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This is all I have to say.

Yesterday my FHE brothers decided to steal back their love sac from our apartment.
as well as some of our things.
It's cool though because we snuck back to their apartment
got our things
oh, and some of theirs as well.
we're talking every ounce of TP in their bathrooms
bed sheets, pillows, food, etc etc.
One left a love note on my facebook page.

uh oh. 

well, the "Keep the door locked AT ALL TIMES we're in an FHE war"
sign ought to keep us safe...


And enter the Giveaway ay-sap peepes!


  1. Too bad you didnt take all the toilet paper.. and too bad you didnt "sneak" in.. Some people let you in. We cold have stopped you

  2. Haha love this! But be careful, things can get crazy fast (Did you ever see that Boy Meets World episode) Seriously, it can get crazy

  3. I love at the Ridge! I did love that it was getting warmer, but the snow this morning did NOT make me happy:)


    ps. love your fhe war. Take all their lightblubs...its hilarious.

  4. hahah obviously first comment from and FHE brother himself :) teehee. anddd I must see this BMW episode, ay-sap! link me, baby.

    You live at the ridge?! ahh! I so want to live there my next semester. It's so spacious and 2 fridges?! come on=awesome! And I love the lightbulb idea. I think we will have to do just that :) thank you for the inspiration. and p.s. snow today= >:( haha


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