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Summer. Oh, and homeless occurrences.

Summer is coming.
Spring, you're great but you can't ever beat summer.
In Arizona, Summer is practically here. Always.

Yesterday, I was driving around and found myself in ghetto Mesa.
The part of Mesa by sunsplash... and cheap motels. Roach motels.

Anyways, I had forgotten I was scheduled for a phone interview for a place to Lifeguard in Orem UT.
So, they call and I parked in a ghetto Mesa parking lot.

Literally not even 5 minutes went by when a scary elderly women on a bike came up to my car window asking for my money.

Uhh... I just pointed to my phone and motioned that I was a little tied up a the moment.
The distraction caused me to spurt out some "uhhs" and "one second, a scary lady is standing outside my car window" to the lady interviewing me.
 Uh huh, clearly I am professional.

I tried to ignore the distraction, but this lady waited. oh her bike. staring at me. waiting for me to hang up.
As she was waiting, I saw two thuggin gang-stars walk up, do the drug deal hand thing and walk away.

Like it was ndb or something!
Needless to say, I was frightened.

Finally, bike lady puts her hand up and does the money-rub-your-fingers-together thing and I shrug.
So she leaves.
It was awesome. 

On the ride home, some more thuggin hombres keep driving right next to me and motioning weird things.
I looked away. Obviously. 

The moral of the story is, do nawt go playing in ghetto Mesa. Unless you're looking for trouble. Or you're crazy. Or you're trying to deal drugs. Or you're begging for cash.
Other than that, don't do it.


  1. I definitely just peed myself laughing a little bit. I feel like those things happen to me often too. Like...far too often. It's like they can smell out the people who they know will feel awkward because of it. Gah.

  2. Scarrrrryyy! I went there once, but it must've been the nice, pretty all american part of Mesa..or a completely different mesa all wait.. you were talking about AZ Mesa, right?

    Janette, the Jongleur
    PS. Did you get the job??

  3. that's so scary!! ahhhh. but at least you can say you witnessed a drug deal and survived!

  4. I love this story...made me laugh out loud!! thanks to you, I won't go playing in ghetto mesa...thanks for the heads up :)

  5. hahahaha that was pretty hilarious. But if I were in that situation I would be freaking out. I'm glad you got out of there ok! Don't go back!!! haha

  6. thx for your lovely comment :)
    love your blog!

  7. YOU HAVE SUCH A CUTE BLOG, how did I not know about you! lol

  8. hi dear. i found your blog through natasha. i love it. you are so darling. just an fyi.

  9. haha I love this story... what were you doing there in the first place?

    Life As I See It.

  10. ahhh so scary!! There are some creepers who live in my neighborhood. I can't till we are not poor newlywed students and we can move out of this place... I make it sound worse than it is. But I'm a scarredy cat. I hope your interview went well! I love you blog btw. new follower :)


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