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From Paris and Rome, I wanna go home.

...Did I say Paris? Rome? 
Yes, Idaho does come in as a very very very close second to both those exotic fantasy-inducing places.
But today I am coming HOME!
to MY Arizona home.
in case you did not realize, I was quoting Michael BublĂ©'s song "home"
Anyways, I'm in the car at this very moment
16 hours of sleep?
Maybe if I'm lucky, all that sleep with promote an inch of growth to my short stature.

Enough with technical things. here is my definition of excited:
I can't even see straight I'm so filled with warm gushy happiness.
only a face a mother could love... if I'm lucky.

Those are photos from the night I left Rexburg.
aka last night
Here are photos from the night I left my Arizona in the first place.
aka that one time when I was tan. mmm
My Shaney! Whom I get to frolic with tonight!
Take a gander.

whoa, two are almost the same. 
uhh. I did it twicish for emphasis?
just go with it.
PEACE. [idaho]

And just for your enjoyment 
[key your = mine]
A little JB to make this post right.


  1. I wish I could call Arizona home. It is one of the prettiest states I have ever been to. Love it. Utah is gorge too though.

  2. Ive never heard this Bieber kid sing... contemplating whether I should keep it that way or click the linky on your post...hmm...decisions. decisions.
    Janette, the Jongleur

  3. this is my favorite my favorite my favorite song!! haha jk. Travel safe- don't run into any mountains on your flight!

  4. Just found your Etsy shop and wanted to let you know how freakin' adorable those hairpieces are! Have a safe trip home!


  5. I love "Home" by Michael Buble. He's such a great singer. I really liked your blog. xx


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