth in Idaho.

Ready for a big surprise?
Bigger than last months Jimmy Choo sling backs.

Bigger than the time Miley Cyrus deleted her twitter.
Bigger than the glorious day when Liam Hemsworth became single.

K. I've added enough unnecessary suspense. 

The sun showed itself today!
I think that is like the 4th time since I've been here.

Ain't she a beaut? 
That was my view from my apartment. 
And I do love it.
I even decided to pose super awkwardly and bask in the glory.

How's that for sun?
My eyes are squinted from the forsaken brightness.

and my pose is awkward as can be!
It's perfect.

Day [10] : a picture of myself 10 years ago.
get ready for a goodie.
That is me and my cuzzie, Tanner.
Formally known as Tanny in my eyes.
I was obviously a 9 year old heart throb. 
Sooooo hawt.

[not] rockin that middle part, baby.
Ohhhh yeah.


  1. The sun poked its little head out here in Illinois for the first time in forever as well! But now we are getting a huge winter storm, so it didn't last long :/

  2. bahaha i am loving the picture!!! 2 of my absolute favorite people :)


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