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Post dedicated to: Kaesi.

So Kaesi and I talk on the phone every 1.5 seconds of the day.
Srsly. the works
So todays phone convo consisted of secrets and "I'm dedicating my blog post to you!"
hense the title.
This week we probably have racked up like 3 hours phone and 4 hours skype.
And that's since Wednesday.
I miss my Kaesi SO MUCH.
My cuzzy wuzzie is over in Cali loving life as a well-paid nanny for some devil baby.
Lucky chick.

So here is this week:

Drive up to Utah and be dead tired and cranky. Check
Move some crap into apartment. Check
Meet roomies. Check
Buy food. Check
Picnic date with cuzzy Britt in front of the Provo Temple. Check

Skype Kaes every second. Check

Go to a golf course and assist in driving the cart. Check
Hate golfing. Love driving the cart.

Meet peeps at KH. In the works
Go to Heber with some new friends and play in a freak-ing ritzy resort. UHH CHECK.
Go outside this morning and curse the snow 99 times in my head. Check check check, repeat.
Catch up chat+hot tub+eat delish food today. Check.
andddd some delish yogurtland to seal the deal.

obviously I look like I'm right about to fall asleep.

Done. week acconplished.


  1. you are the best person in the whole world. i love you. surrriously. and whats with tanner? he looks like hes getting some tuude or something. is my little baby boy growing into a bigger boy?

    ps. LOVE!!


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