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For my own records.

These photos are for my own hair growing records. 
So I can get excited that my hair is gaining length!

I'd like to take a moment to thank:
+fish oil
+prenatal vitamins
+and my Moroccan oil
You've all helped in my journey
keep up the good work.

K there isn't too much difference from Feb-April 
BUT I did get it trimmed a few weeks ago
So it would be a tinsy bit more different.


  1. LOVE the new design! Did you do it on your own, or did someone help you? So so cute and springy:)

    When you get here, let's braid eachother's hair in ton of tiny braids all over and then do our nails and eat jelly beans

  2. The new design is so darling.
    And yay for growing hair! I'm trying to grow mine out too and it's taking foreverrr. I take fish oil and all those types of lovely vites. Sigh.
    Good work. :) x

  3. Love the new header and button! Wish I was talented enough to make stuff like that. And good work with the hair growth. I recently chopped mine, and even though I love it now sometimes I get bummed out thinking about how long I will have to wait until I have loooooong hair again. Such is life.

  4. hey thanks peeps! I was bored with the other header and so I popped open photo shop and made myself a new one. Anddd I LOVE short hair but I just miss being able to do things like loose waves and other long hair related activities. :)

  5. Your new design is so bright and beautiful! I love it! Plus, good job on the hair growing. I love your hair-especially when it's long!

  6. Just found your blog! You are adorable. And we are loving the layout.



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