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I made a button.

Guys. I made a button for PRC! 
SO one side links to the bloggy 
[que drum roll]
one side links to the etsy shop!
I was excited.

If you so choose to place this little beaute on your bloggy, 
I will give you $5.00 off a cute little accessory.
Just tell me about it and email me for your secret code 
email: kah_andace@yahoo.com


  1. I love your shop...just purchased a headband and I'm going to blog about it...SO CUTE! I can't wait to get it in the mail!

  2. Your blog is CRAZY cute!! You want to know about font- I want to know about EVERYTHING else! ha ha!!! Seriously though. Your heading fonts (Kevin and Amanda?) how you changed the comments to sweet thoughts, and the gimme that wisdom on the leave your comments. Oh gees, your TABS. SERIOUSLY. How'd you do your tabs! Those are awesome. And your main header is so cute!! I'm lovin' it. Photoshop? Anyway, you totally don't need to get back to me on all those, cause that'd take forever. As far as the text font goes. Google has updated their fonts. So if you go into your... I think it's edit html and then advanced. Somewhere in there you'll find it!! Hope that helps! Super easy!

  3. I'm your newest follower from Jennie! :) Love your blog!

    Feel free to stop by :)



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