Giveaway ends tomorrow | LOVELY LITTLE RANTS

Giveaway ends tomorrow

... so hurry on up over hurr and enter to win the lovely pearl ring. 

p.s. today in Rexburg it was hailing/snowing/raining+ 50mph winds all day.
Happy spring!

Exhibit A:
Come awn Rexburg, you can do it!


  1. Oh my gosh! Good luck getting that spring weather! I remember going to BYUI and feeling that way (:

  2. Oh I know EXACTLY what you mean!! Its not snowy here but still cold, rainy, windy and just plain miserable. I've escaped to Wales for a week or 2 where it actually feels like spring! :D

  3. i am loooving the blog. and i love spring!

  4. It is smart to show Rexburg what spring looks like. I really don't think it knows.


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