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A little etsy shop makes me happy

K sooooooo I wanted to offer all you loyal readers 15% off on anything from my etsy shop!
Go here to take a look around and I pinky swear it'll be worth your while!
Enter the code aprillove at checkout to get 15% off the goodness.

Ohhh yeah! First 5 people to comment get 25% off. 
for those of you who are like me and suck a math, that's an extra 10% off

If you are a lucky 25% off commenter extraordinaire, email me at kah_andace@yahoo.com for your special discount code!

Holla for a dollaaaaa!


  1. I love your sweet little headbands! Yeah for April Love and a discount!! :)

  2. Oh gosh, those headbands and necklaces are SO cute! I'm probably going to get one in the future, but not now (saving up to go to Utah!) so don't count me as a 25% discount commenter haha.

    I just wanted to comment saying THEY'RE SO CUTE!!!!!:) alksjdfajsdlfkjasdf I can't wait to get one soon!

  3. What lovely creative things you make, Kandace! My 16-year-old daughter will love your site. Will tell her about you!

  4. I LOOOOOOOOVE these headbands, they're so cute!!

  5. Cute! I just stumbled upon your blog last week and I pretty much loooove it! And I'm number 5! woot woot!


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