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GIVEAWAY WINNER announced and more things to entertain you.

This weekend was yet another Utah filled one.
Utah= love.
And don't forget it, peeps!

We ate at some a delish little place called the Blue Iguana.
Or blue gekko, uhhh some type of blue lizzard.
But it was delish nonetheless.

We longboarded the Provo Canyon a few times.


And my personal favorite photo of the day:

Sunday was Aaron's brother's, Adam, farewell.
[aka for his LDS 2 year mission]
Lemme tell ya, Adam is so sweet!
He reminds me so much of Craig. 
[aka my twin in case you've forgotten]
When they both get home, they should def consider being best friends.
We drove around in this cutesy litte buggy that Aaron's dad is restoring.
The man has talent!

Anndddd Ali and I obviously saw horses and obviously petted them.
He was hungry :(

Needless to say,
another wonderful, blissful Utah adventure :)
We stayed at Aaron's home and his parents were just wonderful hosts!
They put up with our teenage loud tendencies and made delish food all weekend long!
Very grateful for their kindness, indeed.
Andddd the whole Rutledge bunch are all just cutesy and smiley and fun to be around.
Obviously hope to go back soon!
Ali, Kaesi, Jeanette, Kayla, Rachel, and myself would like to give Adam&Aaron a little shout out
aka thank you for letting us sleep in your room and sorry we turned it into a shopping mall.
meaning: clothes were EvErYwHeRe.
girls will be girls.

And now, the giveaway winner:

Brittany @ Try It On Me
email me at to collect your reward, miss!
Thanks to everyone who entered :)
Dry up your tears, I plan a Peace Republic Clothing giveaway in your near future.

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  1. longboarding barefoot?!?!
    your legit points just went up a billion.


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