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The sun and I have a love/hate relationship.

The sun is the best invention ever. No joke, kids.
Even though, yes I am lobster red
and yes, it hurts to touch my face
and yes, my burn has selected to have red sploches up and down my legs.
It will turn into a tan  people.
It will succumb to my wishes and turn me from white to black in the blink of an eye.
Just you wait.
In other news,
I have something to show for it.
I caught a duckling.

swimsuit- Lime Ricki


  1. Is that your pool IN YOUR BACKYARD? It looks amazing! & I've always wanted a baby duck!

  2. Best news ever: Caught a duckling:-) Adorable! Love your swimsuit too! xoxo

  3. day one and you're already at the clubhouse?? way to make me jealous girl!

  4. Cuuuutest swimsuit eva! Where on earth did you get it? (If you don't mind my asking..) :)
    And I would love a baby duckling. They are too precious.

  5. I totes just finished laying out in the sun myself!! but i didn't burn, instead my stomach is gonna turn from pasty whiteness to golden tan:) yay!

  6. I HATE the sun--in the summer time anway. I LOVE sun in the winter, lol. I want me a little duckie!!! So cute and I freakin' love your swimsuit girl!

  7. so lovin the cute swimmer, and lil duckling--so cute! and boo to sunburns!

  8. Love love love the bathing suit!!! And I'd have to agree with everything you said about the sun. The burn will eventually turn into a tan, so getting burned is just part of the process!

  9. I am so jealous you are holding a baby duck! CUTE!


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