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Giveaway winner announced!

Firstly, thanks to everyone who entered.
More giveaways to come in the very near future.
We're talkin headbands, jewels, flat screens, cars, the works!
Well, not really flat screens...
or cars.
anyways, Back to business.
 Congrats to Kelsy over at Daydreams Of A Silly Girl!

this girl is COOL. I've met her twice.
via skype. 
Email me @ and we'll get chew this cutie pearl ring!


  1. Fun Fact,
    Truly Randomness in computing doesn't actually exist.
    The computer basically does a math equation starting with the answer to the last equation as the first variable and works from there. cool, right?
    anyway, I think for what you're doing, this works fine. :)


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