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My life lately

Time to go to open lab and study!
Open lab is where they display all the muscle models.
[yes, cadavers]
so that I can be smart.
If you have any tips to memorize the muscles,
lay em on me,



  1. The answer to your note card is temporalis muscle. Its the only muscle that retracts your mandible and 1 of 3 that shuts your mouth. We learn all about those muscles of mastication in dental school. If you need help, gimme a holla!

  2. I use to have to quiz my husband, he was a exercise science major, we did body charts and I would point to a part and he would tell me which one it was.


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  3. The biggest thing I would say is just going to open lab. It's much harder to learn the muscles just by looking at a picture. It's better if you're studying off the cadavers where you can feel and see the muscles in the way you'll be tested on them. Also, after you learn the material, it really helps solidify it if you teach other students in open lab who don't know the material yet.
    As far as origins and insertions go, I've found that notecards (like you're doing) are most helpful. I also have a few emails from one of my TA's that have power points that go through the muscles individually and isolate them in a picture so you can see where they originate and insert really well. Lots of people in my class found those helpful. I can send them to you if you'd like!

  4. I have to take that class next semester and I am dreading it! :( If you have any advice/tips for me, PLEASE help!!! I'm wicked nervous for that class!

  5. y'all are so great! I LOVE the tips REBEKAH pretty please send me those powerpoints! That would be absolutely magical :)

    Melissa YES on that giveaway

    Chris dear, you're the best brother ever! AND sooo smart, too

    And Kels, NOTECARDS are my savior for that class. And my book. It's really pretty much ALL memorization so notecards= :D

  6. I don't have any great tips but studying/quizzing with a partner can be helpful.

    Thanks for stopping by and you have such a cute shop!

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  7. haha good luck! thanks for your comment :)

    <3 steffy

  8. thanks for your comment!

    i've gotta say, i love this post :) i took an advanced human anatomy class and we learned {more like memorized} all the systems in the body and i just loved it. the muscle system was my favorite and it's stuck with me until now. integumentary, reproductive, muscle, skeletal, all of 'em. most interest class.

    hope you do well and that you enjoy it like i did :)

    new follower!

  9. anatomy is the worst! memorizing is such a pain.
    I just rewrote all of the insertion action and origins over and over then tested myself. It worked for meee, I hope it works for you!


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