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Surprise for my readers! ohh yeahh!

K soooooooooooo a
 furniture/homedecor/kitchen cuteness/homeimprovement/bed&bath deco/ect
company emailed me and was all
"Yo! Lets set up a giveaway for yo blog, babygirl!"
K that is how I would say it. 
Really, big words were used so I popped out the ole' dictionary and learned.
They want me to give you kiddes something.
Holla if you like whazzz up!
I will announce the love on Friday.
I just got antsy.
teehee :) 
Today was devotional
aka it's every single Tuesday.
I love it.
Today Aaron, Ali, and Lauren accompanied me.
Jet&Jared were there.
aka sat elsewhere, silly kiddies :)
but we DID save them seats.
please enjoy these piccahs of pure joy.


  1. that's soooo cooool!!! Happy devotional day! Next Tuesday, I'll wear a skirt just for you:)


  2. Awesome!!! Do your happy dance- you deserve one!

  3. Ahh I love the lil pic of the tree with the aminals. Too cute:)


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