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Nails. I love them.

Ali and I did our nails while watching Glee.

Obviously, I messed up. A lot. And yes, one nail is peachy-pinky. It's an accent nail, peeps!
Boy in class yesterday "Whoa I like your... wait one's pink!"
[Accent nail! Come awnnn.]
It's quite the attention getter.

It's cool though. It'll be big one day.

Our FHE bro let Ali do some work on his nails. 
Most willing boy I've every seen to lets us make em' nice.

Clearly, he is ecstatic.

Enter the GIVEAWAY!
[free stuff, kids!]


  1. Sweeet nails! Lovin that accent! PS we're comin up for conference!!!!!

  2. Love the yellow nail Polish! So cute!

  3. thanks for popping by the blog! yes, our names are just one word apart! love it :)

  4. hahah.. nailpolish for everyone!;) lovely colour on you!

  5. The nail polish color is pretty!!!
    P.S. That is the nicest.guy.ever. for letting you do that to him.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. oh I am looking for a yellow nailpolish like yours!!

  7. loving your nails girl! im so into yellow polish :-) have a great day!

    <3 megan


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