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Apartment tour.

I did an apartment tour over  here from my first ever moving out experience. 
so OBV I did one for this place too!
Sometimes, I say things and think I'm funny.
Then I realize it's not funny. it's just plain silly.


  1. totes cute!! I still need to do the one of my house for you!!

  2. "um..this is my view..of the grass".. hahah. cute <3

  3. You were right... it IS a castle!

  4. dangit! i was so excited to view it when i realized videos are blocked at my work! pffft!! :-)

  5. Ha ha ha. I laughed so much. You are cute. If I lived in Provo, I would maybe be a little bit creepy and actually show up with cookies. But I don't. You're safe.

  6. oh hey there. I'm a creeper who reads your blog. (: All of my friends are moving to King Henry. I am jealous. The End.


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